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Another Take On Why Jews Vote Democrat

Another Take On Why Jews Vote Democrat

American Jews overwhelmingly tend to vote Democrat for one simple reason: they see the choice as being between 1) the Democrats and their belief in nothing versus 2) the Republicans and their beliefs based on their Christian faith and heritage.

Given that choice, then, rather than side with people of faith – which they see as a different and potentially antagonistic belief system – they feel safer in the party that is devoid of any values or convictions.

The “thinking” behind this is that, if people believe in things then they might fight for those things.  They might even commit atrocities in their name.  Only those who believe in nothing have nothing to kill or fight for.  If everyone just believed in nothing, the “thinking” goes: then the Jews would be safe, for if one doesn’t believe in anything then they can’t believe the Jews are bad.

These people believe that it is beliefs and not what was believed that led to the Holocaust and to all of the other world’s atrocities.  It’s why the Modern Liberal’s Blueprint for Utopia as rendered by John Lennon sought a world without countries, religions or any other values or convictions (just all the people living for “today.”)

This fear was perhaps best articulated by Rabbi Joshua Hammerman who declared that “Emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burn mosques [or by extension engage in pogroms, crusades and holocausts], bash gays [or, by extension, bash Jews] or indiscriminately banish immigrants [including the Jews].”

How deep – and insane – is this fear?  Consider that what led Rabbi Hammerman to feel such terror was not a meeting of the Ku Klux Klan or a gathering of Neo-Nazis.  It was his horror a few years back, over the possibility that the proud Christian Tim Tebow might lead his team to the Super Bowl which would then “embolden” his “faithful,” leading to the possibility of rampages and atrocities.

The Modern Liberal is, of course, wrong.  In fact, he is as wrong as wrong can be.  First, he is wrong to believe that a nation without values will keep the Jews safe. In fact, a nation without values is exactly the one that would be willing to commit atrocities because there’s nothing morally to stop them.  Further, as anyone who knows my work knows: Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policy. Instead it leads invariably and inevitably to siding with evil over good and wrong over right.

This is why the Jews are not only typically the first target of the Liberal but the people he has the most hatred for. Witness the singling out of Israel for divestment and boycott and the blood libels offered by the likes of Jimmy Carter and John Kerry.

Secondly, he is wrong about Christians being antagonistic to Judaism. Yes, in the past – in the Old World – Christians saw Jews as an a different religion, one that, if adopted by their children would see them denied eternal life.  But American Christianity is different.

From the start – in starting this nation and from the moment the settlers arrived – American Christians saw the Jews differently. They saw Judaism not as another religion but as the antecedent and a necessary and true part of their own heritage and beliefs. After all, not only was their savior a Jew, but he made it clear that he’d come not to change His father’s laws – the laws that the Jews brought to the world. American Christians – unlike any other Christians in the past (and elsewhere today) – see Judaism as part of their own religion and whole-heartedly embrace the Jews, the Jewish people and Israel.

Are there Christian anti-Semites? Of course. But anti-Semitism from the Right in America is episodic. Jew-hatred from the Left, on the other hand, is official and endemic – in the universities, in the media which spins stories about the Middle East to make the Jews look bad and culpable in the attacks upon them and in the Democratic Party of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

That the Christian Right overwhelmingly tends to embrace Judaism is evident in the phrase they use to describe America’s heritage: Judeo-Christian, and in the overwhelming support for Israel found in the Republican Party and its supporters.

Jew-hatred is endemic to the Left – be it National Socialism (Nazism), Communism or today’s Democratic Party. For the Jews, prosperity and safety are not found in siding with those who reject all values but in those who have the better values. It’s not a coincidence that the first Judeo-Christian nation in all of human history is also the place that has provided the Jews with the most welcoming, free and safe existence since the original land of Israel. Nor is it surprising that the Europe the Democrats seek to emulate was not only the home of Nazism and Communism but today is seeing a resurgence of Jew-hatred.

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  • James s

    Well duh!

  • Dena

    I don’t understand this philosophy at all. As a Christian, I was raised to believe:
    And I will make you a great nation,
    And I will bless you,
    And make your name great;
    And so you shall be a blessing;
    And I will bless those who bless you,
    And the one who curses you I will curse.
    And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” (NASB) Gen. 12:2-3
    My parents taught me that if you turn your back on Israel bad things will happen to you…. (not in those exact words).

  • Laurence

    Thank you for taking the time to publish this. Facinating read.

  • Janice Farron

    Well said. I love Israel. I long to visit the people who hold the Oracles of God. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Phil

    I would also say that American Jews, at least the younger generations, do not recognize Israel as their homeland and as a result they are largely indifferent to what happens there.

  • PD Henson

    Very enlightening & insightful. You’ve answered the question that always puzzled me…

  • Paul Torrez

    To All Jewish Democrat’s,
    This is the very Mentality that got Millions of Jews Slaughtered during World War II. Yes, your religion was completely responsible for the Crucifixion of God’s Only Begotten Son “Christ Jesus” and He (Jesus) instructed that all peoples (Including Gentiles) were Welcomed Into The House Of God. The Foolishness of going with the “Devil’s Tool” (The Democratic Party/ Founders of the Ku Klux Klan) is much more than Foolish actually deserves the definition of “Downright STUPID”!! So you All would rather “Cut Off Your Noses To Spite Your Faces”!! Forrest Gump said it best.., “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”! If the shoe fits.., then Wear It!! “Choices Have Consequences”.., look at what consequences have happened since You All voted for “Barack Hussein Obama”!!

  • Jon A. Hartz, Sr.

    Good article, shows thatthis theory is nonsense. Secular Jews have been tied to the Democrat Party since FDR. It has nothing to do with religion. Practicing and conservative Jews know that Christians are their best friends in America, and love Israel.

  • James Denney

    IMHO, you are way off base. The Jews can’t possibly believe that the Republicans are a threat because they are more religious, i.e. more Christian. After all, Hitler and his Nazi leadership were essentially anti Christian, and represented a socialist outlook in which man no longer needed religion, and look what happened there. The Democrats represent the same thing: Government is the new God, and the masterminds of the progressives know what is best for all, there is no need for religion. THAT is where the threat of a new tyranny and holocaust will come from.

  • Deb Fuller

    Quess they don’t see a need of American support for Isreal then!

  • All my Jewish friends are

  • Robert Pavlick

    Well if you want to carry the drift of this article one step further, you must remember that Karl Marx and Lenin and the early Communist leaders were all Jews as well, which is what got them on the wrong side of the NSDAP in the first place because the Germans considered them Communist terrorists. It cannot be denied that the founders of Communism were all Jews; this being in harmony with their preference for no religion rather than a religion antithetical to Judaism.

  • Susana

    In fact, it is just the opposite. Most Christians view the Jews as God’s chosen people. Most Christians support the country of Israel. So their fear of Christians is not founded in truth or fact.

  • mike

    Hopefully at some point soon, the Jewish faith will see that Christians side with them. I’m Catholic and I would back Israel to the end of time, in their fight against those that would destroy the Jewish State.

  • I loved your article and agree with it wholeheartedly! I am 71 years old. My father fought in WWII. I was raised to believe we were, indeed, a Judeo-Christian nation; taught that Jesus was a Jew and to hate Jews was to hate Jesus; taught that God said “I will bless those who bless you; and I will curse him who curses you.” In high school, we studied about the Holocaust, and we were taught that our generation and generations to come must never allow another holocaust to happen. I don’t even know if today’s students are taught such things. If not, it will be as one person said…can’t remember his exact name…something like George Santyano,”If we don’t remember history; we are doomed to repeat it.”…and those may not be his exact words. If not, please excuse my “senior memory.” Once again, thank you so much for this article!!

  • Lynda

    Thanks, I’ve always wondered why the Jewish people favor the democrats and this makes perfect sense to me. I really do wish the Rabbi’s would re-think their position and come to realize that the Christians in America support the Jewish nation and it’s people regardless of what part of the world they are from. I wish they (the Jews) would just do their own research. Perhaps it would change their minds. Perhaps!

  • Lisa Anderson

    This is a question I’ve had for so long. It’s as if Jews have a death wish voting for the likes of Obama who is in my opinion obviously an anti-Semite. Your theory makes perfect sense in the context of history. I particularly appreciated the phrase about how Christian anti-Semitism is episodic whereas from the Left it has been consistent, inculcated into their worldview and unending. I have forwarded this link to Dennis Prager in case he hadn’t seen it. He often speaks of this issue on his radio program and in his columns.

  • delmond

    If this is true it is really a shame. Conservative Christians are more accepting of Jews than probably anyone else and would never turn on them. The most pro-Israel people I know are conservatives. First, because we are conservatives and we believe in freedom and second, because of our faith in God…how on earth could we turn on the chosen people of our God. Our faiths may differ a bit but we all believe in the SAME God. When you hear people speaking out against Israel, it’s usually democrats/liberals…never understood how Jews voted with them.

  • Sue

    Do you see what your party is doing for you ??Nothing…
    Wake UP !

  • I cannot support a country which is no longer supported by it’s countrymen, although expats. If then don’t want it, count me out.

  • CJ

    then the Jews would be safe, for if one doesn’t believe in anything then they can’t believe the Jews are bad.I take they don’t know the history of the democrat party.. Does kkk ring a bell

  • Orville Bumgardner

    Very enlightening commentary on a subject I have wondered about.

    Persuasive historical evidence of the history of the Jewish People that has implanted fear that always causes one to reach a less than ideal conclusion and that results in what is feared becoming reality. Fear is faith in evil instead of good. As Job stated, “The thing I have greatly feared has come upon me”. That is the normal result of fear. No wonder, Jesus stated “Fear not” so many times, and inspired the instructions to think on good things.

    The Jews have rejected these instructions at their own peril.

  • mike tapp

    I agree with the article but it doesn’t explain American and European Jewish hatred for Israel. I would like to hear your views on this.

  • Al

    I think that you have over intelectualized this problem. Most Jewish people are flaming libtards because they grew up in loving families that always supported them no matter how poor or pathetic their choices are. When they really need something their community helps them. They have been indoctrinated in caring about their fellow humans. They absolutely can’t understand that everybody isn’t just like them. Maybe a little love is all that is needed to fix them. The best of intentions lead to slavery.

  • Peter Flink

    It has been suggested that many of the Jews who have come to consider themselves non-practicing and non-religious have embraced Progressivism and Liberalism as their new religion to fill that void left by their departure from the faith of their fathers. Some become very active in their “worship”!

  • Lonnie Faubion

    I have wondered about this many years myself. And it certainly explains how Hitler met no resistance when he led them to slaughter. I do hope after what has happened the last few years in the middle E and how far this country has fallen they will see what needs to be done and help us vote in people who will get us out of this mess.

  • Kathy Anderson

    I seriously love this information. I have ALWAYS wondered why my Jewish friends voted for O when in my mind he does not act like their friend. This makes sense. I pray that their mindset changes.

  • The Jews as Gods chosen, every Christian knows it. If you look at your history everyone that goes against them or hurts them come to ruin. God is a just God, he avenges he chosen people.

  • Faith Rose

    Finally, someone who presents true Christianity as it really is!

  • William Fuzi

    Now they have made it almost impossible for their strongest ally to defend them when Babylon is knocking at the door. I just hope Israel knows that there own people here in America sold them out.

  • Russell Barclay

    There is also an element of “sentimental Marxism.” Marx, a kind of secular, historical oracle, spawned the movement that attracted many jewish intellectuals over the past century. I suspect many jews harken back to a time when a jewish giant, Marx, could interpret history the way rabbi’s interpret the laws.

    I suspect the author is correct, and that the Left will ultimately betray jewish America as it already has christian America. I hope I am wrong.

  • Sherry Lucas

    Though I agree with the article, one has to wonder why there are not more conservative Jews, and there are plenty of them, that don’t play more of a leading role to their own people to debate and explain to them that Christians are not against them. Get someone with clout from the International Christian and Jews Foundation to begin to educate them on why it is not in their best interest to vote democrat. Democratic Party has been hijacked by the progressives that embrace Saul Alinsky, Marx and Lenin, and history points out to us what can only happen at the end of these ideological political regimes – the Holocaust, annihilation of all Jews.

  • pastor alex costea

    Well stated! i have often wondered at WHY a faithful Jew could possibly support anyone (particularly the Feinsteins, Pelosis, Reids and others) who are so rabidly ANTI-israel (both the political and Spiritual entities). It has long baffled me why ANY Christian (or person calling themselves such) would not have a deep love for and appreciation of our Jewish heritage.
    I wear my talit and kippah during the High Holy Days, and often tie in what we do in (Christian) Worship to the Jewish sabbath practices, Passover (our Eucarist) and that our own Worship identity comes right from antiquity – most notable the Temple.
    Thanks for your insight and leadership. I look forward to more of your wisdom ahead.
    Shalom, brother –
    Alex Costea
    Cheyenne (OK) UMC

  • This is the most coherent and reasonable commentary on the strange behavior of the Jews toward the Democrats that I have ever seen. I thank you for this, and be assured that I will be posting it on my Facebook page.

  • Mark Siegel

    I appreciate all of this. I have no fixed religious beliefs, other than a general sense that there is a God. Perhaps that makes me a theist. Or a deist. I don’t know.

    My ancestry is Jewish. I am proud of that and ashamed of many of my contemporaries. I usually vote Republican, and I NEVER vote Democratic.

    But I can’t agree that evangelical American Christianity is pro-Jewish. It’s pro-Israel, certainly. And it certainly isn’t anti-Semitic in the sense of inspiring pogroms or forced conversions or anything of the like.

    Nevertheless, the message of many evangelical Christians is “Believe as I do or you will suffer eternally.” It’s an arrogant presumption of God’s judgment; it substitutes blind faith for virtue; and those who hear it are not motivated to love those who speak it.

    I don’t think there’s any excuse for being a liberal. I don’t think there’s any excuse for voting Democrat. But I think that evangelical Christians are entitled to their beliefs and American Jewry is entitled to be offended by them.

  • Cobalt-Blue

    I used to date a Jewish guy who was concerned with the fact Christians supported Jews. he distrusted them because of their beliefs.

  • Rebecca Stuart

    Wow, this is such an important post. I wish more people would realize what you have shared. As a Christian and supporter of Israel, and as a person of Jewish heritage (my father’s family were Jews from the Ukraine), I agree with everything you have said.

  • Helen

    As a Jewish woman who came here from the former Soviet Union at the age of 11, I have often wondered the same thing. How can American Jews be so liberal? Moreover, how could they vote for Obama, who is obviously one of the most antisemitic Presidents in the history of USA? An average Jew is not an ignorant person. Most are very intelligent and educated people, so how can they be so blind?
    Your article made some sense. However, when we look at the Evangelicals and their support for Israel, do we not see that devout Christians are not antisemitic? The American Jewry needs open their eyes and realize what’s at stake. I have no doubt in my mind that Jews throughout the world, and especially in Israel, will never allow another Holocaust. Let’s hope our next president has higher morals than the current administration!

    • Lisette Muntslag

      It boggled my mind in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and boggles my mind in New York, USA… is a very sad state of affairs.

      • boysenberry

        It just proves, that Jews are stupid.
        They fear Christians, who are probably their biggest supporters. They support Israel financially too.
        Oh, they accept the money all right.
        But this constant hate and fear by Jews on Christians is just downright stupid.
        So they keep voting leftist, and sooner or later anti Semitism rears its ugly head, even here in America. They voted twice for 0bama 88%, always vote for the most leftist people.
        How can you people be so dumb?

      • Lisette Muntslag

        It is simple ego and not learning from the past and also the arrogance that comes with power and privilege (not just Jews, but AA too)….in the grand scheme of things Muslims are favorite over Christians, that how it goes with the leftist cabal….it is sad but the ugly truth. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      • JoyceEarly

        Not all Jews are stupid just like not all Christians are stupid. People in general are stupid. You are stereotyping and it isn’t accurate or fair.

      • david

        We are not talking about a lack of intelligence, but un-enlightened behavior “stupid is as stupid does” It is clear that the Left is the haters of the Jews and embrace the haters of the Jews namely Muslims. If Jews were to vote their faith they would vote GOP if they were to vote for the party that consistently upholds and protects them they would vote GOP but instead they vote for a party that is antagonistic to their faith and their race.
        If that is not stupid I don’t know what is. The libs are so convinced they have this constituency that they do nothing to earn it.

      • Ryan Merwitz

        I remember watching a Democrat convention in Los Angeles and Antonio Veragosa was asking for support for Israel, several people some Arab other not shouted as loud as they could “no”. He was clearly caught off guard by their responses.

      • Glennjo

        Wrong! Even the most Liberal elected officials like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Al Frankin are all strong supporters of Israel. There is not a single republican in congress who is Jewish.

      • Fanfare Ends

        Every single one of them supports the policies of this administration which include cutting Jerusalem in half, putting sanctions n Israel to force the creation of the worlds 58th jihadi state on the land of the ONLY JEWISH STATE, while REMOVING sanctions on Iran who are committed to nuking Israel.

        Warren sanders and franklin r no better than Obama on Israel, or on America.

        We don’t need any court Jews in the RNC, Cantor was a sellout on amnesty, while the dem jinos in congress r just like the 3 above, only worse.

      • Savingstone


      • juliathemechanic

        Warren continuously drones on about how the Israeli Jews have to stop oppressing Muslims and settle on a two state solution. I don’t see her or any other of the Democrats talking about a two state solution for Saudi Arabia or Iran. They think Israel is a pretend country whose policies they get to control at will. One Jewish state is one too many for Fauxahontas.

      • Landsman

        None of the Senators you mention is a “strong supporter of Israel.” They all either avoid expressing support for Israel or are hypercritical of Israel. The Democratic base is very anti-Israel and it is weird and sad that Jews identify with that base.

      • juliathemechanic

        Yea, they support Israel so much that they want it to shrink back to the size of its 1967 “borders.” Barack Obama is foaming at the mouth with pro-jihadi, anti-Jewish hatred. He keeps ticking off the Navy admirals by dragging his naval guards over to the UAE to go post-presidential house shopping. No surprise there. He hates Israel and the Jews only slightly more than he hates America. From the safety of the UAE he can spend all of his free time visiting all of his favorite 57 Muslim states.

      • davekoffer

        WRONG!! NOT ONE, NOT ONE of those you mention support Israel!! Further, Further, Lee Zeldin, congressman from Long Island, NY is Republican AND Jewish!! So, obviously you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, period. Period.

      • Lisette Muntslag

        It is stupidity if you are engaging in self destructive behavior……supporting things like Multiculturalism and the everything and anything goes culture. In the name of tolerance and supposed justice and equality the Western world is moving forward back to the dark ages………if that is not stupidity I am from another planet

      • Lisette Muntslag

        You know how stupid…..they participated in the radical leftist hate campaign against Pim Fortuyn who was assassinated on May 6, 2002 to protect Muslims, yes, Pim Fortuyn who oppossed the Apartheid of Multiculturalism was supposedly a danger to the poor and disadvantaged minorities (Muslims) who today still wreck havoc and Jews are leaving the Netherlands……figure that one out!

      • Glennjo

        You’re not anti-semetic at all…….

      • Glennjo

        Why would an anti Semite choose a Jew (Rahm Emanuel) as his chief of staff and another Jew (David Axelrod) as his campaign manager and top advisor? We will never vote republican as long as bigots like you identify as such.

      • Eatie Gourmet

        Can’t answer your questions, but will pose another: Why does the President show such disrespect for Netanyahu and Israel, and at the same time excuse the Islamists who would see Israel destroyed?
        Also, I don’t really see where “Guest” identified as a republican. Is this some kind of “guilt by association”?

      • youcanthavemyfreedom

        I can answer Glen’s question Eatie: The farther left a crony leans, the more willing to lie, cheat, call names, break laws and further the agenda, the more likely that crony is to be rewarded with high-profile jobs in which they can do the most damage against the Constitution and the true American way of life. The fact that they are Jews is simply overlooked since their value in the destruction of America is so great.

