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Why Jews Support the Democratic Party

Why Jews Support the Democratic Party

The question I am asked more than any other – besides what happened to the once seemingly reasonable Bill Maher – is: Why do Jews support the Democrat Party? The answer is easy – but not short.

To be called a Jew –even to call yourself a Jew – is different than any other religion. To be called a Christian, you have to believe something. You have to believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. If you believe that, you’re a Christian. If you don’t believe that, you’re not a Christian. If you do believe that, then there are certain rites and rituals, practices and behaviors that tend to follow. To be called a Muslim you have to believe something. You have to believe that the Koran is the final testament of God and Muhammad his perfect messenger. If you believe that, you’re a Muslim. If you don’t believe that then you’re not a Muslim. If you do believe this then there are certain rites and rituals, practices and behaviors that tend to follow.

But, to be called a Jew you don’t have to believe anything. To be called a Jew, all you have to do is plop out of a Jewish womb. Because these Jews – I’ll call them here “The Plopping Jews” – do not believe anything particularly Jewish. Indeed, there’s absolutely no reason to expect them to vote in a way that reflects Jewish values and beliefs. Since a Jewish person’s Judaism is not of his own choosing or a reflection of his beliefs, his Jewishness is nothing more than an accident of his birth. Therefore, to expect him to choose to support Jewish causes is actually a form of bigotry. People’s behaviors are predicated on their beliefs, not on the circumstances of their birth.

In fact, not only is there no reason to expect the Plopping Jew to support Jewish causes, one might even argue that the folks who Dennis Prager calls “Non-Jewish Jews” and are more generally known as “Secular Jews” (note that it is almost unheard of for someone to call themselves or be called “Secular Christians” or “Secular Muslims”) are less likely to support Jewish causes and to be antipathetic to Israel and other Jewish issues than are others since we can assume, having been born to a Jewish mother, they were at least exposed to Judaism and chose to reject it. Put simply, the Plopping Jew is more likely to be an anti-Semite than your average American.

Sadly, in an America that has been successfully secularized by the Left, the Plopping Jews make up the vast majority of the people who are identified as “Jewish” and thus a major part of the explanation as to why so many “Jews” vote for the party that is, as we shall see, patently Jew-hating.

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  • laura r

    old habits die hard. jews were @ the forefront of social programs in the USA. remember jewish family service? most jews are still in the past. they also over identify w/the “other”. now the “other” can be 3rd world. (they could be savage, but let that go). jews still see themselves 1500 yrs ago immigrating into europe. old habits die hard. personally i dont find the republicrats much better than the dems.

  • bkp100

    ‘fraid I don’t agree at all. Jewish children, like Christian children, Hindu children, etc., are taught their respective ideals, heritage, belief system, starting at a very young age… They have no less faith than a child of any religion. Most children are “Ploppers” from one belief system or another. I know many Christians that have converted to Judaism… and certainly didn’t start as Jewish “Ploppers.” This makes them no less Jewish (in some cases more so), than non-practicing “Ploppers.”
    That being said, Jewish parents and grandparents were members of an *entirely* different Democrat party than exists today… In today’s liberal terms, JFK would have been considered a right wing conservative. Today, the Dems are led by, and acquiesce to, the fringe Progressive nuthouse, populated by politically stewed morons like Keith Ellison, and Nancy Pelosi… Problem is, many Jews have not re-evaluated that devolution, and vote Dem strictly out of generations of “habit.”
    However, that too, is changing, as the far Left identifies itself, more and more, with anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and pro-Palestinian ideals…

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