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PHOENIX (May 27)   CHICAGO (June 3)  BOSTON (June 10)  NEW YORK (June 14) (MORE TBA)

“Brilliant” — Rush Limbaugh.

Evan Sayet, America’s leading conservative political comedian, is taking his show on the road, performing in comedy clubs from coast to coast.   These shows, however, are more than just “funny,” they are, important conservative events.

“Evan has crossed that line from ‘funny’ to important!” — Michael Barone – US News and World Report

Evan’s humor is so right-on and so insightful that he’s one of the most in-demand speakers at some of the nation’s most important conservative political events including David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, CPAC’s annual Reagan dinner, the California state convention, Americans for Prosperity’s Right Online conference, and so many more. Now YOU can see him as he takes his one-man show to a club near you!

“Thought-provoking and hilarious!” — Michael Medved

As Saul Alinsky noted, “ridicule” is the most powerful of all weapons, and as Andrew Breitbart recognized, “politics is downstream from culture.” For far too long we have ceded the weapon of political humor and, in fact, the culture itself, to the Left. This tour is one salvo to take these things back, and Evan Sayet’s brilliant comedic insights into how the Modern Liberal thinks entertains, informs and is the perfect way to begin the 2016 political season.

“Brilliant!” — Dennis Miller.

Get your tickets now for Evan’s “Night of Conservative Comedy” live in Phoenix on May 27th,  Chicago on June 3rdBoston on June 10th and a New York matinee on June 14th.

If you don’t know what Evan does, here are a few brief clips:

America — Either exceptionally good or exceptionally evil.

How Liberals Reach the Tops of Their Professions.

And now…some more reviews!

“Simply the best political comedian working in America today.” — David Horowitz.

“Evan transcends the word ‘comic.’ He’s brilliant!” — David Zucker, Writer/Director, An American Carol, Naked Gun and Airplane.

“Evan Sayet explodes pernicious stereotypes with refreshing humor that is simultaneously thought-provoking and hilarious…” — Michael Medved, nationally syndicated radio talk show host.

“You can’t adequately measure Evan’s humor with a decibel meter. He’s seismic.” — Jed Babbin, Human Events

“Who makes me laugh? Easy. Evan Sayet.” — Ann Coulter

“The funniest man in America” — Dennis Prager

“There’s funny, there’s VERY funny and then there’s Evan Sayet.”– Hugh Hewitt

“Evan Sayet is one of my favorite cultural commentators,” Tammy Bruce

“At last I can delight in a show that is genuinely funny. My thanks to Evan Sayet — Larry Elder

Even the enemy can’t help but offer praise:

“(Evan Sayet’s) a funny guy…he had the crowd howling.” — Marc Cooper, LA Weekly (Los Angeles’ Ultra-Liberal “alternative weekly”).

“Evan Sayet is always sharp, articulate, and obnoxiously successful at putting forward his conservative talking points!” — Thom Harttmann, Air America


Get your tickets now.

PHOENIX (May 27)   CHICAGO (June 3)  BOSTON (June 10)  NEW YORK (June 14) (MORE TBA)



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  • hybrid80

    Hating Obama can be made hilarious?, and ridiculing Forrest Gump is a riot?

    • evansayet

      I guess it would depend on the jokes now wouldn’t it Hybrid? Or are subjects like Obama out of bounds because you can’t make fun of your God. That would make me an INFIDEL!!!!

      • hybrid80

        Tell me a joke about your god

      • MarcusWoodson

        St Peter: Knock Knock.
        God: Who’s there?
        St Peter: hybrid80
        God: hybrid80 who?
        St Peter: hybrid80 who’s going to crap when I open this door

      • hybrid80

        Good heavens, – is that a joke pray, about your god?.

      • evansayet

        The point is, hybrid, that Obama is NOT a god. Leftists NEED him to be to justify their blind devotion. meanwhile, Moses returns with the Commandments. He says, “Good news and bad news….the good news is, I got him down to ten. The bad news is….adultry’s still in.”

    • Bootsie_2014

      Awwwwww too bad progressive idiots wore out the hate card, and the race card, and the war on women card, and just about anything else used to excuse the utter failure of the Obama administration.

      • hybrid80

        Now that is hilarious

      • Jim Ostrom

        Hybrid is what Lenin would call an “useful idiot”. Sorry Hybrid.

      • hybrid80

        Is Evan going to wear the red nose and baggy pants like the rest of the clowns?, or drop his pants as the only way to get a laugh. I suspect he will be about as funny as a root canal, but probably my expectations will prove to be a bit high. Hold on though, maybe, just maybe he will use his microscope to read from the smallest book in the world, – you know, the GOP Book of Ethics. Now that would really be funny.

  • White European Male

    Coming to Seattle in the future?

    BTW, loved the “Chalk Outlines” tweet.

    • evansayet

      I’d like to.

  • Fred c Schwartz

    Please come to San Jose (San Francisco Bay Area) on your tour!

  • Geohaber

    Come to St. Louis. I’d love to come to your show.

  • CherDash

    Please come to Charleston, SC!!

  • LLLicon7

    Florida, please!

  • Bootsie_2014

    I would love to catch your show if you find the time to get to Virginia.

  • jollyrugger

    Is Washington DC in the works? It would be a very fitting venue.