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If the Modern Liberal is in fact as stupid as I believe him to be, then how is one to explain the fact that so many Liberals rise to the very pinnacle of their professions? If Nancy Pelosi is stupid, how did she become the Speaker of the House of Representatives? If Katie Couric is stupid, how did she become the most recent recipient of the Walter Cronkite award for “excellence” in television journalism. If Henry Gates and Ward Churchill are stupid, how did they become tenured professors? In this short video, I explain the otherwise inexplicable.

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  • Rochelle Sollish

    It may be hard to believe, but Evan gets better all the time. His presentations are hilarious but strike home with the truth. So, if you can find a democrat that’s still open-minded and not completely brain dead, please adopt him/her and explain what Conservatism is all about. Bravo, Evan.

  • eyeopener

    This is typical Evan Sayet telling it like it is as only he can! PRICLESS!

  • Stephen Pilgrim

    I wish I were as clever.

  • msachs


  • doc3168

    Great Summary of our (Liberal ) Friends !

  • —> the irony… a progressive insurance ad on this page! (money bags for the left)

    • That is, in fact, the very definition of irony.

    • Jason Hunt

      AdBlock Plus can be your friend.

    • RedMA

      I got Ben and Jerry’s, hard to get any more leftist than that!

      • mychotik

        Successful liberal companies?..that kind of shoots down Evans thesis in his routine, aye?

  • Hilarious!

  • I knew I was going to like this guy within the first 125 seconds.

    • Please look around the rest of the site. some serious, some comedic. Please subscribe and share!

  • tocof

    Evan…Great presentation. Where were you and what event was this?

  • toongail

    SO funny – and so true.

  • kirk

    I wish I could hear Evan. The background music on this website drowns out is comments

    • usmadgirl

      I don’t have any background music on this video!??? The sound is great & can hear every word he says!

  • Larry



    The Familiar versus the Alien – The Known versus the Unknown – The Comfortable versus the Uncomfortable has insidious but important consequences. Embedded within our self definition, we build relationships, institutes, cities, systems and cultures that, in reaffirming our values, blind us to alternatives. This is where willful blindness originates: in the innate human desire for familiarity, for likeness, that is fundamental to the ways our minds work.


    In the court case, Regina vs Sleep, a judge ruled that an accused could not be convicted for possession of government property unless the jury found that he either knew thy goods came from government stores or had “willfully shut his eyes to the fact.” Thereafter, English judicial authorities referred to the state of mind that accompanied one who “willfully shut his eyes” as “connivance” or constructive knowledge”. Over time, lots of other phrases came into play – deliberate or willful ignorance, conscious avoidance and deliberate indifference. What they all have in common is the idea that there is an opportunity for knowledge, and a responsibility to be informed, but it is shirked.


    We can’t notice and know everything: the cognitive limits of our brain simply won’t let us. That means we have to filter or edit what we take in. So what we choose to let through and leave out is crucial. We mostly admit the information that makes us feel great about ourselves, while conveniently filtering out whatever unsettles our fragile egos and most vital beliefs. It is a truism that love is blind; what’s less obvious is just how much evidence it can ignore. Ideology and orthodoxies powerfully mask what, to the uncaptured mind, is obvious,
    dangerous or absurd and there’s much about how and even where we live that leaves us in the dark.

    Fear of conflict – fear of change keeps us that way. An unconscious and much denied impulse to obey and conform shields us from confrontation and our culture, religion provide friendly alibis for our inertia.

    Children who grow up among abusive parents or an a abusive religion, come to maturity feeling crazy, confused and anxious because their reality has been consistently denied. Ideologues, refusing to see data and events that challenge their theories, doom themselves to irrelevance. Fraudsters only succeed when they depend on our desire to blind ourselves to the questions that would expose their schemes. Religions full of compliant members take on levels beyond their ability to recover. And all the time these perils go unacknowledged, they grow more powerful and more dangerous.

