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Grateful for America (not so much for France)

When you think about it, just about every single thing we use to make our lives better — and to be more productive — was either first invented or later perfected in America.  What do we use on a daily basis that came any time recently from Africa?  Islamic countries or even France?  This short video provides the answer.  (From an event I headlined along with Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal and Carly Fiorina.)





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  • SEGrady

    Love it Evan! You have a way of making the truth laugh at the fiction the liberals try to sell. Can’t wait to meet you in person and get you to sign my copy of Kindergarden of Eden! Much love for all the hard work you do for our nation!

  • White European Male

    I have often thought about Africa in that way. Was it not Darwin who wondered why, after all those centuries with people in Africa, no one in Africa came up with the idea of putting a sail on a boat?

    Thank goodness for food going bad. A number of tasty treats were had.

  • Cheryl Reardon

    loving this guy!

  • Cool_Radley

    “Name me something that comes from Africa that you use on a daily basis”….umm Coffee. Look up “coffee” on wikipeda. Every citizen in the country of Eritrea (formerly Ethiopia) knows this. Nevertheless everything he said was correct. I like him!!!

    • Brian Richard Allen

      ….. something that comes from Africa that you use on a daily basis”….umm Coffee ….

      Doesn’t count. Fell off a tree into a puddle. Doesn’t compare with Macs, PCs and the internet. All of which were INVENTED by Americans. As was almost everything else that required the coming together of Intellect, Capital and Freedom!