      • KT Kacer

        Eatie Gourmet, You cannot answer the Q, because you are ignorant of reality, since Fox News (aka: Faux Propaganda) avoids reality at all costs.

        To answer your Q, I pose another. IF as you contend, The President is so disrespectful, why then is he THE ONLY sitting President to receive the Israeli’s Presidential Distinction Award, the highest civilian award in Israel? Why is it that Israeli President Shimon Peres said to President Obama, quote: “The people of Israel are particularly moved by your unforgettable contribution to their security.” Why did he called President Obama, ‘Dear Barack.’? That hardly sounds like someone ISRAEL views as an “enemy”.

        However I will answer your Q about why the President shows disrespect for Netanyahu, that is, assuming he does. I’ve never seen any evidence this is actually true… just you people (conservaturds) claim it often.Netanyahu is a far right wing nut elected by less than 25% of the Israeli people. He is the head of the warmongering, anti-Arab, racist and bigoted Likud Party of Israel–led by a war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, & he does not represent many in Israel, nor Israeli’s abroad, who want peace with the Palestinian people.

        And The President does not “excuse the Islamists who would see Israel destroyed” he sympathizes, as do many, if not most of the Israeli people as well as Jewish people abroad, with the innocent Palestinian people who Netanyahu oppresses as often as he can. Which is likely another reason he’s less than fond of Mr. Netanyahu.

      • Your Average Jo Atl

        Well said.

      • Landsman

        Mr. Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel, the Jewish nation. As such it is his duty to protect Israel against the forces that have denied its right to exist and whose charter openly announces its intention to destroy Israel. Netanyahu is not obligated to lead his nation into suicide to appease the likes of you, KT Kacer.

      • juliathemechanic

        Obama has received awards as both a form of influence and a form of payoff. Why did he receive a Nobel peace prize just 12 days after he took the presidency? Geil Lundestad, director of the Nobel Institute said in September 2015 that they decided to award the prize to Obama in hopes of aiding him in the realization of his stated goals on nuclear disarmament. He says they now regret giving him the award.

        My guess on why Netanyahu awarded Obama Israel’s Presidential Distinction award was in hopes of swaying him from his plan to fund Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Now that he has given them 150 trillion dollars to aid them in blowing Israel off the face of the earth I’m sure they regret the award too. Why give an award to a man who outs your military plans to your enemies and tells you that he will shoot down your jets if you attempt to strike Iranian nuclear weapon facilities? Fear is all I can think of.

      • ButchforTrump

        that would be billions not trillions

      • Fanfare Ends

        Cause they are jino Mercedes marxists like u, they r fake Jews, they have no connectinh to Judaism except their birth.

      • davekoffer

        RIGHT, EXACTLY, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • youcanthavemyfreedom

        I find it amusing (and highly hypocritical) that you equate republicans with bigotry.

      • Savingstone

        Because 3,000 years + of Jewish history is full of Jewish traitors! Ever hear of Hannukah? It wasn’t just the Syrian Seleucids vs the Maccabees, it was the Seleucids AND the large contingent of assimilated “Hellenized” Jews that hated their own religion and people in favor of Greek culture…sound familiar…modern secular Jews in America are one hair away from being the exact analog of the Hellenized Jews of the past…

        George Soros survived the Holocaust by ratting out other Jews and helping liquidate their looted possessions. The Jewish community in the USSR was demolished and uprooted by the Jewish communist party, the Yeveksektsyia. These people are self haters Jews In Name Only

        Rahm Emmanuel is hated in Israel as a traitor

      • AFDQ

        I’m generally agree with your post (that’s why I upvoted it) except your statement about the Jews in USSR, which is too general and sound as coming from somebody who doesn’t know the subject or expressed his thoughts incoherently (I’m saying this as a Jew who came from the former USSR).

      • boocat

        Those guys are not religious Jews; they do not identify as Jews. They are secular. They are socialists.

      • KT Kacer

        You say this like it’s a bad thing…. it is not.

      • Your Average Jo Atl

        Because they are both in cahoots against Christ! Hence, anti-christ. There is no future person coming who will be THE anti-christ, all in cahoots against Him through the years are operating from the spirit of anti-christ. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      • Landsman

        Because somebody is a Jew doesn’t mean that he/she identifies with Jews or is interested in the well being of Jews as such or in Israel. Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are JINOS=Jews in Name Only.

      • juliathemechanic

        Rahm Emmanuel’s father, Benjamin (whose real name was Ezekiel Aurbach) was a terrorist who moved from Russia to Israel in order to join an organization called Irgun Zvai Leumi. He specialized in bus bombings that targeted the British and UN forces during the British mandate in Palestine. He was part of an assassination team who murdered Sweden’s Count Bernadotte, the UN envoy to Palestine. The envoy was murdered because of his plan to give a part of Palestine to the Jews. Rahm wholeheartedly supports his fathers work.

        David Axelrod is the son of a Jewish father, but is not himself observant. How could he be and work for a man with such a hate-on for Israel? He is however, a very observant and enthusiastic Communist and media propaganda pro. How better to undermine the Jews than to use a Jewish-in-name-only propagandist to do the job? Obama doesn’t hang with non-radicals and I can’t think of a single person in his cabinet that doesn’t share his antipathy against the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

      • peace12

        “It just proves that Jews are stupid”
        You’re an idiot.

      • peace12

        You’re an idiot

      • Savingstone

        First off in 2008 it was around 70% – in 2012 it went down to 60% , and polls midway of his second term had American Jewish support of Obama at around 50%+. That’s a significant decline. Furthermore, being there are only 6 – 7 million Jews nationwide, there were only 3 states where Obama’s margin of victory was small enough that if 100% of the Jews in those respective states had voted for Romney instead, the states would have gone to Romney: FL OH and PA…Here’s the kicker, EVEN without those states, Obama STILL would have won the Electoral College…

        SO, while it’s annoying Jews vote democrat, they hardly elected anyone…and even then the Jewish demographic is becoming more conservative as it becomes younger and more religious – the secular leftist Jews interfaith marry over 70% and have a declining fertility rate. Already over 50% of Jewish children born in NYC are born to religious families, even though the orthodox only compromise 30% of the city’s Jewish population. It is estimated that in 40 years, most Jews will be what we call “orthodox”.

      • Cynthiackc

        No! Jews aren’t stupid, not at all… we can see right through the Jew-haters like you_the jealous, insecure, bastards like you who are ‘chomping at the bit’, just waiting for that perfect moment where you can let it all hang out_ and boy did you ever show your colors!

      • Cynthiackc

        No! Jews are not stupid!, you’re painting all Jews with a broad brush because of ‘your’ extreme anti-Semitism…there are plenty of reasons, and legitimate ones at that, to ‘distrust’, not fear Christians…the disgust I have for your trying to ‘stir the pot’…with your saying that ‘they accept the money alright’, is a sure sign that it is ‘you’ who hates the Jews_ 16 thumbs up! and I’d bet that they are from Evangelical Christians

      • davekoffer

        NO, YOU’RE PATHETIC & WRONG!!….YOU, YOU sound like the left-wing liberal bigot that you obviously are!!…By the way, just so you know, I am a proud conservative….and I’m also Jewish…just so you know.

      • davekoffer

        There has NEVER, NEVER, EVER been a president more anti-Semitic than barry HUSSEIN obama…got that??….His middle name is Hussein!!!…pathetic.

      • Cynthiackc

        I just took a look at your profile, I read your many comments, I don’t believe that I saw one where you weren’t either cursing, or insulting, ‘as you wrongly did to me’, and FOR NO SANE REASON!

      • davekoffer

        Yes, I curse back at people when they curse me…but I never cursed at you.

      • Cynthiackc

        I have no idea as to why you’re calling me PATHETIC & WRONG! I’m not left-wing, and I’m not a liberal bigot!~ I’m a proud conservative, and I’m also Jewish, and a proud Zionist who voted for Trump_ I’m standing up for us! what the hell’s wrong with you?

      • davekoffer

        then why did u say those things then??

      • Cynthiackc

        What things? I’d like you to tell me ‘EXACTLY’ what those things were that you claim that I said…and no! you didn’t curse at me, but you did insult me by calling me PATHETIC & WRONG.

    • Glennjo

      The President personally went in front of congress to ask for funding for Israel’s iron dome, he also was the only member of the UN to vote no on investigating Israel for war crimes. We can only hope the next President is as good a friend to Israel as President Obama has been. It can be considered anti semetic to believe Jews are going to hell unless we convert to Christianity, which is what a lot of evangelicals believe.

      • Fanfare Ends

        U r illiterate, and weak n your faith if u think what SOME evangelicals MIGHT be praying for is anywhere near the task to Israel, America, or even some jino like yourself, when compared to what the Left and the jihadis have in store for all of us. Why don’t u read what Marx says about Jews, then look at all the Marxist scum in the. DNC Aand tell me that what some evangelical might be praying about is worse than the marxists goal of EXTERMINATING JUDAISM, a goal, how convenient,that is shared by MUSLIMS.

      • youcanthavemyfreedom

        Ironically, the Pope recently made the comment that you don’t even have to believe in God to go to Heaven. Although I find that rather odd, and can’t fathom why anyone would be afraid of not getting into Heaven when they don’t believe there is such a thing, it kind of refutes your claim, right?

      • juliathemechanic

        Well, the pope is a Communist from Argentina, where Catholicism has been thoroughly infected by progressivism. Catholic progressivism, like all progressivism, manifests in the church as arrogance, bullying, subversiveness and political indoctrination. Statism. Pope Francis is a political tool. I don’t see how he can represent the church in any way.

      • Albert Wayne Hester

        Well don’t worry well send your opinion to all republican leaders that American jews no longer want their support for israel due it might lead to them praying wrongly. So sorry inconvenience. Please have a blessed day.

      • KT Kacer

        You forgot, the President was awarded the Israeli’s Presidential Distinction Award,
        the highest civilian award in Israel; he is the first sitting President
        to receive one. And, yes, Evangelicals are NOT your ‘friends. But then, they are NO ONES friends, (and yes, that includes God, especially if God is also Jesus) they are a scourge to the Christian faith. They cry ‘Christianity’ and “Jesus” while ignoring any and all of His teachings, unless one happens to support their belief system(s).

      • 100

        I don’t believe you’re really that obtuse (to believe the award was given for demonstrating strong support of Israel). With so much hanging in the balance, including what has now come to fruition with Iran, the award was both political and hopeful- a symbolic “reaching out”, making a huge deal over the funding of the Iron Dome – in the same way that a frustrated wife might make an exaggerated display of thanks and appreciation when a lazy husband occasionally does the simplest thing without her having to nag and beg – in hopes that it would ease the tensions between the two administrations and compel Obama to soften his hypercritical rhetoric.

      • juliathemechanic

        Or how a battered wife drowns her husband with praise in hopes of delaying the next beating.

      • juliathemechanic

        If the next president is a big a “friend” to Israel as Obama has been then Israel will cease to exist. Do you understand who the Muslim Brotherhood is and what they want? Hint: their founder worked with the Nazis to create the gas chambers of the holocaust and served as Waffen SS. These are the people that helped elevate Obama to the White House and who have been the endless recipients of US tax dollars ever since.

      • davekoffer

        ur insane….there has NEVER, NEVER, EVER been a POTUS more anti-Semitic than barry Hussein Obama….& if you don’t understand that truth, then you’re even more stupid and pathetic than I thought you were.

    • Martine

      Um, hello, Helen…we sort of said the same thing. My parents came from Moscow. I have similar history as you, and feel the same confusion.

  • Martin Roules

    You get a portion of the truth. Truth is, Americans Jews are not Jewish enough. Orthodox Jews tend to be conservative. Reformed or non-practicing Jews tend to be Leftist. This explains how a leftist Jew can support appeasement in the Middle East despite glaring proof the Palestinians will never give up. It also explains how turning to government for imposing social solutions is their first choice because they distrust partnering with people on the Right. They do not recognize the classic “fascism” in Obama’s rhetoric and actions — because they love his statist solutions.

    • JoyceEarly

      I found your post very accurate in my experience.

    • Glennjo

      What does “jewish enough” mean? I’m a Jew, ethnicity and culturally but not religiously. I’m 100% Jew whether you think so or not. And now Obama is a fascist? I thought he was a socialist. You can’t be both, they are competing ideologies.

      • johngaltspeak

        Socialism is government ownership of the means of production. Fascism is private ownership with government control. Where does Oblablah fit?

      • juliathemechanic

        Even the most highly socialized countries have plenty of privately owned companies. For example, China, Denmark and Finland. Yet 75% of China’s businesses are privately owned, Denmark is the same. Around 70-80% of Finland’s Helsinki stock exchange equity comes from foreign, privately owned companies like Microsoft and Siemens. In all of these countries there are state owned industries such as oil and gas, banking and forest products which the country has nationalized. That is the state-owned means of production.

        Obama’s clear political philosophy is Communist. By that I mean that he favors total control of all industry and health care by the state, oppression of political speech, state-managed rather than free market economy, censorship, abolition of private property, a heavy progressive income tax, centralization of credit in the hands of the state, gradual abolition of the distinction between city and country, free education for all children in public school (except for his and those of his cronies) and centralization of all media and transportation into the hands of the state.

      • Clark Kent

        Fascism means a lot more than a simple politico-economic theory.

      • Albert Wayne Hester

        So that’s the point you are a jew without faith. Yeap get the point why you vote with the other Godless people in america

      • John Grundin

        You wrong he is 100% bullsh*t.

      • zaqan

        So basically you arent a jew

      • juliathemechanic

        No, fascism and Socialism are not competing views. Hitler managed to be both. Obama’s not a socialist, he’s a Communist. You can tell because all of the changes he’s made to our political system conform directly to the ten planks of Communism. A minor quibble though, as even Marx said the only point of Socialism was to bring about Communism.

        I hear so many people say that one can’t be fascist and socialist and it makes me think that they don’t really get what fascism is. Fascism is a government with centralized authority under a dictator in which a capitalist society is subject to strict government controls. It uses violent oppression of political dissent and generally a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. I could easily apply this definition to China, North Korea, many African and Middle Eastern countries and they are Socialist/Communist regimes. In many ways it could be applied to Obama’s America.

      • davekoffer

        no, actually you can be both….the Nazi ideology proved that.

    • Savingstone

      Absolutely! I have studied Jewish anthropology and history in depth. Of course before the feeble minded liberals get all cranky, people with half a brain know what you meant by “Jewish enough” as in not believing in traditional Jewish values and ethics in favor of “Enlightenment” reformation.

      The reason for this is even more simple too…The progressives of the turn of the 20th century, intentionally flooded the country with marxist leaning immigrants from Eastern Europe. Meanwhile in Europe, a majority of Jews were still religious, and seeing soooo many socialist communist atheist Jews moving to the USA, the religious Jews became weary of the “promises” offered by America and associated it with hedonism and anti-religion, often referring to it as “Der Treifeh Medinah” – “the non-kosher land”. The religious by and large stayed in Europe (where in the Holocaust that murdered 1/3 of world Jewry, 70% of the victims were anti-Marxist religious (mostly Hasidic).

      Therefore American Jews by and large simple never even received a proper Jewish education from inception.

  • Felicia ritz

    This is VERY interesting. I would love to see comments from the Jewish community.
    I could NEVER understand why they would support a person who has treated Israel with distain … Not to mention his continual prevarications

    • peace12

      Not all of us did vote for Obummer

    • KT Kacer

      Explain to me, please… exactly HOW the first sitting President to EVER be awarded the Israeli’s Presidential Distinction Award, the highest civilian award in Israel. “has treated Israel with distain”? Now I could believe if you said he treated Benjamin Netanyahu w/ distain. That man if worthy of contempt. I’m not aware of, and it would tend to be uncharacteristic of the President, but it would be understandable.

      • zaqan

        He also received a nobel peace prize and then bombed a dozen countries and oversaw the descent of the arab world into an enormous war. Gaudy coins and ribbons meqn nothing

      • 100

        I don’t believe you’re really that obtuse (to believe the award was given for demonstrating strong support of Israel). With so much hanging in the balance, including what has now come to fruition with Iran, the award was both political and hopeful- a symbolic “reaching out”, making a huge deal over the funding of the Iron Dome – in the same way that a wife might show disproportionate recognition and exaggerated appreciation when a lazy husband occasionally does the simplest thing without her having to nag and beg – in hopes that it would ease the tensions between the two administrations and compel Obama to soften his hypercritical rhetoric.

  • scott

    You would think they would realize that the National Socialist party (Nazis) is basically what the democrats want to create (Socialism) and would vote against that tooth and nail. Or maybe it’s too obvious.. who knows.


    I don’t understand the Republicans always embrace the Jewish people and Democrats always the one criticizing them I don’t get it.

  • Jeffrey Ludwig

    The comment tends to disparage Jews. The real reason Jews support Democrats is that Roosevelt defeated Hitler and Truman immediately gave diplomatic recognition to the State of Israel. Their gratitude and loyalty have blinded Jews to the dangerous changes to the Dems during the past 65 years.

    • King Free

      True. However, today’s “Democratic” party in NO WAY resembles that Democratic party. JFK would be considered a right wing extremist by today’s Dems. The Democrat party has been highjacked by Socialist nutjobs and I’ve been waiting for some of the REAL Dems to realize this and step up. (Carville has approached it a couple of times, and gotten smacked down for it) Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps they are just so outnumbered and afraid of the hatred & intolerance of today’s Progressives ?

      • Glennjo

        Both parties have plenty of wing nuts, the difference is that Democrats don’t elect ours to office, unlike the GOP who keep electing these nut job teabaggers. It’s obviously the GOP that has been taken over by the wing nuts.

      • King Free

        Oh yeah…Harry, Nancy, Debbie and Liz “LyingBear” Warren are the epitome of stable centrists. And go watch a couple videos of Gov Dayton from MN and then let’s discuss moonbats. Yer just another Juan Williams groupie who can’t handle the trip to the woodshed that got dished out last night. Get over it already because trust me, this result worked out alot better for you guys than Plan B was going to. #III%.

      • Savingstone

        you mean Fauxchahotas?
        I have more! [groan]
        …Liawatha Sitting Bullsh!t

      • King Free

        LMAO yeah, I like em both ! Perfect !

      • johngaltspeak

        People who want the government to adhere to the Constitution are wing nuts? Methinks thou art the wing nut.

      • John Grundin

        Nutjob? Teabaggers? Classic liberal hate speech.

      • Savingstone

        You must be kidding, the only moderate democrats I know of are Joe Lieberman and Jim Webb and Robert Menendez is becoming one too…apparently he has become a persona non grata to the O Admin.

  • Mike Constance

    American Christians feel a kinship with Jews, especially those of Protestant faiths. Our Lord was a Jew and we are the brethren of the Jewish people. Further, the Bible commands our love and respect of Israel, saying that those that curse Israel will be cursed,and those that bless Israel will be blessed. We take that very litterally and seriously. We love the Jewish people because we are a family. We are much the same.

    • AC700

      Awesome comment!

    • Savingstone

      Yes, not to disparage Catholics, but it is uniquely an American Protestant kinship

      look at the religiously Catholic Latin and South America – anti semitism and anti Israel sentiment is prevalent…the President of Argentina even took a bribe from Iran to cover up the JCC bombing in Argentina and had the special prosecutor murdered before he could blow the whistle…Ireland hates Israel too

      The one exception is the Philippines, which believe it or not, have a higher favorability rating of Israel than even the USA…they seem to have taken to heart exactly the sentiments you described.

  • Jo Merrell

    Amen! How I wish we could extend that sentiment to all Jesus who mistrust us so. I’m afraid we have done them a great disservice by not trying harder to communicate.

  • Amy Karns

    The more religious Jews are more comfortable with the Christian Right. For Holocaust survivors and families, they are still a little weary but the orthodox community embraces conservatism. The secular Jews, on the other hand, distance themselves from the orthodox, and are generally uneducated religiously, but love to criticize those on the right. Judaism and Christianity are basically the same, except we don’t get to eat pork. or shellfish….

