Talking about BeTheMedia at CPAC

I sat down with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey at CPAC to talk about my new venture, Be the Media dot US and a whole lot more.  Be the Media is a company that sells tee-shirts, pins, mugs and other “billboards” that allow you to take the issues to the streets one person at a time.   Everyone sells merchandise, but we — Dr. Karen Siegemund of Rage Against the Media and I — believe we’ve created pithy, timely and powerful products that provide devastating comebacks to Liberal arguments and which serve as conversation starters.  They own the media but we own the truth.  They can hit a million people at once with their lies; we need to be a million people changing one mind at a time.

Watch the video (it’s fun) and then go to Be the Media dot US and start the conversation!

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