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It is far from a coincidence that, during an Obama administration, they are dancing in the streets of Tehran and rioting on the streets of America.

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“Evan Sayet Obliterates the Atheist Origin Myth”

“Atheism is not a scientific belief. In fact, it is neither scientific, nor is it a belief.”

“Militant Atheism is not an ideology. It is a weapon used by demagogues and would-be revolutionaries to clear the moral path to their rise to power and the ungodly way they intend to rule.”

“While atheism has likely been around for as long as human beings have existed Militant Atheism is fairly new in the Modern world. In fact, it only first gained intellectual credibility with the publication of Marx’s Communist Manifesto and only first came to power with the Leninists’ victory in the Russian revolution. Since then, Militant Atheism has brought us not only Leninism but Stalinism, Hitlerism, Maoism and now Wokeism.”

The Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto

Whereas my previous book, The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks offered the definitive description of the ideology of Democratic Socialism and why it is today’s Left sides only and always with all that is evil, failed, ugly and just plain wrong, The Woke Supremacy explains the system of Socialism they embrace and why it leads invariably and inevitably to the greatest atrocities the world has ever known. America stands at the brink of a second civil war and The Woke Supremacy is intended to provide moral clarity about the cause we will be fighting for in much the same way that Uncle Tom’s Cabin did for the Civil War and Common Sense did for the Revolutionary War. At just 130 pages, like those other works (UTC was serialized in newspapers first), The Woke Supremacy is “bite-sized,” and, I believe, a gamechanger. The Woke Supremacy is available in both eBook and print form. Make sure to get a copy for yourself and one to give to your friends. If this book is what I believe it to be — and the reviews thus far make me believe it is — The Woke Supremacy may be one of the most important books available at perhaps history’s most critical juncture. Evan Sayet  ...

My new book is now on sale! (Perfect for X-Mas!)

My new book — illustrated by AF Branco — is available now on Amazon and Kindle. Apocali Now! takes us, in nursery rhyme, through all of the ecological catastrophes they’ve threatened us with — but which proved less than apocalyptic — for the past fifty years.  It’s a great read for your children.  It makes an even better gift for your Leftist friends.  Get it before we all die! Give the children in your life the greatest gift of all: peace of mind!...

He Fights — One of the Most Popular Articles in Townhall’s History

This piece was originally published in Townhall magazine in July, 2017.  With 110,000 shares, it is one of the most popular pieces ever written for that outlet.  Some seven months later I continue to receive fan mail on a daily basis and interview requests perhaps once or twice a week.  If you’d like to have me on your program to discuss this — or any number of other issues — please contact me at contactevansayet@gmail.com  ...

Nationalism vs. Socialism

What we are witnessing around the globe is perhaps the final battle of a war that started at the end of World War II.  At that time, the world recognized that nothing like National Socialism could ever be allowed to happen again.  The Left took advantage of this opportunity to convince the world that the evils of national socialism was nationalism.  This would clear the deck for socialism — now an INTERNATIONAL socialism — which would then rule the world. The devastating consequences of socialism, however, are now being fully recognized and thus — perhaps just in the nick of time — we are witnessing the return of nationalism. If this premise — and this brief except from my longer address — is something you think your group should hear, please contact me at contactevansayet@gmail.com to discuss my speaking to your gathering....

Why I’m A Denier (Hint: Because It’s Crap)

Given that it’s Earth Day, I thought I’d re-release an article I wrote about four years ago explaining why I’m a global warming skeptic. Originally published June 10, 2011 in Front Page Magazine.   Why I’m A Global Warming Skeptic By Evan Sayet Let’s begin by acknowledging that the science of global warming is beyond the vast majority of us.  Nonetheless, this does not mean we turn off our brains and simply accept the pronouncements of those sounding the alarm and offering their remedies.  I am a global warming skeptic (to say the least) specifically because I have thought through the issue and the claims of the alarmists just don’t add up.  What follows is my thinking and what it is that has led me to conclude that global-warming is a leftist farce which is being perpetuated for both financial and political reasons. First, I am skeptical because skepticism is the scientific starting point.  Not cynicism but skepticism.  This is especially true when the remedy being proposed is so drastic — in this case requiring the near-total dismantling of society as we know it. I am not overly impressed by talk of a “consensus” as there are enough good and serious scientists who reject the claims of the alarmists to make the pronouncement of “consensus” simply untrue. Besides, every wrong theory that had previously been embraced by society – such as the “fact” that the world is flat – was embraced by a “consensus” of scientists at the time and obviously that consensus was very wrong. My skepticism is only increased with the knowledge that the science of climatology...

The Heritage Foundation’s Most Watched Lecture

How Modern Liberals Think


The Conservative Forum’s Most Watched Lecture

Liberals and the Media


The Kindergarden of Eden

Why the Modern Liberal’s thinking leads him to side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. Further extrapolating on the ideas in his wildly popular viral youtube talk to the Heritage Foundation, that has received over 600k hits, Evan Sayet uses his signature wit in this new book to ask thought- provoking questions during these turbulent economic and social times. And he provides the reader with some surprising answers. Andrew Breitbart said that conservative comedian, Evan Sayet’s Heritage Foundation Speech was ‘one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given.’ That speech was the foundation for this book. How did the song “Imagine” by John Lennon become the perfect symbol of liberal thinking? Why does Bruce Springsteen dub “pain” as the wages of toil and hard work? What’s the Democrats’ beef with God? What do they have against the Jews of Israel? Why do they want abortion to be commonplace and frequent? Why does the Modern Liberal –the dominant force in today’s Democratic Party and in so much of today’s popular culture – seem to always side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success? Evan Sayet answers those questions and a lot more.

Amazon Number One in paperback, Commentary and Opinion

“Perhaps the most important book I’ve read in the last ten years.  It has forever changed and clarified the way I view the world”  Bill Whittle Buy Now