  • Susan mack

    Thank you for the explanation. I have always wondered why Jewish people voted for dems no matter what. Do they not understand that only people of faith will protect them from attacks? We know Christians are under attack. The Jews seem to be the target of so many on the left and still they vote for them. Hard to fathom.
    People of faith remember what hitler did in Germany The left is trying to rewrite history to minimize or ignore the truth

    • John Grundin

      I was wondering the same, the jewish community over here seams to be anti-gun, but guns would have stopped the horrors of the past.Not very logical people.

  • Dee Brown

    This essay makes sense. I have always wondered why the United State’s Jewish population voted Democratic and are so liberal in their politics. Now I think I have an answer.

    • Ron Smorynski

      Evan is awesome! But the Torah really spells it out… history repeats itself.

      • Daniel Smith

        I’m a devout Christian. And I was taught a love of our Jewish brothers and sisters all my life. I was also taught to support and defend Israel up to and including giving my life for her. The explanations in the article and some in the comments make a lot of sense to me. I think a huge point is to understand that Israel and the rest of the world keeps making the same mistakes through history. And somehow we never learn. Only a small remnant sees the truth and tries to sound the warning. Bit it goes unheaded. So some of us including Jews just can’t make the connection that it’s the Godless socialist system that leads to destruction.. It’s been the same system from Babylon on. The only thing that changes is evil gets smarter every time around the circle.. We’re on the downslope of that cycle now.

  • Carla

    So I guess they think it’s okay that Obama is telling his real pretty much rollover and die!
    Stop firing into Palestine, don’t defend yourself! And that’s okay because he’s a Democrat!
    Well I’m sorry I stand with Israel and yes I’m a Christian and I support juice all over this world! The Israelis have every right to their country and every right to the land that God gave them! According to the Democrats they don’t deserve any of that! So I guess their fear of Christians committing atrocities is greater than their fear of Israel no longer being in existence!

    • david

      Their fear of the right doing atrocities should be balanced out by the left actually doing atrocities.

    • roblimo

      You say, “According to the Democrats they don’t deserve any of that!” Have you met any actual Democrats who told you that, or are you talking about winger media Democrats? They’re nothing at all like the real thing. I’m a Democrat and a juice, and I too support juice all over the world.

  • Rocky Denton

    True. And don’t forget the Christians, like Corrie ten Boom, who were sent to concentration camps for hiding Jews from the Nazis.

  • Mike

    It is conservatives who repeatedly demand Israel be protected and armed, not those devoid of beliefs. Talk about biting off your nose to spite your face.

  • MichaelD

    I’ve wondered for years about this issue, and could never come up with a hypothesis that made sense, that explained it. This is the first treatment of the issue that does make sense. Too bad more Jews don’t see it that way.

  • It is my belief that American Jews overwhelmingly vote for Democrats because the liberal, socialist views are inherently taught by Rabbis. The Zionist culture promotes the concept of collectivism, (from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.)

    • david

      Personal generosity and government theft and pseudo generosity are miles apart. God’s economy, and government did not even remotely endorse socialism. The welfare program was gleaning–that is going out and harvesting the left over fruits and vegetables on another persons land. If you did nothing, you got nothing. If you truly were incapable, Blind, deaf, lame, you could beg and God commanded personal generosity in the form of Alms,. ( Most beggars were known by the locals and could not have gotten away with fraud) but never government generosity at others involuntary expense.

    • Savingstone

      Well as an orthodox White American convert to Judaism, that taught myself Hebrew and Aramiac and learned to study ancient texts and attended several Yeshivot, I would say you are absolutely wrong. In fact, Orthodox Jews just want to be left alone by the government and everyone else. This is a reoccurring conflation people make…liberal Jews are by and large secular and HATE orthodox Jews etc …they REJECT Jewish law and texts in favor of modern “Enlightenment”…in other words you are attacking your very allies instead of your enemy!

  • Gary Kennedy

    So few Americans appreciate the sacrafice Israel has made protecting America from attacks from Islamic countries. They alone stand with the West in the Middle East.

  • At least you have showed me ONE reason why this is going on! I am a Christian.. I never hated Jews.. I admired their tenacity. This whole hatred thing is coming from the Muslims and LIBERALS! Not the ordinary American. We fought the frigging WW2 to save the Jews for heavens sake. I always supported Israel! So did America until this awful administration we have now.

  • Benjamin

    Very beautiful article, I wonder the same thing for years. Thank you.

  • Pat C

    It always comes down to collectivism. On it’s own, collectivism is benign: a sharing of interests, beliefs, common ancestry, or other bond. It becomes dangerous when the bond is coercive and decidedly centrally controlled, such as Progressivism, Naziism, Socialism, Marxism, and fanatic religious adherence.
    So many cannot make the distinction between Judaism/Christianity and radical Islam or even cults such as Branch Dividians or the Jim Jones sect. Separation, division, coercion, though control and eventually violence are all hallmarks of collectivism gone bad.
    So long as Christianity is spread by evangelism rather than conquest, it remains to be a positive collectivist movement, and certainly a friend to Jews.

  • glen francis

    I believe alot of what is said here,coming from a family of Jews and Christians… family is Christians and my cousins are half Jewish and every Jewish person I have met,including my cousins consider themselves a race not a religion… cousins never stepped inside a synagogue,but yet they considered themselves Jewish…

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Christianity could easily be described or defined as a sect of Judaism.

  • Patrick

    If people would only open their eyes and see what is really going on who is doing what to whom I would hope that they would change their minds. If the Jewish people would do this I am sure that they would realize just how much Christians love them. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came to earth as a Jewish man.

  • Suzy

    I am of the Republican Party, but first I am a Christian. I believe the Jewish Jesus is my Savior and lives in me. I also love all people, especially the Jews for providing me a Savior. I pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel, whose people are the apple of God’s eye. I support CUFI, Christians United For Israel, which was started by Pastor John Hagee. I love the Jewish people.

  • Henry Bempechat

    When one looks at the Jews, in general here in America, they see the branch of the Ashkenazic Jews because they are the ones that, in large, have immigrated to the US. They came from East Europe where they have been oppressed for centuries and have developed a sheep mentality and will stick together in ghettos rather than mix with the population where they live. Their attitude is: we are Jews first and citizens later. They were, also, the lesser educated Jews, so their motto is “Don’t make waves and you won’t be noticed” at least that is my impression after living in the US for 54 years.
    The other branch, the Sephardic Jews are from Spain and the middle east. They are better educated and will stand for their rights, they have no problem assimilating with the general population where they live and are citizen of that country before being Jews. Israel is largely Sephardic that is why they will not allow the UN or any country to dictate to them what they should do.
    I am a Sephardic Jew, I am a firm believer in the second amendment. My family had to leave Egypt in 1948, our dad was French and mom was Italian.
    In Egypt, my brother and I went to a Catholic school, the same school our dad had gone to, it was the best school in Cairo, I don’t remember any animosity from the other kids toward me. It was a French school, so when we went to France to carry on our schooling I went to a Catholic school in Nice (France)until the 6th grade which was the highest grade that school had at that time. By the time we had our high school degree we realized it was useless to go to a French University as us kids were on our mother passport which, of course, made us Italians and as Italians had no right to work in France after we would finish the university. At the time there was no common market.
    Eventually we came to the US, my brother took a degree in business, I took one in engineering and our sister took a BS in physics then a master in computer science(Magna Cum Laude, 4.0 GPA). She worked all her life in the defense industry, I spent over 16 years in it.
    The only place, as kids, we faced antisemitism was in Nice where there was a lot of Vichy sympathizers who had fled Paris after the end of the war.

    • Sam

      Good post. It helps me understand more about this question. Thank you.

  • Daryl Henry

    You are so right about this. Enjoyed your commentary very much.

  • You have gone to great lengths to be wrong , The American Jews support liberals because they stand for nothing . They hate conservative Christians for the same reasons the Pharisees hated them . We remind them of what they are and what they have done an they have no defense. Christianity is of the Jew ,Jews wrote the entire bible and Jesus himself was a Jew . True Christians love the Jew and will protect them with their very life . Satan is both our enemies and it is Satan that tries constantly to destroy both Jew and Christian . There is no other religion or belief system that threatens the Jew as the true Christian does because we know them better than they know themselves and as I said they have no defense against us so they join liberal causes and use lies and false charges to silence us

  • Vicki Reynolds

    The Jewish people are turning their backs on the very people who love and care about them. This week, since the Gaza incursion, I have personally sent money to the Jewish relief organizations to help feed the elderly and displaced Jews, the democrats will take your money and vote and then their president will sit on his hands and do nothing to help Israel. The democrats only want your money and then stab you in the back. I hate to tell you, but your God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is my God too. We are supposed to love one another. Wake up before our country is destroyed from within by the current administration and it’s radical left progressives.

  • That is the most ridiculous explanation I have ever heard.
    As lifelong Democrats, since Kennedy, my husband and I recognized the lack of experience in Obama in 2008. When we expressed our concerns, we got the usual racial question, “What do you have against Black people?” I said we would consider Colin Powell, if he was running. We realized early on that Obama was useless. However, we agree and disagree with some talking points of both parties. We just try to reason which party would be best for the country. I don’t know why most Jews are blind Democrats and won’t consider the issues instead of the party. The only possibility is that most Jews, since the Holocaust, have been more for the underdog and the Democrat
    party is all about helping the poor. On the other hand, the liberals are so against Israel, that I call every Jewish Democrat, especially DWS, a “self hating Jew”.

    • DezzNutz

      you most likely stumbled on the actual reason why the vote Demonrat with your last 3 words

    • Bama59

      Although the democrat party professes to be all about helping the poor, nothing could be further from the truth. The want to give the poor everything but the ability to become self sustaining and independent of the government. It is all about control.

  • This does answer a big ? for me. However, This idea stinks in the same way that Blacks vote Dumbocrat without the knowledge that Lincoln and the Republicans wanted to abolish slavery and had to fight the Dems to do so. A people that don’t stand for anything won’t risk their lives to protect you or anything else except themselves. What does it take to educate these people?

  • M R. LaPaglia

    I cannot n today’s climate see why the Jewish people would vote with the Democratic Party. Many that I talk too always side with the Moslems. How many times has Obama thrown the nation of Israel under the bus. He and most of the Democratic leadership have a high disregard for the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

  • annabelle ambrosio

    I think it might have something to do with the fact that the democratic party has long been associated with helping people and the Jewish people are expected to give a lot to their organizations, like Hadassah. I had a Jesish friend who opened a small business and was so besieged by people and organizations to give money that she closed her business.

  • John Mahler

    Have present day Jews not been told the stories of :
    Schindler’s List? German underground?
    Cory Ten Boom of Holland?
    Raul Wallenberg of Sweden?
    I was taught to love the Jew because they are God’s chosen people and was taught “God loves those who love the Jew”. My Christian church teaches the same. I belong to Christians & Jews United.
    Furthermore, it has puzzled me for many years how Blacks and Jews can vote for Democrats who institutionalized Jim Crow laws via the KKK of which the late senator Robert Byrd was an outstanding member. Joe Liberman just retired from the Senate and was a long time liberal with a big government voting record. Senator Goldwater was a conservative and ran for president in 1964. I would have voted for him for many reasons including he was Jewish. I couldn’t vote until I turned 21 in those days. That was four more years down the road. I hope Jews will reconsider their party of choice and vote independent or Librtarian. At least your vote will be of conscience and not a cartel gerrymandering block vote of a dyed in the wool liberal division of the one grand party known as the Progressive party.

    • Jennifer Brower

      My fellow Jews who are liberal believe that it couldn’t possibly happen here. Those of us who are Torah observant know better.

  • Kirk Barrett

    This is the most insightful article on this subject I have ever read. It has perplexed me for years as to why a Jew would even consider voting for a Democrat today with the way things are. This explains it.

  • Nick Stuart

    With what’s going on in Europe, I really can’t understand why so many Jews support gun confiscation in this country. I’d think they’d want to be arming to protect themselves.

  • Evan Sayet

    Just testing the comment section.

  • Michael Moss

    Awesome insights… Not sure how accurate the writer is: I have always wondered why the Jews so freely supported a party so devoid of God… but at least he puts forth a theory. My guess is this most recent episodes of Israel bashing and betrayal will finally start moving Jews in the direction of the GOP. For the record, I was born and raised in the US South… a born again, bible believing evangelical Christian… and I have never hated Jews. Rather, as the author suggests, I have always acknowledged and embraced my Judeo-Christian heritage.

  • Christopher

    If these Jews are so afraid of Christianity, why are they concentrated in the states that are not only the most left-wing, (New England, New Jersey, New York, but also the most Catholic?

    • Sam

      Someone explained to me that those Jews who came fairly recently, were not religious Jews, but secular Jews, that came from countries where socialism and communism were accepted. Most of them settled in the prosperous northeast. They saw their persecution not as a result of a bad system but as a result of hatred for their ethnicity. They did not blame socialism or communism for their persecutions and brought their admiration for these types of government with them. I think most Jews who are rooted in the south are conservatives. They came to the south before the Civil War. No one wanted to immigrate to the south devastated by the war and reconstruction. The poverty from that war and it’s aftermath lasted over a hundred years right into the 1970’s, so we don’t have as many recent Jewish immigrants. Those southern Jews who came early were religious. From living closely with their Christian neighbors in the Bible belt, I think they understand that their Christian neighbors wish them no harm. They could not bring socialism or communism with them because they didn’t exist yet, so no socialist or communist tendencies among southern rooted Jews.

  • If they keep voting Democrat, this diminishes the chances that conservatives who embrace the Jews and Israel will win. Will most of them ever realize that before it’s too late?

    • Tony Sofio

      No they won’t.

    • Mike Rieker

      “The fact is they don’t understand Christianity at all.”
      Nor do they care to which sort of puts them in the same boat as Muslims.
      I wonder who will steer the boat and who will row?

  • groinksan

    If this is true, then basically American Jews think Judaism is simply a light switch. And I believe this to be true. Even Liberal Christians think that they can be at home and believe in their faith, and then walk into Congress and leave Christianity behind. Vice President Biden has said on several occasions that his spirituality does not have an effect on his policies. I cannot see how this is even possible. The need is more important than the belief. It is like God saying to Adam and Eve, “Aaaah, if you’re really hungry, then go ahead and eat the apple. I won’t hold a grudge against it.” I’m actually an atheist. However, I believe that spirituality is required for many to set norms. I’m lucky not to need a belief system in order to set norms for myself. So, I can’t understand how people who are spiritual can just remove his beenie when walking into a room, and basically vote on things that go against his religion. Doesn’t he realize that if it weren’t for conservatives protecting his religious freedom, there would be no Judaism in this country? Makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever.

  • Jane

    Thank you for clearing that up for me.. I’ve never been able to put my finger on the reasons behind the support of a mostly antagonistic or atheist party by the Jewish community.. Too bad they don’t accept us as we accept them. I’ll continue to pray for Israel just the same. Funny how apathy and denial helped bring about their suffering during WWII… So what will their fear and denial bring them this time..?

  • This was a great read. I’ve always love Israel & never understood the hate for this country & the Jewish people
    Thank you for this explanation

  • Steve

    This is only partly true. What about the millions of “Jews of faith,” i.e. Orthodox and conservative Jews?

  • Mrs.JWB

    Could it be that the ‘Old World’ Christians were mostly Catholic that committed atrocities against Jews and others for selfish gain and would pursue the Crusades for THAT reason and that the ‘New World’ “American Christians” were mostly NOT Catholic and have REAL and DIFFERENT beliefs?

  • Pat Mitchell

    I have many Jewish friends and find them very committed to a friendly relationship and extremely loving not only to their friends but to their families.

    This is an interesting article and has answered my question about their cause for the Democrats. I hope many of them will read this and realize that the Republicans are definitely good people just like they are!

  • JAG

    Sort of like the reaction when the Jews protesting the Passion of the Christ. They thought the Christians would kill them because they crucified Jesus along with the Romans. The fact is they don’t understand Christianity at all. And it’s to their own genocidal detriment. Christians are the only one’s throughout History that have stood for them. Jesus and the Apostles are Jews, after all. You can’t hate your own parents, unless you are a degenerate muslim.

    • Mike Rieker

      “The fact is they don’t understand Christianity at all.”
      Nor do they care to which sort of puts them in the same boat as Muslims.
      I wonder who will steer the boat and who will row?

    • Jami Baldridge Oquenda

      The bible states that they have been blinded so that they cannot understand and one day the scales will fall from their eyes and they will see all….

      • Jennifer Brower

        Thus saith the LORD of hosts: In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold, out of all the languages of the nations, shall even take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying: We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.’ – Zechariah 8:23

  • Richard

    Please check your facts sir. The Orthodox Christian church, especially the Romanian Orthodox Church never preached or supported hatred towards Jews and/or Jewish people. A few disgraced so-called “pure Christians” in the past did attack Jews. But the only Romanian Orthodox body recognized by the Romanians NEVER related itself with those lunatics. From the beginning of the church.

  • Sandra Rutkowski

    I am a Believer and I dearly love Israel and the Jewish people. I have had the privilege of sending a total of five to Israel through a Christian/Jewish organization, and if I could afford it I would gladly give more.

  • Paul E. Bender

    It is a shame that Jewish people feel this way. I wonder what action Christians could take to remove their anxiety about American Christian moral beliefs.

  • Josee Allen

    How weirdly interesting. It was Christians ( not the heretical version espoused by Hitler) who defended the Jews against the persecutions. However.. they will continue to vote for the democrats and one day rue the day. Christianity is under attack at the moment… do they really think that Judaism is going to be scot free for very long… no, we have a creeping Islam in The USA and it will be very bad for Jews.

  • Lloyd E Yates

    Well said!

  • thinkingoutsidethe box

    Good to read!

    I have always wondered why so many Jews don’t see the hatred of Israel in many on the left (not all…but many)!

    • Mike Rieker

      Because there are so many Hollywood liberal Jews who the general Jewish population just adores because they made it.
      Frankly, they are still wondering thru the desert like little sheep.
      The more I read about them the more apathetic I become towards them. I doubt they will ever have my back so it’s getting harder and harder for me to have theirs.

  • KP

    As America slides toward socialism and atheism, Jew-hatred and pro-Islamic ideals are gaining ground.
    Coincidence? I think not. But after this administration’s unhidden contempt for Israel, if they vote Democrat again in the coming elections, I guess they get what they deserve.

  • John

    “Only those who believe in nothing have nothing to kill or fight for. If everyone just believed in nothing, the “thinking” goes: then the Jews would be safe, for if one doesn’t believe in anything then they can’t believe the Jews are bad.”

    There are two problems with this so-called “logic:”
    1. People who believe in nothing will align with anything
    2. People who have no moral anchor of any kind also have no reason not to turn on you as it fits their situation. At least with Christians there is a strong moral argument to support Jews.

    If Jews actually believe this so-called “logic” then they are not worth my concern.

  • bob gibb


    I have printed this off 2 times and it is not in English??

    What do I need to do to have it in English??


    • Jack Buckmeir

      go to mexico and print it

  • pam eichelberger

    How do we reach out? I have friends that are Jews & I have asked them this same question

  • Senator Chuck Schumer is as bad a Jew as they come. Hillary became a Jew just so she could become a Senator from New York. Jews are supposed to be smart American Jews are dumber then a box of rocks.

    • Joseph Toth

      You got that right.

  • Diane Jones

    I agree. My Saviour was a Jew. I know what my Bible says about supporting His Chosen people and I want to be obedient to God’s commands. I love hearing the teaching from Jewish Rabbis in what I call the Old Testament because I can better see the reason we have the New Testament. I can say most of the Christ Followers I know ate 1000% behind Israel.

  • Joya de Gregorio

    Our Savior was a Jew. Christianity was born in the Holy Land. Our roots stem from our ancestors in the old Testament. We truly are a Judeo-Christian nation. The Israelis have long been friends and allies because we share many of the same beliefs, religiously and politically. I made my first and hopefully not my last trip, to the Holy Land in November and will always treasure the experience of coming to know some of these lovely people. It also made me appreciate the fact that we do have much in common, love of family, love of country and a desire for a peaceful existance.