    That willful blindness is so pervasive does not mean that it is inevitable. We need people who have the courage to look with a fierce determination to see. That is what the world is crying out for. They don’t have to be especially knowledgeable, powerful or talented. But they must be daring and have the courage to say, “The
    Emperor has no clothes on” and be prepared to “Shout it from the rooftops”! People may think that being “blind” makes them safe, but in fact it leaves them crippled, vulnerable and powerless. But when they confront their fears and see the facts, they achieve real power and unleash their capacity for change.


    Our brain is like the creation of a riverbed. The initial flow of water might be completely random – there are no preferred routes in the beginning. But once a creek is formed, water is more likely to follow this newly created path of least resistance. As the water continues, the creek deepens and a river develops.

    The longer we live, and the more we accumulate similar experiences, friends and ideas, the faster and more easily the “water” flows. There’s less and less resistance. That absence of resistance gives us a sense of ease, of comfort, of certainty. Yet, at the same time, the higher the sides of the “riverbed” grow. As we pursue
    like-minded people, in like-minded communities and religion, the “riverbed” sinks deeper and deeper; its sides climb higher and higher. It feels good; the flow is efficient and unimpeded. You just can’t see anything.

    This is how willful blindness begins, not in conscious, deliberate choices to be blind, but in a multiple choice of decisions that slowly but surely restrict our view. We don’t sense our perspective closing in and most would prefer that it stay brouad and rich. But our blindness grows out of the small, daily decision s that we make,
    which embed us more snugly inside our affirming thoughts and values. And what is more frightening about this process is that, as we see less and less, we feel more comfort and greater certainty. We think we see more – even as the landscape shrinks.

    Source: “WILFUL BLINDNESS” by Margaret Heffernan.

  • fedupMan

    Free govt goodies buys elections all the time. Work and sweat are for suckers. Loafing in the govt hammock is way to easy. Women of all races are dropping babies all over the place b/c of the free stuff. Case closed done, it ain’t gonna change.

  • I adopted a liberal: my own sister. She has yet to forgive me 😉

  • Fern

    Great site Evan. I’m a software developer and from a technical perspective it looks pretty good. I won’t even hack it because you’re awesome.
    Can’t say the same for the Federal Exchange site, though 🙂

  • Lei Ayala

    Been spreading this video in my chat group. They have since started checking the rest of the Evan Sayet sites! Thanks to Michael P. Ramirez, the cartoonist, in getting me started!

  • robin Grace

    Liberalism is the Land of wannabe’s that never were popular in school. So to them, being Popular is the pinnacle they reach for. Katy got an award for having Cancer, er failed TV shows. Pelosi, got a face lift and spoke idiocy that only a Liberal would understand.
    It’s about not doing anything, really. But being Popular. Nobel committee flies high on that Pinnacle. For giving a Pres Obama a Pulitizer for doing the exact opposite of what they gave his Pulitzer for.

  • mychotik

    Reading the comments here have more comedic value than Sayet’s limp invective.

  • mychotik

    OK, Evan lets turn your schtick here back on yourself and see where it goes. How did you get to the top of your “profession” as a performer in the conservative entertainment complex? You do nothing but fap into a microphone, making sophomoric retreads of every conservative talking point that’s been in circulation since the rise of conservative talk radio.

    • USAPatriotSC

      Troll: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

  • Hadn’t even heard of him before…the whole Garland, TX deal has made him a favorite! I will promote him whenever and wherever I can!

    • Thanks, Belinda. You can start by promoting my upcoming tour.

    • usmadgirl

      Wow, Belinda!
      You won the “Evan Sayet Lottery”! He responded to you personally! I’m jealous! We’ve listened to him & loved him for several years!

      • I was honored! @usmadgirl

  • Wayne

    Very true, but scary as hell.

  • red33410

    You meant, “If the Modern Liberal in fact is as stupid as I believe him to be,”

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