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The Crowd Gasped When a Conservative Comedian Explained How Leftists Have Turned Thinking Into a Hate Crime

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⇦ Evan’s interview at a recent Pro-Israel Rally in LA! ⇨ Evan Sayet Photos

  • Brilliant, couldn’t have said it better myself (really just testing the comment section).

    • I do have to agree with your assessment 🙂

      • Thanks LC….Now please look around the rest of the site and share and subscribe.

  • JackMarino

    Great Stuff Evan !!! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep posting these videos

  • Jeff Rothstein

    God bless you. More people need to hear the message that the so called main stream media is not on the side of America.

    • Thanks, Jeff. Please make sure you’re doing all you can to help me get that message out. Please share from the site, SUBSCRIBE to the site and do whatever else you can.

      Thanks again!

  • Nice. Even the liberal atheists who pretend to love debate will call you shocking and hateful, even cut you off, if you tell the truth.

  • Josh Brewster

    Hell yeah Evan! Glad you’re getting out there so often…so few tell the truth about the Left, and our fellow “Tribesmen” need a friggin’ wakeup call too

  • Burlington

    Right on as always Evan!

    • Thank you!!! (Please subscribe to the website and share this and the other pieces too. re-launching is, in some ways, like starting over!

  • RadioPatriot

    We need your voice. Keep talking! Sayet!!!

  • King Free

    Excellent Evan ! Subscribed & sharing away here !

  • Bill Hamilton

    Just discovered you. Great bit, looking forward to your tweets. Thanks for not being quiet.

  • baldilocksnj

    Simply awesome!! So glad you joined the team!! Keep up the great work!!

  • Barbara Cornett

    This is jewish cultural marxism

  • Ask a liberal what Moral fabric is and they’ll tell you it cost $9.99 a yard.

  • Aquastar

    I love his straight forward and clear explanation of why liberals have this visceral hatred of Fox, conservative talk radio, and the internet. And they aim to suppress all of it. Obama’s latest salvo shows they mean business. And taking internet control out of US hands and into global powers shows they are well aware that these mediums have been highly successful and need “control”. A scary liberal word that never ends up well for their opponents.