  • Janice Dyer White

    This is definitely something I will never understand. Christians pray for Jewish people and Israel all the time. Most Christians are conservatives or I would like to think so. Also the majority of Jews have businesses and so what do the democrats do to help them? The Republican party has always supported Israel. So what is their problem? Regardless, we will continue to pray for them and I especially am praying for their victory and the protection of their people.

    • Liberal Jews don’t like Born Again Christians. They don’t trust them. They don’t respect them. They generally want nothing to do with them.

      ESPECIALLY Christian politicians.

      Think about it….

      Geo Bush, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Pat Robertson (back in the day.)

      There is NO LIMITS to the denigration that the mainstream media will throw at outspoken Christian politicians. **

      And, those in charge of those media outlets are LARGELY (but not exclusively) liberal Jewish people and those sympathetic.

      They just don’t like them.

      **Jimmy Carter might have gotten a pass.

      There’s your answer.

      • nativam

        Rick Santorum is another Christian who was smeared.

      • Elwood2112

        He smeared himself with his own stupid racist comments.

      • Stop Statism

        Liberal Jews dont like conservative and observant Jews as well

      • Michael Golde

        I am a Jew and found your generalizations and stereotypes about Jews offensive. I am a Libertarian Republican and am much more politically aligned with Christian Conservatives than Liberal Jews, or any Liberals for that matter. For you — presumably a supporter of Israel (and Jews?) — to repeat the canard that the Jews control the media is absurd. Aside from the proliferation of media, the media worldwide are highly critical of Israel and give the Palestinians a free pass by comparison. Perhaps you should stop speculating about something you apparently know very little in reality.

      • Mike Rieker

        Well Michael, if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.
        I’ll give you media bias but that still doesn’t explain overwhelming Jewish contempt for the very people who support them the most.
        Frankly, soon that support will waiver and it’ll be AMFYOYO.

      • Michael Golde

        I don’t think contempt is the right word and, in any event, is way too strong. I think the main chasm between Christian Conservatives concern social issues such as prayer in public schools and appropriate limits on abortion. Having said that, slowly but surely, more and more Jews (still small numbers admittedly) are becoming Conservatives and disapprove of Obama. I do know many Israeli Jews who immigrated (legally) to the United States are diehard Fox News watchers (as am I) and ascribe to that politics advocated thereby.

      • Jennifer Brower

        80% of American Jews living in Israel voted for Romney.

      • ricbee

        Those are the ones who are aware of how supportive Christians are to them.

      • Elwood2112

        How could they vote for Romney if they live in Israel? I know our presidents are selected by people who don’t even live in America, but come on…

      • artfuldgr

        people have dual citizenships, and if you have that, you get sent papers as to who you want to vote for in elections as xpats do

      • Janice Dyer White

        The figure I received was 85%; however, what we are talking about is here in the USA. That figure is 70% of Jewish people voted for Obama. .It appears the Jews in Israel are very wise and they knew what would happen to them if Obama was elected.

      • boysenberry

        How many is that? About 10?

      • Savingstone

        To say that an overwhelming amount of Jews have “contempt” for “those that support them the most” is inflammatory hyperbole at best or a specific attempt to slander Jews….true, unfortunately Obama received nearly 70% of the Jewish vote in 2008 (which isn’t even 4 million voters NATIONWIDE), but in 2012 the percent went down to less than 60%…we can only assume as Obama has been even more of a disaster the percent will go down even more…indeed the same Gallup poll that found Obama’s support among Muslims at 72%, found Jews only favored him 55% – that’s a big difference from 2008.

        I have spent time in several Jewish communities throughout the US in these Obama years, and I can tell you affirmatively that many Jews have been “woken up” through seeing Obama’s bad policies. Furthermore, the younger Jewish generation is overwhelmingly religiously observant, since over 70% of liberal secular Jews marry out of faith and have less than 2 kids. In approximately 30 – 40 years most American Jews will be Orthodox, and they are as conservative as secular Jews are liberal…

      • artfuldgr

        To say that an overwhelming amount of Jews have “contempt” for “those
        that support them the most” is inflammatory hyperbole at best or a
        specific attempt to slander Jews

        really? contempt liek forgetting the 6 million that died with them?
        Erasing them from history? and how about erasing the other stories of people hiding, who werent jewish… or the fact that it was often jewish thinkers who came up with the ideas that not only would lead to mass extermination of their own, but oothers in the fire as well

        from the Jewish Virtual Library

        On the other hand, Charles Fourier identified Jews with capitalism and
        opposed their emancipation on the grounds that they were “parasites,
        merchants, usurers.” Nevertheless, in his last writings he argued that
        the Jews should be helped to escape from persecution in Europe by
        returning to Palestine and once more become a recognized nation with
        their own king, their own flag, their own consuls, and their own
        currency. A number of Fourier’s followers were Jews who rejected their
        master’s antisemitism. Thus Alexander Weil wrote in 1845 that it was
        unfair to blame one section of the population for what he regarded as
        the iniquities of Catholicism and capitalism. He also described the
        serious condition of the Jews in Eastern Europe, in order to draw the
        attention of the public to their plight. Similarly, Jean Czynsky, a
        Polish refugee of Jewish origin, wrote that freedom for Poland and the
        emancipation of Polish Jews were concepts for which all socialists must

        and so… what did hitler put over the gate of auswitz?
        Arbeit mach frei
        work will set you free..

        ie. he emancipated them from life…
        just following the ideas of jewish thinkers (who mostly did not practice any more)…

        whats over the gate at bukenwald was another lesson
        Jedem das Seine
        everyone gets what they deserve

        they have been their own worst enemies, supplying opposition with justification for their own not learning what and how things were done to them in germany, they ended up fomenting the same social justice, equality, and eugenic ideas in the USA…

        the disparate imapct arguments that the nazis and communsits used to justify crystal knact, and the continuing use of camps after the war by stalin… became the same tool in the USA that led to the denoument of the intelligent by sangers stuff.

        for every jewish woman that has no children cause she is on a crusade
        another jewish woman has to have five for the populatoin to remain steady

        feminisms greates thinkers were jewish, just as socialisms greatest thinkers were jewish… setting the stage for what to happen to themselves when the worm bites its tail?

      • Savingstone

        Do you think you’re educating me? I am quite aware that Jews #1 enemy are usually themselves…this has been going on since the beginning…split between the northern Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah (traditionalists)…Yes some of the worst people in the world are these self hating Jews, i.e. the Yevesektsia (Jewish Bolsheviks) nearly eradicated Russian Jewry by uprooting communities, destroying schools, synagogues, killing, incarcerating, and exiling prominent Rabbis and leaders for their “counter-revolutionary activities”…i.e. practicing traditional Judaism… Chabad-Lubavitch, the preeminent Jewish sect in Russia, was alone in fighting the communists underground, defying them. Their leader Rebbe Yitzchak Yosef Schneersohn was even incarcerated and sentenced to death. Only through intense international pressure was the sentenced commuted to exile. But in all these progressive or leftists causes, Jews never compromise anywhere close to the majority…i.e there are only 14 million Jews (with almost 50% of them actually opposing the secular leftists) worldwide in a population of 7 billion. Like I said above , the Jewish community is actually tangibly starting to recover from the disastrous “Enlightenment” movement and tampering from the Bolsheviks and a majority of Jews will be libertarian/conservative leaning traditional Jews in about 30 -40 years…simple math and demographics.

      • ChuckFinley

        Only 60% of Jews voted for Obama’s reelection? Golly! By the end of his second term, maybe the Democrat percentage of the Jewish vote will be as low as the percentage of Hispanics who vote Democrat. Heck, if Obama succeeds in destroying Israel maybe the percentage of Jews voting Democrat will drop below 55%!

      • artfuldgr

        i wonder if they realize how much easier it would have been to bow out and not act last century… though i would point out their “forgetting” six million that died with them being quite insulting…

      • AC700


      • John Graybeal

        The article was about why Jews vote as a majority for Democrats. This does not mean some will vote the other way, but we are talking majority here. The same can be said for blacks, although this president will hopefully wake up a lot more of them!

      • rich poorman

        Michael, I am a gentile who married into a very typical New York-area, ultra-liberal Jewish family. I think this article has merit. I have come to the conclusion that for many American Jews, secularism/materialism has replaced religion, leaving a profound feeling of loss and guilt that can only be filled through conformity to a “humanitarian” (e.g. left-wing) political belief system. Otherwise, how to explain why a family in which every male is in business so profoundly scorns the party (Republican) that sides with their financial and social self-interest?

      • Michael Golde

        While I cannot argue with your personal experience and perceptions, I don’t think this is a “Jewish” issue. I know many Protestant Christians and Catholics, among others, who are not religious at all and who quite Liberal. While there are many reasons why people who are Liberal act against their own economic interests, this is not based on religion. I believe it is more closely aligned with one’s view of government, especially big government. Liberals, regardless of background, trust government to protect them more than the vagaries of historical human nature — which, with respect to Jews, has been sketchy at best.

      • rich poorman

        Thus the paradox. Which is why you often read thoughtful articles on the theme “Why Do Jews Vote Left” but not thoughtful discussions of why other religions vote as they do. Who would have thought — a tribe of intellectuals wedded in perpetuity to the most irrational and emotional political philosophy, and one which has produced the most hideous and grotesquely inhumane governments imaginable. Fair boggles the mind.

        Anyway, my goyishe brothers-in-law and I shake our heads in amazement at the intellectual gyrations and logical mazes our wives’ family must negotiate to rationalize their firm residence on the liberal reservation.

      • Michael Golde

        I totally get your point. My father was a successful entrepreneur, but, due to his depression era mentality and his high regard for FDR, he still has a Democratic bent. That is not to say he is happy with Obama. He’s not. But between a social Conservative like Rick Santorum and Obama, he will choose the latter every time. He does not want the government interfering in his personal life and, to me, that is what turns off persuadable voters from the Republican Party. To reach Jewish Independents and other potentially persuadable voters, Republicans should focus on a Libertarian message.

      • rich poorman

        The irony just keeps getting deeper, doesn’t it?

        The party which has produced the most intrusive government imaginable, and which advocates even more extensive control and coercion, in the name of “justice,” is supported by Jews in the name of “freedom,” even though its governing principles violate the Commandments (and Talmudic law in most cases).

        Libertarianism would seem to be the natural home of Jews, if only it weren’t already occupied by those pesky evangelical types.

      • Michael Golde

        I generally agree with, but wanted to mention another reason Liberal Jews frequently vote against their own apparent economic interests. Up until the 60s or 70s, there was a lot of discrination against Jews in many fields. For example, prestigious law and accounting firms did not generally hire Jews, regardless of qualifications. This wasn’t only limited to Jews, but Jews were disproportionately affected as there were not many women and blacks in those prodessions at that time and relatively few Hispanics were living in the US and those that were were not going into the medical, legal, accounting professions and were not working for large corporate America. So, harkening back to my previous post where I posited that Jews felt more protected by big government. They had reason to believe this because of past discrimination and the somewhat natural extension of Jewish involvement in the civil rights and anti-discrination movements. So, when Christain Conservatives start invoking religion as the basis of their beliefs that, by definition, is an exclusionary remark, whether intended or not. Hence, part of the reticence of some Jews to join the Libertarian Republican movement. If the Republicans focus too much on Christianity as the basis for their Conservatives as opposed to the strong logic underlying those beliefs, rightly or wrongly, they will alienate Jewsand other persuadable voters (i.e., Independents).

      • rich poorman

        Trust in and obeisance to authority was necessary in the hostile environment of the Old World, but this is the New World, where Jews have prospered under limited government. Where have they been freer, wealthier, less restrained? You would think that such an intelligent group would see that big government threatens the freedom in which and by which they have thrived.
        Even a casual reading of history reveals that socialism will always lead to totalitarianism, which always leads to tyranny, which always seeks scapegoats for its failures. And the successful will be the scapegoats of choice, whatever their spiritual bent.
        Better to seek safety among those who base their political philosophy on a morality that once formed the basis for the religion that sustained you, I’d think.

      • Michael Golde

        Rich — You make very valid points. Nice exchanging ideas.

      • rich poorman

        I hope “valid” wasn’t a spell-check correction of “vapid” . . .

        Thanks, and likewise. Your replies were thought-provoking and insightful.

      • JoyceEarly

        “If the Republicans focus too much on Christianity as the basis for their
        Conservatives as opposed to the strong logic underlying those beliefs,
        rightly or wrongly, they will alienate Jews and other persuadable voters
        (i.e., Independents).” I totally agree, Republicans are supposed to be supporters of the Constitution, a true conservative believes in religious freedom so that means all religions not just Christianity.

      • Daniel Smith

        I agree with you on the libertarian idea. The point should be made that the conservative ideal is maximum personal freedom and responsibility. The liberal ideal is government control and minimum freedom.

      • Daniel Smith

        Don’t they make the connection that it was governments that slaughtered them.

      • boysenberry

        I also married into a jewish family. It didn’t last for the same reason.
        I came to the conclusion they are really, really screwed up.
        They hate Christians, even though the Christians have always supported Israel.
        They are the ones that always protest a Christmas Tree in a public place or a Christmas Carol sun by a choir in schools. And I am not really religious, but that was just too much.
        And then there is the hatred of Republicans.
        Yes, they are really screwed up.

      • AC700


      • artfuldgr

        the Exception Proves the Rule…

      • Michael Golde

        How about an aphorism in return: Stupid is as stupid does. Based on your angry anti-Jewish comments, it is pretty obvious where you stand.

      • ChuckFinley

        All of media is probably a bit of a stretch but I think that it is probably accurate to say that Hollywood is, if not controlled, disproportionitely influenced by an oligarchy of secular, gay men of Jewish heritage. The New York Times is owned and run by the Sulzberger family. While I would be surprised to hear that Arthur Ochs Sulzberger is religiously observant or even believes in God, his background is a matter of record.
        When I lived in the northeast, I used to meet a lot more Jews than I do today but I cannot remember any who were not reflexive Democrats and as a general rule, they were not shy about expressing contempt for anybody who did not vote that way. In fact, I have only encountered libertarian Republican Jews on the internet, never in real life. I hope that you are correct and that the anomalous juxtaposition of high IQ and Forrest Gump criteria (“Stupid is as stupid does”) political foolishness will end sooner rather than later.

      • Janice Dyer White

        Excuse me, but I do not call myself a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. I have been a Christian since birth and I do not like the phrase BORN AGAIN. Liberal Jews do not like Christians because they think we pray out of fear according to a verse in the Torah that the Liberal Rabbis tell them that is why we pray for them. I have heard it with my own ears when I studied the Torah with a good Jewish friend who asked me to join her and I did as she had a terminal illness and needed support. As far as Jewish people are concerned, I find many of them tend to be pushy, arrogant and money hungry. However, as I said as a Christian I can forgive their ways as they have suffered more than any other race in the world, and now they are coming close to extinction being surrounded by enemies. I pray they have a victory in their land. However, I still pray for them because I know that my Lord and Savior came into this world with a Jewish mother and Jewish father. They are God’s chosen people. Your tone in your response sounds very bitter so I pray that you do a little more researching before you make such outrageous statements regarding HATE!!!.

      • FaithandJustice

        You must be born again to be a Christian. Read the New Testament. Please.

      • Janice Dyer White

        I did not need a conversion. I was a believer from the day I was old enough to learn about Jesus and salvation. To me Born Again is for non believers being converted. I was baptized as an infant, but I decided my parents made that decision so I made my own decision to be immersed in baptism as an adult. I know scripture and use Nicodemus as an example when teaching about being Born Again.

      • FaithandJustice

        So you are correcting yourself, since you said “I have been a Christian since birth”. You correct yourself again when you say “I was baptized as an infant, but I decided my parents made that decision so I MADE MY OWN DECISION to be inmersed in baptism (both words mean the same) as an adult.” Ask yourself why you made that decision. If it was because you still believed in Jesus as you did when you were just a child, then you confirmed that you were born again when you first believe. Be blessed! And continue learning about OUR Lord and Saviour!

      • Janice Dyer White

        No you are misunderstanding why I was baptized as an adult. I don’t believe in infant baptism because an infant cannot say that Jesus is Lord. I believe I was dedicated to the Lord as an infant, not baptized as I would be when I could speak for myself. . I was a Christian since birth through dedication, but I wanted to make my statement as an adult. Being baptized as an adult has nothing to do with my being converted. I have taught Bible studies for the past thirty-four years and continue to study. I am blessed and grateful that I am a child of God and praying that I do His will and not mine.

      • John Graybeal

        Then surely you have “studied” the portion of the N.T. where Jesus tells Nicodemus “You must be born again”, yet you say you do not like this saying of JESUS? You can be born into a Christian family–that does not make you Christian

      • Janice Dyer White

        No I said I know what our Lord told Nicodemus, however, I have never been an unbeliever so therefore I did not have to be converted. As an infant I was a Christian because I was born into a Christian family and my parents took me to be baptized. Now when I came to the age of understanding the Word of God and did not believe, then the fact that both of my parents were Christians did not make me a Christian. I have NEVER said I did not like the saying of JESUS, that is your interpretation. I believe the Bible to be God’s inspired Word!!

      • joe1234x

        This is a rather disturbing thread. Jesus said that you must be born again. Your parents’ beliefs or any dipping in water have no bearing whatsoever. Your salvation is based upon your conscious belief in Christ and your acceptance of Him as your Savior. Everything else is irrelevant.

      • Janice Dyer White

        joe, you have not been reading all my blogs and I haven’t been repeating myself. my final words are that i have been baptized and i have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior–the requirements for salvation. i believe i have been saved by grace through faith. someone blogged me and said the reason i was baptized as an adult was because i was not a believer and wanted to be born again. i again repeat i was baptized as an infant and the only reason i chose to be baptized as an adult is because i wanted it to be my decision and not my parents. i do not believe in infant baptism and i refer to it as dedication to God. an infant cannot answer the question that are asked during the baptismal service. i do not appreciate all these notes from people i don’t know and they can’t get pass the scripture about Nicodemus. once again Nicodemus was not a believer, and therefore the Lord answeredh is question about being saved and that was conversion. i didn’t need to be converted as there was never a time in my life that i did not accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. i know you mean well, but please enough is enough!

      • joe1234x

        You are correct that I have not read all your blogs. But I am not sure you’ve read the whole 2 sentences of my previous post. Your parents having you baptized as an infant has as much to do with being a Christian as whether you used a pacifier as a baby–none. I think the only hurdle here is that you seem to feel that you were a believer before you made the decision to trust Christ, and that makes you different from Nicodemus. I don’t understand how you were a believer before you believed. Not hacking on you in any way, I’m just trying to understand and clarify your point of view. Maybe one or both of us will learn something in the process. I also believe that baptism is only an outward *symbol* of the decision that you have made in your heart, so baptism, in and of itself, doesn’t save anyone ever. Do you agree?

      • artfuldgr

        actually not.
        or else no one would convert… ie. change religions..

        and he is saying that later he CHOSE Christianity, rather than choosing islam, or judaism, or coptics, or alexandrian witches, or worshippers of lucifer, etc.

        your the thick headed one who is so doctrinaire that you and your ideas could not encompass anything other than hasidim being valid, and that reformed jews, liberal jews and or the other tribes would not be valid

        funny, but thats the basis of the war of islam too…

        realuze that your basically arguing that your interpretation of that one line in the bible is the true one, and that your wisdom says it has to be applied this way, and if not, its wrong and those others are wrong too…

        hows it going Annas? [annas was the person that first saw and condemned jesus in private… for what? not following the rules just like pour joe1234 is doing!!!!]

      • joe1234x

        Of course I am arguing that my interpretation of that line in the bible is the true one. Do you expect that I would chose an interpretation that I believe is false and then try to support it? That is irrational. (The verse is “Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ ” And my controversial interpretation is that Jesus said that you must be born again to see the kingdom of God.)

        And the difference between me and the war of islam is that I believe that “interpretation” strongly. And I welcome your right to disagree or even dismiss the entire bible. I would like for you to accept it, but that’s all. If you don’t accept it, I love you. I do not try to kill you. See the difference?

        Have a wonderful day.

      • artfuldgr

        “i believe i have been saved by grace through faith”

        right… you believe, techically, that there were several covenants with god, and the last being the convenant of jesus. (adam noah abraham moses)
        the convenant of adam was broken by eve and adam

        the convenant of noah ended with abraham
        the abrahamic covenant was repaced by “the law” under which no one went to heaven again… necessitating the arrival of the convenant of grace, after the lesson of wanting law of which no human could follow… (not even david, gods most beoloved. as he cheated with bathsheba, showing that law was no way to get to heaven)

        and waht of the jewish commandments? how are the feminists following that one?

        be fruitful and multiply being the first?

        veddy interesting

      • JoyceEarly

        At the moment in your development you were actually able to comprehend the lord as your savior was the moment you were born again. I’m guessing what maybe seven? No way you could comprehend it; it was just instruction up until the time you were actually able to intellectualize it. The way you tell it you were brainwashed since birth. I don’t think you want to make it sound like that. Think it through…

      • artfuldgr

        sorry… you got it wrong… its that believe AND works… jesus said so too…

      • artfuldgr

        actually we can take your explanation a bit farther, and point out that all jews are actually islamics… why? cause islam teaches that your parents make you a jew or christian, and that all who are born are born of islam and then change…

        so… just tell the guy that says your born again, that he is of islam…
        if he dont understand your point he certainly will agree he is part of islam, no?
        cause after all, one line in the koran defines him, and we can refuse to acknowlege any other, just as they are doing… but at least a born again is still a christian, following the other line of thought, they become something else they arent exaclty happy with…

      • joe1234x

        Even for a message board, your logic is amazingly and outstandingly poor. Congratulations. But good luck with the pot stirring. 🙂

      • Tbcihoo1

        As the saying goes, “Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you car.” Faith comes by understanding and surrending one’s life, not by heritage alone. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • artfuldgr

        no, what he is saying is that he hs not part of the movement that focused on this phrase and then went with it more than other christian groups…

        it would be like listening to someone claim that the only true jew was the hasidim, and all others are invalid… or because of a quote, forcing other jewish sects to call themselves hasidim…

        Many historic church denominations understood being “born again” as spiritual regeneration via the sacrament of baptism by the power of water and word. This understanding persists in Roman Catholicism, in some parts of Anglicanism, in Lutheranism and in Eastern Orthodoxy. However, beginning sometime after the Reformation, Evangelical Protestants have predominantly understood being born again as an experience of conversion,
        and then symbolized by deep-water baptism, and rooted in a commitment
        to one’s own personal faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. This same
        belief is also an integral part of Methodist doctrine,[7][8] and is connected with the doctrine of Justification

        so in essence.. they all follow the same book, just as hasidim do, but only a few say they are “born again” – while others recognize it as spiritual.

        not all jews need a goyim to turn on the lights on friday, or press elevator buttons

        so to do what some confused idiots are doing here is to basically treat all jews as hasidim and see no variation because someone read a single line from the talmud

        smart people doing stupid things. eh?

      • steve8714

        This is why Catholics confirm, at roughly the same age as a Bar Mitzvah. And, remake baptismal vows yearly.

      • Nancy Dean Helsel

        John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

        What do you make of this scripture?

      • Elwood2112

        You were brainwashed before you could even think for yourself, as is evidenced by your lack of understanding for your own religion. This is what religion does, convinces people they’re better than others just because of what they believe or where they were born.

      • Janice Dyer White

        Ridiculous comment! It is obvious that you know very little about the Christian doctrines. Furthermore, a true Christian does not find themselves to be better or superior to others
        It makes us humble because we realize we are nothing and can do nothing without the help of the Lord.

      • artfuldgr

        yes. but that does not mean you wander around with the label born again. born agains is a group of christians who focus on that, just as there are christians that focus on the end of times… while all christians are techincally born again, they are not necessarily Born Again – duh

      • boysenberry

        You are so wrong, fait.
        I am Christian, but not “born again”, which is a fundamentalist Christian.
        not all of us are.

      • joe1234x

        Well, I’m not a fundamentalist Christian, but I am born again. So… And what do you make of John 3:3 then?

      • Jennifer Brower

        It’s cute that you have Jewish friends.

      • marge201

        It sure is. [[ As far as Jewish people are concerned, I find many of them tend to be pushy, arrogant and money hungry. ]] Boy, that is rich. And offensive. I’d never be your friend, Janice. I know people of varying persuasions who are like that but I’d never make a statement attributing those traits to a group. [[ I can forgive their ways ]] Very nice of you, Janice. Geez.

      • Janice Dyer White

        Sorry that I offended you. I make friends wherever I have lived, and many friends because my husband served 43 years in the USN and we have lived all over the world. I don’t need friends who are so closed minded and offended with the truth as you appear to be.

      • Janice Dyer White

        It’s cute you can figure that out by reading my comments!

      • artfuldgr

        is this cute too

        In Germany, many of the pioneers of socialism were Jewish. Among them was Moses *Hess, whose study Die Philosophic der Tat
        (“The Philosophy of Action”), linked the ideas of the German
        philosophical school with the concept of historical materialism on which
        communism was based. Hess largely influenced the thinking of Karl *Marx
        and Friedrich Engels but differed from them in that his brand of
        socialism was based upon ethical concepts. The course of socialism in
        Germany, however, was dominated not by Hess but by Marx and Ferdinand *Lassalle,
        the former as the founder of the school of economic materialism and the
        latter as the father of German Social Democracy. But while Marx was the
        great theoretician who set out to revolutionize international politics,
        Lassalle was the political strategist who brought socialism into German
        political life. Both showed a marked hostility to Judaism. On the other
        hand, Marx’s non-Jewish colleague Friedrich Engels, who at first
        equated Jews with capitalists, later took a stand against antisemitism
        which he described as the weapon of the German governing class.

        [and it weas engels that actually predicted the holocaust… he called it conflagration, and the jews renamed it so that the quotes could not be found… but he said a conflagration would sweep the world and wipe certain groups… sadly, most dont know that a lof ot this thinking and justification came from the people who later would be victims of it… on the other hand, the others caught in it had very little contrubitions in terms of ideas and justifications and morality. sadly, most only know the cartoony bs that is what we know now as so many wanted to save socialism that they became apologists and obfuscationists as if they could peel them apart… ]

      • MR

        Janice I live in the south and from what I know as a southerner, a Born Again Christian is used by specific groups of Christians (many are Southern Baptist) They are using this term to emphasize that Christ gave his life for us and gave us the opportunity to be born again and that is emphasized in their beliefs) Its more of a descriptive term to self identify by these Christians. Born Again Christians have a unique enthusiasm that we southerners understand. I am a Christian and live in the south but I don’t identify myself as a Born Again Christian.. So its not a term that is broadly painted over all Christians, only those who declare so. So don’t be annoyed by the term, its only given if declared by the Christian. All followers of Christ understand Christ died for us so that we are forgiven and given a new life, but Born Agains want this emphasized. From my experience personally often Born Agains are Christians that are sustained by the specific knowledge of being given a new life. its often that one thing that brought them to the Christian faith.

      • Janice Dyer White

        Thank you for your kind and excellent description of Born Again Christians. . There is no doubt that you are a Christian and I am wondering if I can be one of your followers. We live in Florida during the winter and Vermont in the summer. Moved out of San Diego after owning our home there for 39 years, but during that time we moved all around the world twenty times. Thanks again for you blog and by the way, my favorite part of the USA is the south. People are so friendly and so patriotic it makes me feel like I did in the 50’s. God Bless! As we say, “this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Off to Sunday School and church—our church is only three miles away from our home.

      • joe1234x

        Being born again is not a southern thing, it’s a Jesus thing. He said it, and as far as I know, he never lived in Alabama.

      • artfuldgr

        the mormons actually think he may… (and that american indians are jewish and one of the lost tribes)

      • joe1234x

        So I hear. I disagree. Strange, huh?

      • Nancy Dean Helsel

        John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

      • Michael Golde

        Well, I am glad that your views are so well-informed given that you have Jewish friends. You know nothing about Jews and you sound like someone who is looking to confirm negative Jewish stereotypes. While there may be Jews who fit your gross generalization, I know Christians, Catholics and other religious groups who also share those negative characteristics. But, unlike you, I judge people based on their individual behavior and not bigoted assumptions based on a sample of how many? Must be a lot because you have Jewish friends.

      • Janice Dyer White

        You do not know me therefore you have no idea what I know about Jews. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am still free to express mine. The bottom line is that thanks to the majority of Jewish people who vote Democrat, they have put our nation in decline. I noticed on one of.your other blogs you make the comment “you don’t know anything.” It tells a lot about you Michael, you are arrogant!

      • Michael Golde

        So now it’s the fault of the Jews for our nation’s decline. Gee, I didn’t know there were so many of us. Pretty incredible your constant generalizations about Jews. Oh, I forgot you have Jewish friends so you are an expert.

      • Janice Dyer White

        No Michael, you are the one who is the expert telling people they don’t know anything. May I add again you are being overbearing or should I be unkind and say YOU ARE JUST STUPID!

      • Michael Golde

        I get it. You don’t want to be held accountable for the stereotypes and other dim-witted statements you have made. When you are, you start with the personal attacks. I let you have the last word should you choose to respond. After all, you are the expert about the way Jews behave. Yes, I know you have Jewish friends who behave as Jews do but whom you tolerate. Boy, wish I could have a friend like you who tolerates my Jewish ways. I wonder if you have told your Jewish “friends” how you really feel about their boorish behavior.

      • Janice Dyer White

        Goodbye Michael. Remember if you can dish out the insults, you need to be able to receive them as well. Have a great summer and I mean that sincerely.

      • artfuldgr

        no. its that your like discussion with a broken record… no amount of information will keep you off your repeating track…

        note… bella dodd, born to a jewish famiy, and so forever jewish was the head of the teachers union AND the communist party in the USA…

        think maybe there is a link to the fact that the schools teach communism as normalized by the social democrats.

        the Holocaust and the Communist takeover in part of Europe reduced the
        Jewish participation in socialist politics to a mere fraction of what it
        had been before 1939. Nevertheless, a small number of Jews held
        important posts in European socialist parties after 1945, among them Ludwig *Rosenberg,
        who was president of the German Confederation of Trade Unions,
        Siegfried Aufhauser (1884–1962), president of the German Federation of
        Labor in Berlin, Bruno *Kreisky, who in 1970 became chancellor of
        Austria, and Karl Czernetz, who was international secretary of the
        Austrian Social Democratic Party.

        even AFTER socialism tried to exterminate them,. there is a huge number of them still working for the same thing that created the shoa… and people like goerge soros who oppose their own roots… (he pretended to be a nazi so as to help collect the property of jewish people and not be killed. later on he said this heloed form him (and by extention his hatred and megalomania).

      • artfuldgr

        Golde… why not do some reasearch into whose ideas are being followed…

        A number of Jews became prominent during the 19th century in
        the International Working Men’s Association, formed in 1864 by Marx and
        Engels, which became known as the First International. Among them were
        several French Jews, including E.E. Fribourg, an opponent of Marx, who
        was a disciple of the non-Jewish anarchist writer Pierre *Proudhon
        (1809–1865). Fribourg advocated membership in the association only to
        people engaged in physical work, a move against Marx, whereas Lazare
        Lévy, another leading member of the French section of the First
        International, was a strong supporter of Karl Marx. Jews were also
        prominent in the workers’ uprising in the Paris Commune in March 1871,
        one of the leaders being Léo *Frankel.

        and we are following what they made possible…
        why not study the actual history of who is doing the thinking writing and demanding of interventions by states?

        The Second International set up at the Paris Congress of 1889 was largely dominated by German socialists…. …..They included August Bebel, William Liebknecht, Clara Zetkin, and Eduard *Bernstein,
        the son of a Jewish worker, who had a profound influence on the
        development of socialism in Germany and elsewhere. Bernstein combined
        Marxist ideology with British pragmatism in a concept which became known
        as “Revisionism.” He considered assimilation the best solution to the
        Jewish problem but Jewish suffering in World War I made him a supporter of Jewish settlement in Palestine and of *Po’alei Zion.
        His non-Jewish colleague August Bebel was also sympathetic to the
        Jewish cause, describing antisemitism as “socialism of the fools,” and,
        while there were antisemites among the German socialists, the party was
        committed to fight against discrimination. By 1912 there were 12 Jews
        among the 100 Social Democrats in the German Parliament. Many other Jews
        were prominent in the party, the majority of them favoring
        assimilation, especially after Karl Kautsky’s book, Race and Judaism, was published in 1914. Most members of the Social Democratic Party were hostile to Zionism, as was the party organ Die Neue Zeit, but the Revisionists showed understanding of the labor Zionist cause and their newspaper Sozialistische Monatshefte, edited by Joseph *Bloch, was pro-Zionist. In Austria, many prominent figures in the Socialist Party were Jews, among them Victor *Adler, Friedrich Adler, Otto *Bauer, Max *Adler, Hugo *Breitner, and William *Ellenbogen. They all supported assimilation and opposed Jewish national aspirations. In particular, Otto Bauer’s work Die Nationalitaetenfrage und die Sozialdemokratie
        (1907), which denied that the Jews were a separate nationality, had
        considerable influence in socialist circles. On the whole, Jewish
        socialists in Austria avoided discussion of the Jewish question and were
        hostile to Zionism, but a notable exception was Julius *Braunthal, who supported the labor Zionist movement.

        the kicker is that in the USA… they helped elect Obama

        and that obama is preaching social justice.

        anyone other than myself remember Father Coughlin? his paper social justice?

        he was called the nazi priest…

        note that all that stuff is PRIOR to hitler and WWI!!!!

        and i have seldomely met jewish people who actually know that history at all…

        but the idea of jews were the first to try to answer the jewish question, like the women quesiton, the race question (which has nothing to do with skin color if you read trotsky whose religious basis wass born as what?)

        trotsky was jewish…

        trotsky coined the term racist and he was refeerring to slavic peoples who did not want to destroy and remove their culture in favor of the soviet one..

        During World War I several Jewish socialists were among the most outspoken critics of the war, among them Rosa *Luxemburg and Hugo *Haase in Germany, Friedrich *Adler in Austria, Julius *Martov and Lev (Leon) *Trotsky from Russia, and Angelica Balabanov in Italy. In the chaotic conditions after World War I,
        Jewish socialists held top cabinet posts in socialist administrations
        in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Russia. Thus Haase and O. *Landsberg joined the German provisional government following the collapse of imperial Germany, Hugo *Preuss
        became minister of the interior in the Weimar Republic, Paul Hirsch
        (1868–1938) was prime minister of Prussia, Kurt Rosenfeld was Prussian
        minister of justice, and Kurt *Eisner was prime minister of “Soviet”
        Bavaria. In Austria, Victor Adler, Otto Bauer – who became foreign
        minister – and Friedrich Adler all played a major part in the Austrian
        revolution of 1918, and following the Hungarian revolution of 1919 Bela *Kun
        became dictator in a “Soviet” Hungarian government containing 14 Jewish
        commissars. In Russia, many Jews held senior posts in the first
        Bolshevik administration and the Communist Party (see *Communism; *Russia).

        do you know this stuff?

      • artfuldgr

        i forgot to add that obama and other groups around the word are social democrats… and that jews of today, vote social democrats into office desptie the left-sds and the skin heads yelling and screaming for their blood in germany last week…

        today, in the USA, its the social democrats in power (menshiviks)

        so, its no wonder that the system that later became hitlerian, and communism, would today dominate the USA and show its anti semite colors to the people who made them possible…

        without all those contributions from all th ose superior thinkers, we would not have all these hateful people targeting cwertain groups for equality, socialism, etc…

        n the British Commonwealth, too, Jews have played an increasingly
        important part in socialist politics. In Canada a number of Jews were
        actively associated with the leadership of the socialist New Democratic
        Party formed in 1961. The most prominent of them was David *Lewis – leader of the parliamentary party. Other Jewish MPs representing the NDP were Max Saltsman (Toronto) and David *Orlikow (Winnipeg).

        remember waht the NDP Was? or SDS? or the LID?
        you have a lot of history to learn…
        the shoa will repeat cause the jewish people have the same ideas and foment the same things that are leading to the same outcome, just as another jewish man named einstein pointed out too.

      • Michael Golde

        Citing statements out of context is what is arrogant. You can’t argue the merits so you resort to Liberal tactics: attack the messenger.

      • Janice Dyer White

        Didn’t recognize this comment. I am as Conservative as Conservative gets. It is my passion and I only regret that I didn’t get involved in politics sooner. I would have loved to do my part in serving my country in any way that I was called upon to do so.

      • artfuldgr

        no… not true micheal… your ignorant… so your particpation in the argument is the failure, not the other… if you knew more and were less arogant and judgmental, then you might learn history of things… but your not, and you wont..

      • AC700

        From: Harold Witkov
        Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 6:17 AM
        To: Stephen Stone
        Subject: article by AJ Castellitto

        Hi Stephen,
        As a long time writer for Renewamerica, and a Jew, I have to tell you how offended I am by the “what jews, Islamists, secularists and CINO’s hate most” title by AJ Castellitto. To classify the millions of people in the Jewish religion, a religion that has been around thousands of years before Christianity came to be,as preoccupied with hating Christ reeks of anti-antisemitism of the lowest kind! The ball is in your court.
        Harold Witkov

        My Response:
        Mr. Witkov must understand that most Jews in this country have been hostile to the Christian heritage, foundations, pride & identity of this country…. Was it not the Jews who attack school prayer in this country? Is it not the Jews who have attacked and often lead the attack against Christian identity in politics and culture? I stand with Jesus against all who are offended by him…..It is only now that they are realizing how wrong they’ve been…. Jews need Jesus on various levels more than they are willing to accept, there are a few like Dennis Prager who support & are not threatened, but are encouraging of Christian values, morals and acknowledgements in this country but most are not…..

        I know first hand by personal experience, I’ve encountered most resistance in my life from Jews. I love them but they are offended by my Savior, bottom-line. Our early-settlers, framers and founders were prominently Christian & our rule of law was founded on Blackstone’s Commentaries…. Blackstone was also a Christian. The separation of power / co-equal branches was conceived by Calvinists. We reject these things at our own peril and we are…..

        Steve, you more than anyone, knows of what I speak….don’t be pressured by some faux anti-semitism claim. We stand by Jews & will protect them but we don’t pretend they are not offended by Jesus! And our loyalty is to Jesus 1st!

    • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

      The article answered your questions.

    • Esteban Rey

      Most American Jews don’t trust right wing Christians because right wing Christians have been persecuting Jews for millenia. Most Jews aren’t all that impressed with your prayers for Israel because they recognize what your hatred of religious minorities leads to.

      • FaithandJustice

        Somebody flew from the Cuckoos nest!

      • Esteban Rey

        That is a powerful argument. You do your fellow wingnuts proud.

      • Esteban Rey is predjudice

        Here’s another person with a chip on his shoulder stigmatizing all of Christianity with a broad brush. And besides, if some set group of people feel they need to be ‘impressed’ when prayed for… that’s more their own problem than the parties trying to assist. Let’s rephrase:
        “The people of Africa are UNIMPRESSED with the Doctor’s Without Borders organization because they recognize what the doctors hatred of their smaller countries leads to.”

        Sounds pretty biased and stupid doesn’t it? Yeah. Speaking in absolutes makes your statement above completely disingenuous, my friend.

      • Esteban Rey

        I missed the part of your analogy where doctors without borders persecuted and murdered vast numbers of African people over a thousand years.

      • Janice Dyer White

        Thank you for this excellent post. I didn’t realize Esteban was a male. However, what you say is true and I admire you for speaking up and telling it like it is.

      • JoyceEarly

        Esteban: English translation Stephen. Didn’t take any high school Spanish?

      • Janice Dyer White

        I don’t care if American Jews aren’t impressed with my prayers. I don’t even tell them I am praying for them. I do it because as Christians we are told to pray for Israel and do so only because our Lord and Savior chose to come into this earth born to a Jewish mother and a Jewish father. and we believe Jewish people are God’s chosen people. I am quite surprised that you would accuse me of hatred. My comments were of behavior that I find unacceptable, but understandable. As you are the editor of this article, you are out of line making comments to those who post such as myself. I don’t care what Esteban Rey thinks because Esteban Rey is more than likely a liberal and a democrat so we would never be on the same page.

      • Esteban Rey

        Janice, your antisemitic comments here show that I was absolutely correct about your hatred and stupidity. If you ever wonder why Jews don’t support conservatives, look in a mirror.

      • Janice Dyer White

        I read that you are a comedian. The biggest joke of all is that you claim you are a Conservative.
        Find another career that suits you like creating hatred between Jews and Christian. You are a real phony and I will put out my information to all my friends to stay away from any of your PERFORMANCES!!

      • Esteban Rey

        I never claimed to be a conservative. Conservatives make my skin crawl.

      • Red Headed Panther

        This guy is a first class clown!

      • juansantiago

        You are confusing nominal Christians (in name only) with those that truly follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ. The former are the majority and their religion is a routine that they were taught, not a true experience/encounter with Jesus. They have often persecuted and burned at the stake the true believers in Christ along with Jews and others. But, as you look back over the ages, Christians have also defended and protected Jews, many times to their peril. Based on the world’s growing anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments at this time, it may be wise to not denigrate the one group that is truly showing their love for Israel in words and deeds. Conservative Christians are the largest pro-Israel group in the world, from my reading, besides the Jews.

    • DilloTank

      Liberal Jews don’t necessary support Israel. Israel did not turn out to be the Marxist utopia they were hoping for. Marx was non-religious Jew, you know?

      • Janice Dyer White

        I didn’t know that so thank you for the information.

  • Jerry Cat

    I have always wondered how and why American Jews act against their own interests by voting for liberals and Marxists. By doing so they may very well create a society with no moral authority and bring upon them their own demise. History is doomed to repeat itself but we can only hope that their eyes have been opened and that they have seen the light or should I say darkness in Obama ‘ s eyes.

    • Noah Rosenblum

      Most people don’t vote, and those who vote, do so for the wrong reason.
      A majority of the people who voted for your friend Obama, were Christians. They didn’t vote for him, but they voted against a Republican candidate, any Republican. This occurred when Ford ran for re-election, the people were so fed up with Nixon and the fact that Ford pardon Nixon pissed the people off, so who did they vote for ? Some unknown peanut brain Christian “Jimmy Cater” America’s worst president.
      When Bush senior ran for re-election, the people were fed up with the Republicans and voted for another unknown candidate from an unknown state (Arkansas), Lover boy Bill Clinton.
      You need to read a lot to raise your IQ.

      • Tony Sofio

        Noah…you can reason it out in your mind however you want, but the FACT is that most Jews in this country are Liberal left. We don’t really need to hear excuses why they are. The bottom line is this hurts the country. Unless of course you think Obama is good for this country, or Israel for that matter.

      • Noah Rosenblum

        Tony, I didn’t know you are the authority for why Jews vote a certain way, what about Catholics ? Protestants ? Muslims ?
        Obama should be deported back to where he was born !!
        A majority of voters don’t vote for the better candidate, they vote against one. Most people I spoke with (non jews), didn’t know who Obama was or what he did, I had to explain to them, intact they bashed G. Bush although he wasn’t running.
        Jews are known to be a bit leftists, but not enough to make Obama the president.
        So ask yourself why did the majority vote for an unknown Muslim ?
        You are 100% correct that Obama is the worst president, and we’ll will pay for it in the next few decades.

      • Guest

        “A majority of the people who voted for your friend Obama, were Christians.”


        Not born again Evangelical Christians which are really the ONLY kind.
        And, not if you control for Black voters (who went for Barack in the 90% range – Christian or not.)

      • BobM001

        The “black” voters voted for BHO not on his “ability to lead”, but just BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK! THAT is “RACIST”!

      • Jennifer Jolly Joy

        Yes it is racist to vote for someone because of their skin color but they did!

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        And that makes them doubly stupid cause he isn’t black! He’s more white and Arabian than black! Of course you will never get him to admit it. He hates his white side! We still have NEVER had a BLACK president!!

      • Brian Lewis

        You are wrong when you call them Christians. To be a Christian you MUST be a FOLLOWER of Jesus. He said many would claim to be but as they did to other they have done to Him and he told them to DEPART and he didn’t know them. If you support ones who kill every baby they can and issues that God called abomination then you will hear Jesus tell you ti depart. He said He is the straight gate to get in and then there is a NARROW WAY to walk after you go through the gate . Stop calling everyone a Christian who claims to be one and the same with Jews. Just because theyare a Jew on the outside does not make them one one the inside. For many the only Unreal they care about is New York and the only God is their $. Many who claim to be Christian re the same. God says he will bless those who bless the true Jews and curse those who curse them.

      • John Graybeal


      • Noah Rosenblum

        Sorry Charlie, I just spoke to GOD, and he said that you’re are wrong.

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        You should remember that God IS there, and is listening to every word you say. And he remembers that you said it!

      • Noah Rosenblum

        Are you with Homeland security ?
        GOD has better things to do than to bother with my minute comment.
        People use GOD’s word far too much, it’s absolutely a blasphemy.
        We were intended to grow up and walk on our own, well balanced, and not depended on props.

      • juansantiago

        The Bible is clear that God is concerned with every intimate detail of our lives (and he is never too busy) and that every hair on our head is numbered. He sees every sparrow that falls to the ground. He knows every thought of your heart and loves you and I nonetheless.

      • John Graybeal

        Those who voted for Obama the first time may have a pass, even though anyone with any discernment at all could have seen the “writing on the wall”. However, those voting for him the second time can call themselves anything they want, but Christian is not one of those those things. A Christian would never put skin color of a man above their faith. They would never vote for anit-Christian, anit-Bible policies, and God gives the Christian a sense of discernment for what is right and what is wrong. The current Democratic Party of today is not that of even 30 years ago. Yet those professing a Christian faith still support this evil party. The Bible teaches that in the end time “they” will call EVIL-GOOD and GOOD-EVIL.

      • Noah Rosenblum

        The point is that most people (Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, etc.) vote for the wrong reasons.
        Tall candidate, thin, good speaker, makeup
        38% vote against a candidate

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        I am very proud to say that I am a Christian! I would have voted for Porky Pig if it was either him or Obama. Both times! Obama is Muslim and I understood that from before he moved into the White House. The last thing we need to lead the country is a radical Muslim, but that’s what we have. And you are all right about one thing. I will vote for anyone to vote against Obama or anyone he is backing for the job of President. Because more of his type of leadership, (which is basically none!) is the LAST thing we need in the future!

      • nativam

        Reading doesn’t raise your IQ. You either have it or you don’t. The good news is, you don’t have to have a high IQ like some liberal professors or environmental scientists to know the truth and to succeed in life.

      • Tom Thumb

        there is a difference between being smart and being educated, the educated are brainwashed.

      • Noah Rosenblum

        it’s called common sense.

        I wil be selling “common Sense” packages next year

      • joe1234x

        So, if you educate a smart person, they will be stupid enough to allow themselves to be brainwashed? I agree smart and educated are largely unrelated, but they are not mutually exclusive.

      • rudimentalist .

        It is interesting to note that many believe liberal profs and environmental scientists are intelligent. Well, perhaps to a degree, but intelligence is more than being able to score on the right hand side of a Stanford Binet bell curve. One must also be able to use wisdom, with the knowledge they possess, to show that they have true understanding. Personally, I don’t see this in most liberals, including professors.

      • John Graybeal

        Very well stated. BTW i did not think one Bachelor of Science degree was enough so I earned two! I was raised in SW Virginia in a very poor household, my dad would have never taken a dime from the government. He had 8 children, the government had nothing to do with it!! Now they are trying with great success to create a dependent society, this will work until those who supply the funds LEAVE the country!

      • MR

        Well said rudi.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        A little old thing called common sense goes a long way & the majority of liberals & progressives are severely lacking in any form of common sense. The majority of the anti-gun crowd are either liberal or progressive, but think one more gun control law will make criminals or the mentally ill obey the new law. This is idiocy, not common sense as criminals always ignore laws, new or old, as they don’t care & ignore all of them. Thinking just one more will make them law abiding citizens is fantasy.

      • Noah Rosenblum

        If you raise your IQ it won’t kill you, and reading might help

      • David Akers

        Obama is now the worst president ever, surpassing even Jimmy Carter.

    • Guest

      Your “moral authority” has promoted the persecution and mass murder of jews for many millenia. Hitler hated liberals and marxists almost as much as you guys do.

      • Xian_Do

        Get a clue, “guest”.
        Hitler WAS a Liberal and a Marxist.
        The reason he killed so many other liberals & Marxists was for the same reason male lions kill younger male lions:
        To take out the competition.

      • Esteban Rey

        Hitler on Marxism:

        “The Jewish doctrine of Marxism reject the aristocratic principle of nature,and replaces the eternal privilege of power by mass numbers and there dead weight. Marxism denies the personality of man, His nationality and race,and withdrawn from humanity premise of existence and it’s culture.”

        Hitler on Liberalism:

        “Liberalism is a disease of the mind that weakens and corrupts human beings.”

        Sounds just like one of you guys.

      • Xian_Do

        Hated Jews.
        Advocated government-run health care, gun control, and eugenics programs.
        Believed black people were inferior to white people.
        Pushed for a 100% total socialist nation.

        You may claim he sounds like us…but talk is cheap.
        He ACTED just like you guys.

      • Esteban Rey

        Actually, Hitler privatized public services, relaxed guns laws which had been very strict in the Weimar republic, and government run health insurance in Germany predated WWI.

        I don’t believe in eugenics or the inferiority of any race of people. That is you guys. Just read a right wing blog sometime and the naked racism is more than evident.

        Hitler talked like you guys and acted like you guys because he was one of you guys.

      • Mike Smithy

        You are a delusional low information voter and typical Demoncrat. Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

    • Esteban Rey

      Your “moral authority” promoted the persecution and mass murder of Jews for many centuries. Hitler hated liberals and marxists and Jews.

      • Xian_Do

        Hitler and The National Socialist German Workers Party had FAR more in common with left-wing Socialists for centuries…and with today’s Democrat Party…than he ever did with Christians, Esteban.

        You are a shining example of Ronald Reagan’s famous quote that it’s not that you are ignorant, but that you know so much that isn’t so.

      • Esteban Rey

        This is the same big lie repeated once again. Right wing people and corporations supported Hitler, and socialists fought him.

        Socialists in Spain fought him. The French resistance were mostly socialists. The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising were mostly socialists. You should read some quotes from Hitler on Liberalism. He hated liberals as much as you do.

        But right wingers in the German military and in the old nobility loved Hitler. Right wing tycoons like Henry Ford and the Dupont family loved Hitler. IBM, Daimler-Benz, IG-Farben, Bayer…the lists of corporations that supported Hitler is as long as your arm.

        And people outside of the right wing bubble know this. You can still see it today in Europe. The Golden Dawn in Greece is a full on fascist party, right down to the salute. Socialists fight them in the street.

        Your hate for religious and ethnic minorities is the same. Your holier-than thou piety is the same. Your militarism is the same. And your propensity for lying is also the same.

      • Xian_Do

        Here, ladies & gentlemen, we have a textbook example of the concept of “Psychological Projection”…
        …where a subject tries desperately to deny their own psychological failings by accusing others of having them.

        Coincidentally, the same subject is a stellar example of Ronald Reagan’s famous quote about how liberals aren’t unintelligent…they just believe a great many things that aren’t true.

      • Esteban Rey

        Here, ladies and gentlemen, we see Xian Do unable to refute a single piece of information presented, and instead resorting to insults in lieu of an argument.

      • Mike Smithy

        They were left-wing socialists. Yes, the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, otherwise known as the Nazi Party, was indeed socialist, and it had a lot in common with the modern left. Hitler preached class warfare, agitating the working class to resist “exploitation” by capitalists — particularly Jewish capitalists, of course. Their program called for the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, and other major industries. They instituted and vigorously enforced a strict gun control regimen. They encouraged pornography, illegitimacy, and abortion, and they denounced Christians as right-wing fanatics. Yet a popular myth persists that the Nazis themselves were right-wing extremists.

  • Avesta

    I think that it is important to note, and call attention to, the fact that it is mainly out of fear that most Jews vote Democrat. Fear of persecution, fear of rejection, fear of pain and suffering, a repeat of past atrocities. However, this fear can and will lead to the very persecution that Jews fear so deeply. The phrase “al tira”, or “fear not”, is one of the most oft-repeated commandments, from God, to every Jew who has every experienced great hardships and strife. Sometimes merely a whisper, sometimes a shout, that divine commandment, “al tira” reverberates throughout Jewish history, and was delivered to every Prophet in God’s divine message of hope, “Fear not, for I am with you. Do not be frightened, for I am your God” (Isaiah 41:10).

    We all are aware that fear is part of human existence, and understand that only a fool is without fear when the danger is obviously real. Soccumbing to fear, however, is also foolish…and dangerous. We must all somehow hear God’s urging “al tira” and act in spite of our fears. As big and powerful as our fears may be, God is bigger still. While it may sometimes only be just a whisper, other times a shout, the Divine command, “al tir’u,” echoes and reverberates throughout Jewish history, urging the Jewish people onward, come what may. Voting for those who have no faith, out of fear is a direct violation of God’s commandments, especially when you consider that the only fear God encourages is ‘yirat Adonai’, or ‘fear of God.’ Often translated more softly as ‘reverence’ or ‘awe,’ ‘yirat Adonai’ is a distinct mitzvah intended to put all other fears into perspective.

    If Jews continue to vote Democrat, a danger that is already present will not only be allowed but encouraged to grow. We have seen an anti-semetic theme in all actions recently taken by the current Democrat administration. They have no faith, they do not fear God, they do not fear evil. As such they cannot allow God into their hearts or protect their hearts from evil. They cannot be trusted, and should be regarded with great care by all Jews.

    • Noah Rosenblum

      America’s biggest threat is Islam, you need to study the Quran if you want to survive.
      It’s the fastest growing population, and as an Infidel, you will not be tolerated.
      Don’t thick so, visit Buffalo, Michigan, Toledo, etc. etc. Never mind many countries in Europe.

      • AnotherDan

        I’ve been through Dearborn MI many many many many times. In fact I go to a restaurant on a street that looks like a street from Baghdad, often. NEVER had an issue. There are also HIGHLY concentrated Christian and Jewish communities that are near by and NEVER a problem.

        Don’t believe your hype.

      • Bill Wood

        You don’t have to believe it for it to be true…. and it is.

      • Avesta

        Noah, America’s biggest threat is not Islam. Islam has been around for thousands of years and has presented a threat to every civilized population since it’s inception. That is a fact of life, and will not every change. America’s most dire threat is not that which has been around for thousands of years, but large groups of people with “progressive” or “tolerant” mindsets who misunderstand the meanings of those two words and the philosophies behind them and allow that threat to take root in America and grow, and flourish.

        Islam is no different from any other ideological threat that this great nation has faced in the past. It is similar to socialism, communism, fascism, or any other extreme philosophy that conflicts with our own. The people who follow all of the aforementioned will scheme, plot, kill, destroy, and ruin, in order to achieve their goal of the “perfect world”, and people who support them our of either “tolerance” or fear allow them to do even greater harm.

        What that all boils down to is this: America’s greatest threat is fear, compounded by ignorance. Once we, as a nation, can overcome fear, we will no longer be victim to this or any other threat.

      • Mike Rieker

        And it is not liberal Christians who support Islam and have brought you Buffalo, Detroit and Toronto and London.
        It’s time you embrace Christians as your friends or you’ll lose their support.
        That’s the bottom line.

  • Noah Rosenblum

    Really ?
    I didn’t know that and I am JEWISH.
    Do all Christians love to go on crusades and slaughter all Muslims & Jews ?
    It’s fun to generalize.

    How do you explain or categorize Obama ? Harry Reid Pelosi, Biden ???

    As a Republican, I need to remind all of the Religious zealots out there: that our founding fathers were extremely smart when they separated Church & State.
    What would you do when Islam is the predominate religion here in the US, Where infidels aren;t tolerated.
    Study the Quran ? Change the Constitution ?

    Look at what is occurring in Turkey, the only Muslim country in the world, where a century ago their constitution separated Mosque & State, and the current dictator Erdogan is eroding their constitution taking the country into the 9th century Islamic Abyss.

    Religion needs to remain in the various house of workshop, if religion is mixed in politics, it will be another catalyst for political rifts.

    The real question should be;:

    How did Barak H Obama get elected in the first place.

    Sayet, you should stick to stand up comedy, and away from topics you know nothing about like religion, any religion.


      The “separation of church and state” is NOT in any founding document, nor was it ever espoused by any of our Founders! Not ever. Quiet the opposite is true! The writings and spoken word of the great men involved in the construction of our Bill of Rights and Constitution clearly recognize The Creator as the giver of rights, and His guidance as they set about forming our new nation. With respect to “state run” religion, they were adamant the state would not create or preside over a government sponsored religion. There is a profound difference A tad bit of research will reveal the accurate history of America.

      • RexRyan

        Now you’ve done it, confusing Rosenblum with the facts. We have no founding document separating church and state.

  • goldsage

    This same theory is why Romney lost. It seems Evangelicals did not want a Mormon, but instead the re-installed a godless puppet whose actions are always opposite to what Americans really want and need.

    • BobM001


  • helen willis

    That is some seriously flawed thinking.

  • John SP

    They are good with money and stupid with politics.

  • Lee

    I don’t understand why Jews vote for the Democrats, but it’s not for the reason stated in this article. They do the same in Canada and none of our political parties bring religion into politics at all.

  • Jack Buckmeir

    doesn’t explain the stupidity of it

  • Jack Buckmeir

    So, in other words. the Jews gave the world Hitler.

  • mzungu

    All that and not one reference to their history of foolishness recorded in the Bible. The story of man is foolishness and wrong headed thinking. These are God’s chosen people and Jesus was a Jew. One of Jesus apostles was a convinced Pharisee who ‘graduated to freedom from sin by way of sacrifice to freedom from sin through grace and the power of God to forgive sins through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. There are Messianic Synagogues everywhere and their members I will sing with in Heaven one day.

    So without further ado here is the recorded history of Jew foolishness. Keep in mind the rest of the world, the gentile nations, are worse! The gentile nations had to be worse in order to enslave the Jews.
    Genesis story of Abraham, Exodus, Chronicles, book of Ezekiel and Nehemiah. Books of Matthew and Acts.

    As Mark Levin said the other day on the radio “I despise self-hating Jews.”

  • MsgtGdubb

    I can’t help but believe Jews in America don’t give their homeland a second thought. If they did they could not possibly vote for our Jew hating pres.

  • Bert

    The creation of Israel after the war was a bad idea. It’s not rational. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

  • Sherrie Anne Skaggs

    I am Jewish and always vote for the Republicans

  • Michael Metrick

    Simplistic and assuming. Here is a much better explanation…

  • Jane Glaser Lellman

    I grew up in a church that taught that as Christians treated the Jews, so would God treat the Christians…..

  • Larry Sheldon

    [On my way here I realized that I had not read the whole article carefully and that some of what I mention has been discussed. But I think some holes in the explanation remain.]

    I’ve seen this twice lately (from different authors with slightly
    differing wordings regarding Democrats) and I have some questions.One
    version says “because the Democrats don’t believe in anything” the
    other “because the Democrats are atheists” (errors in exact quotation
    are mine–I did not check them–if I didn’t miss the sense, don’t bother
    point it out).

    From here on I’m guessing, so fire away, I am prepared to learn.

    I would be very surprised to learn that the “average” Joe Sixpack, Democrat is not a Roman Catholic.

    would also be very surprised to learn that until fairly recent times
    the Roman Catholic Church was not dogmatically antisemitic.

    lastly, I can only name two at this hour* for sure and a few additional
    “probables”, but It would be interesting the a fell for how many
    active, practicing Christians are actively pro-Israel.

    Beck (and his entourage to the “probable” column) and me and a few of
    mine. (It is interesting to note the number of my Facebook “Friends”
    are or appear to be Mormons on the one hand, and are or appear to be
    Jewish on the other, and both compared to the number who are or appear
    to be Christians.)

  • Tony Sofio

    I could never understand this myself. I think it is a combination of the reason above and the fact that a lot of Jews are just so far to the left that they are blinded by who really supports Israel. Sad.

  • Sam

    Jews need to understand that the Christians of the middle ages did not read the Bible. The Bible in print simply did not exist yet and most people couldn’t read even if the Bible was available to them. Most Christians were not Bible scholars. The teachings of the church was the realm of priests. Kings and politics had way too much influence in the church at the time. It was so bad that there was a rebellion in the church. The reformation and the protestant churches were the result of that rebellion. After that period or at the same time, printing presses made it possible to print Bibles. Many people learned to read for no other reason than to read the word of God for themselves. The people who founded this country were surprisingly literate—so they could read the Bible. It is a shame to blame modern American Christians for the ignorance and corruption in the church during the middle ages. The people who founded this country had experienced persecution because of their faith, too. I don’t know about other states, but the colony of Georgia welcomed Jews. The first ship of Jews who came to Georgia included a doctor and he came during a serious fever outbreak. He and all the Jews who followed to the Georgia colony were very welcome. Maybe these northern Jews who came much later need to talk to Savannah Jews. The “Bible belt” is not and never has been hostile to Jews. Well, they probably haven’t suffered anymore than farmers, so called “rednecks” have suffered. Some things have been understood that outsiders who aren’t religious at all might misunderstand. It’s understood that neither Jews or Christians want their children marrying outside their own religion. I don’t know of Christians or Jews trying to evangelize the other. Jews don’t evangelize and Christians in my family consider the Jews to have a different relationship to God—one defined under “the law” not through the “blood of Jesus” or simply from “grace”. We think the Jews have taken the very very hard route, but….they are God’s chosen people. This “gift” was offered to them but they turned it down for the most part. Thank you very much. You don’t want it? WE do. Again, thank you to the religious Jews of old for their part in it.

    • “Christians in my family consider the Jews to have a different relationship to God—one defined under “the law” not through the “blood of Jesus” or simply from “grace”.

      Well, that’s false doctrine.

      Have you family look up that “No other name under heaven…” passage at the next Reunion.

      • Sam

        Do you really think God is through with his “chosen people” who were chosen before the foundations of the earth were laid? I’m talking about religious Jews, not those who have rejected God completely and are fully secular. Do you really think these people suffered for their religion, laid the foundations for Christianity, then coughed up Jesus for the benefit of the rest of us, only to be damned? Why does Israel figure in the last days according to the Bible? The Bible does say that only a remnant of Israel will be saved in the last days. If churches truly believe Jews are condemned for not recognizing Jesus, they certainly are not trying very hard to convert them. Religious Jews are still under the law and it is the law that will condemn them if any condemning takes place. The apostles talked of “the law” as a “yoke” that they were happy to be free of. They considered those who failed to recognize Jesus as remaining in bondage and wearing a heavy yoke. Jesus himself said his yoke was light.

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    What sad and convoluted thinking! I know Christ was a Jew. I see Judaism as the faith and building block that Christianity was built on.

    • Guest

      It doesn’t matter what you think. It matters what THEY think. At least if you are trying to understand the politics. Christ is a title. To say “Christ was a Jew” is wrong on two fronts. Jesus IS a Jew. There. Fixed them both for you.

  • Ralph Del Aguila

    This is the clearest most lucid explanation I’ve ever read of this most perplexing issue regarding this otherwise brilliant charitable thoughtful people.One point is missed or espoused tangentially the underlying destructive weakness of Progressiveism generally is it’s acceptance and embracing of Moral Relativism the most destructive force ever unleashed by the Ungodly .If there are no Godly absolutes then any criminal insanity is permissible and should be tolerated hence the evil triumvirate Nazism,Communism and Religious Radicalism are possible to such thinkers.

  • Sam

    An interesting point was made during a discussion of this subject recently. Someone pointed out that recent Jewish immigrants came from countries where socialism and communism were accepted. These immigrants were not religious Jews for the most part and saw their persecution as hatred of their ethnicity which was ancient, based on religion, and not the result of a bad government system. They brought their admiration of socialism and communism with them. Their disinterest in religion makes it unlikely they will understand that American Christians view Jews as “God’s chosen people”.

  • Denise

    I disagree with your premise. The neoconservative movement grew out of a Zionist scheme to ” spread Democracy in the Middle East.” The reason that most Jews vote Democrat is that they know that this idea is not going to work because Arab countries will never accept Democracy.

    • Sam

      So a Jewish based scheme is trying to spread Democracy in the middle east but the Jews don’t think it is a good idea and won’t work? And that’s why they vote Democrat? Huh?

      • Denise

        Not all Jews are Zionist.

      • Denise

        Most Jews are not Zionists.

  • Lammy

    One thing they don’t teach in history schools is when the Nazis began to take over Germany, Hitler and his propaganda chief Goebbels spent a few years weeding out Christians by arresting clerics, nuns, etc. on trumped up charges of “immorality”. They saw Christianity as a symbol of decay. They censored the Christian press. As a result, Christians were so badly beaten down there were few of them to stand up for the Jews. Although some DID manage to stand up for them, for better or worse, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Corrie Ten Bloom. If Jews actually paid attention to RECENT history instead of the distant inquisitions of the Middle Ages, they’d know that Christians are their closest allies.

  • MR

    Orthodox Jew communities vote Republican. They understand that the Republicans with their strong Christian base are closer aligned to their own beliefs. Secular jews I’ve always thought blindly followed the Dems because most intially settled in urban areas, often in ghetto communities which were Dem strongholds. Secular Jews seem to put their faith or identify as a jew in the back seat. It seems they often focus more on secular persuits.This in my mind aligns them more with Democrats. As a Christian I don’t understand how secular American Jews can turn their back on Israel. I’m a Christian and I have donated money to support Israel. Israel is the country most like America as far as values and ideals. If Israel goes down America will be the next target. I wonder if secular Jews are more concerned with their own power grab within America than they are their own Jewish faith, otherwise why are they not outraged? Its sad becuase as the aurthor states by doing that they are diminshing their opportunity for self preservation, but maybe that isnt all that important to them. They don’t seem to recognize the freedoms and securities they enjoy here in America as unique. I’m not a scholar on the subject but thats just my observation.

  • ThinkAgain

    if Jews think that religious people become zealots, shouldn’t they believe that the inverse is also true that those who believe in nothing should fear the Jews being zealots and therefore tend to think that they should be eliminated also because they would be the one remaining group of faith in a group of non-faith ? It seems a paradox to me for them to believe that they are safer with those who believe nothing.why would people who choose to believe nothing not necessarily fear those Jews who believe strongly?

  • Jeff_in_Atlanta

    The modern Democrat party is a collection of victims; a collection of the downtrodden who believe that their failures or disadvantages in life are because someone else abused them. Blacks blame their lot on whites; environmentalists on evil corporations who pollute; unions on “the man” who won’t pay them for what they’re worth; the ignorant on the educated; academia on those who used their education to make a living in business; teachers on those who won’t pay them for their education;… Jews fit right into this frame–those who want government to give them what they couldn’t or didn’t achieve on their own.

  • johngaltspeak

    I have wondered for decades why Jews vote for the very entity that has persecuted them for centuries. Every persecution was by a powerful political entity, from every European Lord to Russian Tsars. Voting for ever more government in this country is on the verge of being suicidal. A Jewish friend, when I asked her this question, responded: “Jewish mothers.” A big part of Jewish culture is a form of guilt passed on through the mothers. Big government and its programs seem to assuage this guilt.

    • Heiliger Lakewooder

      >Every persecution…

      Not quite. Some were, some weren’t. In some cases, (Chmielnicki, the Crusades in some jurisdictions) the driving force was the rabble, the mob, while the politically powerful attempted to maintain order.

      In general, Jews tend to fear strong Nationalism, whether of the Left or the Right, for obvious reasons.

  • Semperfi2355

    I don’t agree with this. I believe that many (otherwise normal) people, Jews included, vote Democratic based largely on how their parents voted, which is based largely on how their parents voted. They were raised this way, and find it difficult to repudiate and turn their backs on their upbringing and family values. What they fail to understand is that the Democrat Party that their grandparents and parents voted for no longer exists, if it ever did. The real or imagined caring for the underclass and disadvantaged that FDR, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson so effectively communicated has been replaced not by a temporary helping hand to get back on your feet but a permanent hand-out and incentive killing welfare. Look at what welfare did to the black family, which paralleled the statistics of white families until libs decided to reward illegitimacy. That rate soared, and so did drop-outs,arrests, incarceration, all linked directly to single parent homes. To summarize – people tend to vote for the traditions they were comfortably raised on, rather than by critical thinking.

    • VL123

      then you are saying people are dumber than we think!

  • Sarahistheone

    The left is also obsessed with abortion. They love abortion! The Jewish people are pro-choice
    with a vengeance. I don’t understand. The left can not admit abortion is murder! But they are always talking about the “children.”

    • Not only don’t they see it as “murder,” the Modern Liberal — the dominant ideology in the Democratic party and throughout so much of the popular culture they control don’t even believe it’s the slightest bit wrong.

    • blackstarESP

      As a leftist I think abortion is utterly repulsive and evil. Unfortunately, part of free will is the freedom to make choices that are both good and bad. The abortion situation is between God and person who must answer for his/her actions. And I do agree, abortion is murder. It’s important to not lump all “liberal” into the same category.

  • Gee Marie

    I KNEW IT!!!

  • VL123

    Modern leftist Jews and the left are minions of Satan. Everything that is Christian, the leftist Jew is against. But there’s plenty of good Jews out there…not on the left though.

  • Robert Wilson

    well it figures, a jewish mob wanted Christ crucified. it is bizaar though, because Christians in the USA are the most supportive of Israel. the democrat voting Jews that I know do so because they side with the mob that wanted Christ crucified.

  • Janice Dyer White

    Several years ago, a good Jewish friend of mine kept insisting that I go to Torah study with her on Saturdays. Because she was suffering from a terminal illness and also had asked me to pray for her (she came to me first as a Christian to pray for her not her Jewish friends) I went but explained only for a history lesson. This took place in San Diego, CA. The women were very friendly, but the men with the exception of one man who was married to a Christian ignored me as though I wasn’t present. However, the second week I attended the Rabbi got on a roll regarding a passage in Scripture (I regret I cannot remember the Scripture verse) and said “this is the only reason Christians pray for Jews,” He said it was only out of fear. I tried to explain that my Christian friends pray for them because they are God’s chosen people. Well he went into a mini rage and said, “Jesus Christ never lived.” This was a liberal temple. I never said anything more because I was in the wrong speaking up, I was a guest. I definitely agree with your comment. He also said that when they die, there is no life afterwards….that is it! I told my friend that I didn’t want to upset anyone and to ask the Rabbi if he would prefer I didn’t attend. She asked him and he said, “I like Janice, but I don’t want her converting our people.” I attended for another year, but had my fill after some time. I purchased a Torah book commentary written by one of their members. It is well written and very informative on the first five books of the Old Testament. There are probably many reasons why they go Democrat, and yours is definitely one. I told the Rabbi that we don’t fear anything because we have a Savior and we know that we will have a new life for eternity when God decides to take us home. I will say everyone listened to me very carefully to me and even the majority spoke when the Rabbi wasn’t present that he should apologize to me for his behavior They rebel against our beliefs and therefore go against us . It is like people not voting for Romney because he is a Mormon. I vote for the persons ability, experience, and character. I regret that doesn’t seem important to many Americans.

  • Stop Statism

    Historically the Jews have been abused tremendously and unfairly by governments. One would think that the Jewish people would be the biggest libertarians and advocates of small government. But so many put total faith in big government, forgetting that it was tyrants and repressive governments that committed atrocities. Is it some kind of dissonance that does not connect the dots? Why would any genuine Christian be antisemite, when the writers of the Old, New Testaments were all Jewish?

  • T Anne

    The Christian is taught (by the Bible) to pray for the peace of Jerusalem…….Many Christian presidents have seen to it that their country is armed in defense ……..and I think that a lot of Jewish folks are friends with Christians…..but there will be until the LAST DAY that stiff necked Jew that does not believe there is a God….that will faint at the sight of Jesus coming to their rescue…….

  • dstudie

    It’s even simpler than that. American Jews have a massive self loathing issue and an overwhelming need to be punished for it. That’s why they vote Demoncrap.

  • David Akers

    Amen. Any Jewish person who votes for a Democrat is saying it’s alright for America to abandon Israel and that they are ok with Israel being wiped from the earth. That is what the Democrats stand for.. Nothing. Uncaring. Self-absorbed. Petty. Cowards.

  • Colleen McElyea Cavin

    Interesting comments. I have found it is usually conservative Christians who support Jews and Israel.

  • ptmurphy

    “Secondly, he is wrong about Christians
    being antagonistic to Judaism. Yes, in the past – in the Old World –
    Christians saw Jews as an a different religion, one that, if adopted by
    their children would see them denied eternal life. But American
    Christianity is different.”

    So 4 or fewer centuries of Christianity in North America got it correct, but 17 centuries through the Europe got it wrong?

    “Different” = “heretical” ?

    PS. what does the Talmud say about Jesus?

  • alan

    Thiss is bull crap and comes from the mind of a living rock. the reason Jews vote Democrat is because after World War one the Eastern European Jews that came to this country after World War one came from socialist states they believe in socialism they didn’t leave because of socialism they left because of persecution and they brought their socialism with them. it is not religious its political beliefs

    • suqsid4

      The politics are likely affected by the religious network.

  • alan

    I am an old school jew and love Christians and jesus

  • alan

    It is just the people that came after we that are screwed up and if you look into it you will see thT

  • Gary Wofford

    I don’t buy most of what was printed, the rationale is too twisted to follow. However, it at least attempts to explain to this Libertarian, things that seem impossible to me. I know no one of the Jewish faith, so there is no “conversation” available. The voting for the party that wants to abolish private possession of firearms is insane. The Holocaust would be reason enough to assure I would vote for the opposite party. I never understood why many Jews refused to fight the Nazis until I read the book by Frank Blaichman; “Rather Die Fighting”. He simply stated that he felt God would not stop the Nazis, which most other Jews thought would happen. This is my take from his book, which I really enjoyed reading. Mr. Blaichman’s spirit is alive in Israel now, I pray God will protect them and destroy their enemies.

    • suqsid4

      “Rather Die Fighting”. Thanks for the reference.

  • shatto

    Interesting perspective.
    Better than thinking all Jews are imbeciles.

  • spintreebob

    The article is lacking. Consider 4 kinds of Republicans. 1) Neo-Cons. By coincidence many of them are Jewish. Israel and Jewishness is their center. 2) Religious conservatives, the Pat Robertsons/Billy Graham followers. They are more pro-Jewish than anyone in the country 3)

  • JP

    It is written that the west will turn their back on the Jews. When we do you will want to be saved!

  • Ronald C Moore

    The communists believe in nothing and murdered hundreds of millions of their own people. Christians have traditionally supported Israel. I wonder how Jewish Democrat voters feel about the current administration giving financial aid to Hamas via the Palestinian Authority? Sounds like a false premise to me.

  • jprice

    Great article but I think it should address, what I feel, is the heart of the issue. Jews don’t believe that Jesus is the Messiah. If they aligned themselves w “Christians” they might, might come to be a Judea – Christian…A Jew that believes Jesus is the Messiah. That would break with “tradition”. If they only have two choices, non – Christian might be the safer choice in their mind. Their mind, not mine. I have high regard for the Jews and feel sad for them and the Arabs (remember Hagar – born in the natural way not of God’s promise. That’s another discussion)..

  • laura r

    its no longer youre grandfathers democratic party. old habits die hard. some of the socialism was a good thing. no one knew what was coming down the pike, especially w/the really older jewish people. i need to re read this artical & think it through. interesting to note, so many jews are anti israel as well.

  • Guest

    Perfect! I’ve never thought about the issue from that perspective. I’ve wondered aloud why Jews are primarily Democrats, but now I understand why. I was active in a protestant church and have never heard Jew-hatred spoken anywhere; only understanding, support and loyalty for Jews around the world. TY Evan –

    • As I wrote, Jew-hatred may be EPISODIC from today’s Right, but it is ENDEMIC to all Leftist ideologies from National Socialism to Communism to what I’ve dubbed INTERNATIONAL Socialism of Barack Obama et al.

  • AlanABQ

    For a long time now I’ve thought it was kind of like a community-wide form of Stockholm Syndrome. Watching them act this way in America has been like living next door to woman in an abusive relationship; she blames herself, she thinks she needs to do more to appease her abuser, and she directs her anger towards anyone else who tries to intervene on her behalf.
    And it just seems so odd that so many Jews would remain democrats for so long, given the fact that Robert C. Byrd – one of the most verbose senators and the longest sitting senator to date – was a former member of the KKK, yet there almost no mention of that in the media for FIVE DECADES. But try mentioning that to them; see if they don’t act like they don’t know what you’re talking about or, even worse, actually defend him!

  • Ronald Pence

    only the Christians believe Gen 12:3 ITs not unusual for Jewish people to turn from God. Dont they know that Christians worship a Jewish Jesus? Hard to understand…….Maybe They will get it together. Maybe the liberals support of Hamas will open their eyes unless the superglue has them shut forever.

    • blackstarESP

      I’m a liberal and will never stop supporting Israel.

      • Well, I propose to you that you might be a liberal but that you aren’t a LIBERAL. The same “thinking” that leads what I call the Modern Liberals to so hate the Jews of Israel underpins all the rest of their policies as well. You should look into — rather than take the media’s word — what conservatives REALLY believe (go to a conservative meeting). You’ll be surprised. Lower case “l” liberal values reside on the Right. The Left believes in nothing (or what I call “indiscriminateness.”)

        Please watch the talk I gave to the Heritage Foundation in 2007 which is now, by far, the most viewed talk in their history. You can find it by clicking on my homepage and then clicking on, I think, the FIFTH slide — the one with me before the HF backdrop.

        If you do, please let me know your thoughts.

      • blackstarESP

        Hi Evan, I will do just that. I’m curious to hear the talk and will return with my thoughts. Thanks.

  • John Graybeal

    Surprising that the Jews are so “narrow” minded.

    • A couple of holocausts and inquisitions will do that to a people.

  • Janice Dyer White

    I believe this issue is too sensitive to discuss. As we know many wars have been started because of religion. Those of us who are believers, study the Word of God and are taught in different denominations have some areas where there are differences. However, we know the way to be saved, but we should not be critical about those who do not believe or do not think as we do. We are suppose to be evangelizers, not criticizers. So as it goes with my posts, they are my beliefs, and I would prefer if comments to me come to an end. I believe with all the hate and division we are now seeing and hearing in our own country needs our attention through prayer and action.

    • And in the Twentieth Century — the most bloodiest and most murderous century in human history — wars were fought by those WITHOUT religion (Nazism and Communism.) It’s not RELIGION that causes war and, in fact, on the planet today, literally every single war is Islam trying to exterminate some other peoples. Judaism and Christianity in the world today want nothing but peace.

  • John Trapp

    Who ever said Democrats believe in nothing? Are you kidding me? Communism, ever hear of that? You know, the political system responsible for 100 million plus deaths in the past 80 years, over 4 times the amount of people the Nazis killed. Democrats absolutely and completely worship it! What do you think they are CONSTANTLY trying to push on the public? The top people in the Democrat party are ALL communists, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, Harry Reid, all of them are BLATANT hardcore commies, there is absolutely no argument there. And how about “Islamo-Nazism” ever hear of that? Obama not only has been arming Islamo-Nazis, he also defends them! He just released 5 top Taliban commanders in exchange for a traitor for crying out loud! How much more blatant can you get than that? Jews don’t know that? Do they honestly think he likes Jews? Supports Israel? LOL!

    • Find the Truth

      Is that you Allen West? Still pushing that crazy conspiracy even after you got thrown out of office???

  • blackstarESP

    I’m a Christian and also a Democrat. Anyone who reads his Bible knows that Republicans practice anything BUT the Christian faith. They’re the very people Christ, and well, the entire New Testament spoke against.

  • Janice Dyer White

    Once again for those who keep sending me comments about being born again, I repeat. Nicodemus was not a believer, therefore the Lord told him what he had to do to be saved. I have always been a believer, I was baptized as an infant and immersed as an adult. I only decided on adult baptism because it was my decision instead of my parents, and I believe in immersion. There were no other reasons
    I believe hearing and believing gives one the right to become a child of God
    I believe one must obey the gospel
    I believe the Holy Spirit lives within me and guides me to live the Christian life.

    I trust and obey God’s word.
    So for those who send me this scripture over and over again obviously were not believers but came to the Lord through a spiritual baptism and confessing Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I will repeat, I have always been a believer and have been baptism and I feel confident that I will spend eternity with God.
    I don’t get upset because of these comments, but I would appreciate it if people would do their evangelizing to those who do not know the Lord or those who do not believe in Him. Tell them you are concerned about where they will spend their life when they pass on.
    Also remember there are many, many people who were baptized as infants and children, and adults who are not believers. Their parents made the decision or for some reason like they believe they will go to heaven just because they were baptized………….the bottom line they didn’t accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

  • Ellis Griffin

    Jews that follow the Torah don’t support the Democratic Party.

    • frankfromtexas

      That’s the truth. Norman Podhoretz wrote a book years ago trying to untangle why so many American Jews are liberals, and the best he could come up with is that, for the most part, the Jews who have moved into the liberal Democrat camp have replaced their Jewish faith, with their new liberal faith. The two can’t coexist.

    • Exactly right, because Modern Liberalism is the ANTITHESIS of Judaism. This notion that ALL WHITES are “priviledged” and ALL BLACKS are victims etc. is the ANTITHESIS of individual justice.

    • The Torah teaches about JUSTICE, the Liberals care about “social justice” — a modified version of justice where one is judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.

  • ricbee

    That is a very interesting insight & non-practicing Jews,probably most of them like their Christian brethren)could very well feel that-out of guilt.

  • Richard A. Selby Jr

    Then they should also be against law and order.
    Any upright Christian doesn’t simply slip off the edge and destroy life. It’s a corrupt mind that induces a thought to kill. And those thoughts almost always include money and power. BTW, when was the last time you saw a genuine Christian strap a load of explosives to their body and blow up innocent men, women and children?

    • It’s the mental illness of Narcissism which infects the Liberal mind. When you are a narcissist it makes perfect sense even to kill your soon-to-be-born babies so you can go back to having fun. A baby is a “punishment” for the fun of having sex and thus killing it makes perfect sense to those who think only of themselves.

      • westcoastpatriette

        Obama actually said those very words, that if one of his daughters got pregnant (out of wedlock) he would not want to “punish” her by making her have the baby…!!! I could not believe a supposedly educated man would say those words out loud.

  • Elwood2112

    Jews already have Christians brainwashed and under their control, they can’t do the same to the Democratic party unless they infiltrate it as well. Evan Sayet has the intellect of a 12 year old based on how badly this article is written, he knows nothing of political ideologies and labels everything that’s bad as “liberal”, despite the fact that Nazi’s were far-right wing, not left wing. It’s delusional to think that America is somehow the new land of the Jews when we brought Nazi’s over here too.

    • Right the National SOCIALISTS were “far-right.”

      • Find the Truth

        The name choice was propaganda drive, just like your column.

  • frankfromtexas

    I think John Podhoretz had it right in his book “Why are Jews Liberals?”; from a religious perspective, they have replaced their Jewish faith with liberalism. It’s that simple.

    • But it’s NOT liberalism. Liberalism (upper case “L”) is the ANTITHESIS of liberalism and the ANTITHESIS of Judaism. The gift of the Jews is the concept of justice. Liberals (upper case) hate the concept of justice which is why they insert the modified “social” before it to change its meaning completely. Justice is INDIVIDUAL, it’s not based on skin color, sexual preferences or body parts, etc. Liberalism is NOT liberal and it is NOT Jewish.

      • frankfromtexas

        I think we may be in ‘violent agreement’. Many American Jews are no longer Jews in the traditional sense as they have drifted into the Liberal (Upper Case) belief system that, as you rightly point out, is at odds with true Judaism. That’s how we wind up with “Jewish” Liberals who are more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israel, in favor of having the government spring to fund single female-headed households, having the government do the ‘charitable giving’ rather than individuals and so forth.

  • Doug Sterling

    This article is incorrect.

  • William

    Jews tend to be liberals for the simple fact that historically they have had to deal with tyranny and oppressive government. Also, liberals have protected Jews over the centuries. I have met Jewish holocaust survivors personally, who have the IBM prison tattoos. And that in a nutshell is why Jews tend to be liberal.

    • Gordon

      Riiiight. The anti-Jew hatred is palpable at the progressive rallies.

      • William

        I’ve protested with Jewish people are a number of different ‘progressive’ rallies. Maybe you’re thinking of KKK or something. Progressivism is considered to be liberal.

      • Gordon

        Naw, pretty sure I saw that in San Francisco first hand. Lots of great liberal love for Jews on the SFSU campus. Nice try. Keep playing.

      • William

        I had a few good Jewish friends in college too. A couple of Israeli citizens. We protested the Iraq war together.

      • Who is calling for the extrermination of half the Jewish people left on this earth after National Socialism? It’s not the Right calling for boycott and divestment to starve the Jews to death.

      • Find the Truth

        You keep playing, anti-semitism is almost EXCLUSIVELY confined to the CONSERVATIVE members of any given society…the orthodox of any particular religion are CONSERVATIVE and much more likely to promote violence against those they disagree with…

      • Gordon

        That has not been my personal experience. But if you type in ALL CAPS, it doesn’t make your point any less invalid.

      • The Democrats are the party of Jew-hatred. From Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama, from Louis Farrakhan to Brandeis University. Jew-hatred may be EPISODIC from the right — a drunk Mel Gibson — but it is ENDEMIC and official and endorsed by the Democrats.

    • So they support the party of BIG GOVERNMENT? Nonsense.

      • A major mistake you make is thinking that Liberals are liberal. Big government control, forced confiscations, this is not liberal it’s just Liberal.

      • Find the Truth

        Forced confiscations??? Are you talking about taxes??? Without a government, anarchy results and everybody is in danger..

      • It’s beyond “taxes” for public use. It’s now the confiscation of wealth and property to be used for social engineering by a handful of elites.

      • Find the Truth

        An example of the “confiscation of wealth and property to be used for social engineering” please??? You must have AT LEAST one right???

    • kareno

      If government oppression was an issue for the Jewish community, they would be clamoring for Obama to resign

  • William

    Whoever wrote this nonsense is ignorant of history and politics, and the history of the Jews.

  • JoeBtfsplk

    I’m from an extended Catholic family. I have many relatives who vote for people who murder babies and attack our faith every chance they get. It isn’t just Jews who lose their sanity in the voting booth.

    • How many of your relatives are PRACTICING Catholics?

      • JoeBtfsplk

        About 20% go to Mass regularly. The rest are typical Massachusetts Catholics who only go on certain holy days or when a Kennedy is being laid to rest.

      • Like the Jews, there’s a direct correlation between how important their faith and how real their practice and their rejection of the ANTI-CHRISTIAN beliefs of the Modern Liberal.

  • CharleyX

    I have always been amazed that Jews side with Pinkos. Jews have a reputation of being free market capitalist. How can they vote for someone who is going to take all that money away from them rich white guys to give it to all them po’ folks? I don’t get it.

    • Jhren

      Because Jews are, generally, nice people.

      • CharleyX

        Very true. I’m married to a Jew. I still don’t get the Pinko mind set for most jews. My wife would never consider voting for the politician who believes we should take all that money away from all them rich white folks and give it to all them po’ folks. She believes that if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

    • kareno

      The classic example was the Rosenbergs who thought it was fair to give the Soviets the A bomb

  • Gordon

    I think the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (healing the world) has been secularized and reduced to aping the liberal agenda. It has become a religion without the “embarrassment” of having God, much like Unitarians and PCUSA Presbyterians.

    IMO, this is why Jews tend to vote Democratic.

    • One tends to “heal the world” not through government bureaucracy and the indiscriminate confiscation of income from some and the indiscriminate redistribution to it to others via a disinterested third party. Jews are too smart, the evidence is too overwhelming and Judaism rejects the notion of “group think” at its core. There’s something more that sees them reject “healing the world” through practices that are moral and successful.

  • artfuldgr

    Jew-hatred is endemic to the Left – be it
    National Socialism (Nazism), Communism or today’s Democratic Party. For
    the Jews, prosperity and safety are not found in siding with those who
    reject all values but in those who have the better values

    Feminism is dominated by jewish women who have, by creating circumstance, exterminted their family just as sure as ovens, but wthout all the fuss. the set of jews is a subeset of the set of white men (baring the relatives of sammy davis jr of course)…

    then again, maybe its just the levites against the neophytes again…
    the jews that believe, the jews that dont believe…

    as those ideas that are mentioend are defined and refined by mostly jewish minds who are not believers
    and who, more often than not, despise their brethren who do believe, for all manner of reason

    • William

      Confused much?

      • Russell Sayce

        I understood it perfectly, the confusion is yours….

    • You have to differentiate between Jews who are Jews by no other standard than that they fell out of a Jewish woman’s womb and those who believe and practice the Jewish faith. The ones who are Godless — who care only about themselves — are the pro-abortion Jews because to the Liberal only self matters and a baby is, in the words of Barack Obama, a “punishment” because it means thinking about another person.

      • Liberalism is the ideology of Narcissism. Which is why they’re sure that if anyone disagrees with them it must be because they”re “racist” or “sexist” or “homophobes” or “xenophobes.” And it’s why the Democrat is filled with such hatred — blind hatred — for anyone who questions their perfection. Again, name a single issue where to disagree with the Democrat renders anyone anything other than evil.

  • William

    Jews vote Democrat because they are lesser of two evils. GOP is a party of racists and apocalyptics. You know the types.. the Gohmerts, Palins, Bachmanns, Mauches, Hubbards, you get the idea. Tea Party/birchers.

    • kareno

      Bill I told you smoking that stuff would destroy brain cells..

  • Alan

    Socialist Democrats already show their true feelings toward Jews with their hatred of Israel. If and when American Jews turn to voting conservative values, the Socialist led Democrat party will turn on them in all viciousness.

    • Find the Truth

      Actually it is Republican right wing religious conservatives who hate Jews, their only concern with Israel is keeping it in place until the rapture occurs at which point the religious right would FORCE all Jews to convert to Christianity…

      • Ridiculous, FTT. That’s just your christan-hatred. You make up motives for the people you hate because you can’t point to their actual behaviors. Just as you ignore the hatred, lies and devastation of the Leftist movement because it’s “motives” are right.

      • Find the Truth

        I don’t hate Christians, I’m one of them except I practice the true faith unlike you false prophets. I make up motives??? Funny, I just read a column by a guy with your name who spent multiple paragraphs doing just that…except your target was Democrats/liberals and Jews, who you accused of being too stupid to understand that they are voting for the wrong party. I’m certain you probably believe black people are just as dumb and should vote Republican because old Abe Lincoln was a Republican and it was the Democrats who supported slavery…I’ll bet if I search your archives, I’ll find such a column.

  • Ned_Kelly_707

    WELL written. The Devil is very much at work within the post 1968-democrat party of anything goes. A most fitting Petri-dish of sin it has become.

    • Find the Truth

      Of course the most corrupt President in history was elected in 1968, Nixon, he was a Republican, he was followed in 1980 by the President, Reagan, that had the most people indicted or convicted of crimes in American history, he ALSO was a Republican. Sure sounds like a WHOLE LOT of sin has come out of the post 68 Republican party…

      • Ned_Kelly_707

        I call THEM out as well. Stay focused on the post 1968-democrat party of anything goes, brought to you by the filthy hippies and their red socialist allies.

      • Find the Truth

        I think you’re stuck in the wrong century, a whole heck of lot has changed since 1968. Republicans had control of the government for much of the time frame after 68, the problems we have today are a result of their policies…not the Democrats, the Democratic Party is still the party of FDR which first saved and then grew the country.

      • Ned_Kelly_707

        Listen, when the Communist Party of the USA throws its support for your candidate, you KNOW you are not the democrat party of JFK.

      • kareno

        Wel the most corrupt has a new name: Obama.

      • Find the Truth

        Is that right??? How about some evidence to back up your dubious claim, maybe the names of a few people indicted or convicted of crimes from the Obama administration??? Oh that’s right, there aren’t any… Argument requires evidence, you don’t have any.

  • Dale Hogue

    I’ve been wondering for some time why the American Jew considers themselves liberal democrats rather than conservative republicans and I’ve listened to Jews tell their story of why they believe in the Democratic Party’s socialistic plans for America and why they don’t believe in the capitalistic plans set forth by Constitutional Republicans. After hearing what they have to say, I’ve changed my opinion about the intellectual ability of American Jews. If you’re an American Jew who believes in the Democratic Party’s liberal, progressive, socialistic system rather than the free belief in the capitalistic system, I would like to hear what you have to say in this regard.

    • Find the Truth

      Can you point to ONE elected Democrat or liberal in our federal government that is ON RECORD for abolishing capitalism??? I challenge you to provide a link as proof… Otherwise you’re making WILD accusations with absolutely NOTHING to back them up.

      • kareno

        Wel duh. They would never be elected on that platform so they push agendas like wealth redistribution by edict, transforming America by edict, directing insurance by edict. In other words it’s the policies they push that are anti capitalism.

      • Find the Truth

        “Wealth redistribution by edict”??? Ok, find me even a candidate who won a primary running on the principles you pull out of your rear end… You need EVIDENCE “kareno”…you don’t have any…AGAIN. I think you need to read a book on debating, you’re not very good at it.

  • Great piece Evan as only you can drive home!

  • surfcitysocal

    I don’t remember the source, but awhile back an article explained the liberal Jewish vote this way: that Jewish people tend to side with democrats on social issues and republicans on foreign policy. But, in their opinion, social issues outweigh foreign policy, and thus we see much of the Jewish population voting democrat, and possessing a laissez-faire attitude, at best, toward Israel. What I also found interesting was a recent poll that found Orthodox Jews and evangelical Christians, both groups that believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and that his promises to his people are immutable, share an 80%+ support of Israel. All other groups fell off significantly in their support of Israel. I think Netanyahu realizes this, but perhaps not a lot of other Jews, but that the greatest friends Israel has are evangelicals, who also tend to be conservative.

  • Michael Steinberg

    Dumbest article ever. As someone who was born Jewish and received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior at 18 years old, I can tell you that the article is COMPLETELY MISLEADING. The primary reason that Jews vote Democrat is that they see government programs as a form of charity, and believe that paying taxes is their way of contributing to society. Israel was a theocracy – the government and the religious leaders were one and the same – so the “concept” of government taking care of the poor (even though it’s unconstitutional) seems – to most Jews – fair. While most Christians see taking care of the poor (& the widows and orphans) as the role of the CHURCH, Jews (and most Democrats) believe it is the role of government. Perhaps if the Church ever got back to doing its mission work as a full-time endeavor instead the theatrical performances given on Sundays the majority of the country wouldn’t be needed to provide social services, but alas, most churches have readily abdicated their duties to the government, then complain about “the Welfare state”. The unsubstantiated allegations of “anti-Christian” (Jews) and “anti-Semitic” right wing and left wing is mere speculation and varies from person to person. There is no documentation, research or sourcing – designed to incite anger and foment hatred.

  • revjimbob

    Is this a joke? The Nazis were a party of the Left? I am speechless.

    • Find the Truth

      This post is COMPLETE nonsense…every sentence of the article is gibberish.

    • jim becks

      And clueless. It was and was called a socialist movement. Jeez.

      • revjimbob

        You are joking, aren’t you? Ever heard of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea? Or The German Democratic Republic?

  • Find the Truth

    Once again we have a so-called conservative telling a group of voters that they are too ignorant to figure out which party is the best party to represent its interests…this ENTIRE article is a strawman, it reprehensibly misrepresents the point of view of liberal and demonizes all who don’t agree with Sayets view of the world. Perhaps Evan, you need to read a little of the propaganda of the Third Reich. They, just like you, demonized those who disagreed with them… You’re a heck of lot closer to a totalitarian than ANY Democrat or liberal I know…

    • You mean by calling everyone who disagreed with them “Nazis” and “fascists” and “Racists” and “bigots” the way the Left does to EVERYONE who strays even the slightest from their dictates? Name me a single issue — even one — where to disagree with the Leftists doesn’t render one not merely “wrong” but evil. Disagree with Obama’s disastrous healthcare scheme? You want to push old people over cliffs. Disagree with Obama’s disastrous immigration policy? You hate Mexicans. Recognize that manmade global warming is a lie? You are a HOLOCAUST DENIER!!!

      • Find the Truth

        You mean like you calling every Democrat/liberal a communist atheist, who believes in nothing and because of that going to kill Jews??? That’s what you did in this post pal… I haven’t called anyone who is against the ACA evil, just stupid…big difference. I don’t want to push ANY old people over a cliff, my parents are 85 and 76, I help them daily…but you of course MUST demonize because you have the intellect of about a 12 year old boy who most probably drinks too much. Holocaust denial is owned by the RIGHT WING of America’s and the worlds political spectrum, kind of difficult for me to be one of those as, number one I’m a liberal and number two, I saw the number tatooed on my paternal grandmothers arm and have been to the camps…but there you go, demonizing again. I honestly feel sorry for you…God Bless, you’re going to need the help pal.

      • Jhren

        Just last month, Republicans voted out the last Jewish Republican member of Congress, Eric Cantor. There are literally no Jewish Republicans left in Congress. There are 31 Jewish Democrats. 31 Jews on one side, ZERO on the other. If Republicans are not a bigoted party, how does that happen? Do you think it’s just an accident?

  • OooShiny

    Kindly confirm or deny if American evangelical Christian belief still includes that Jesus cannot return to rapture said Christians into heaven until Jews build the Third Temple and that every man, woman and child of the Jewish tribe will be the first to burn alive in hellfire for all eternity because Jews are God’s Chosen yet still refuse to proclaim Jesus as savior.

  • martinsnapp

    The only reason you right-wingers support Israel is that you think it is a necessary precursor to The Rapture (to which no Jews will be invited, of course). With friends like these, who needs enemies?

    • Sorry, that you invent motives to explain away the goodness of the Christians (and, btw, I’m a “right-winger JEW) is meaningless. Just as your clever explanations for always siding with evil, failure and wrong are meaningless. I care what people DO not what YOU claim they think. And even if it WERE true, I prefer someone who sides with good for the wrong reasons than someone who promotes evil for the “right” ones.

      • Find the Truth

        The United States supports Israel NO MATTER WHICH political party is in the White House or controls Congress so it is you Evan who is inventing things…I also think you’re a little naive, you simply DO NOT understand the fundamentalist Christian right in this country…Jews should FEAR them.

      • I spend a great deal of time with the fundamentalists you describe and the truth is, while I’ve NEVER heard anything but wonderful things about the Jews and Israel in public or private, JEW-HATRED is rampant on the college campuses which you Leftists’ dominate and in the Leftist media that lies constantly in order to spin the world against the Jews.

      • kareno

        You are correct. The liberal left hates Jews and hates Israel.

      • Jew-hatred may be EPISODIC from the Right but it is ENDEMIC to any and all Leftist ideologies. It’s not a coincidence that National Socialism and Communism were the two most murderous mentalities in human history and they singled out for hatred the Jews. Nor is it a coincidence that Jimmy Carter, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, John Kerry and Barack Obama are LEADERS in the Democratic Party and the Leftist movement.

      • Find the Truth

        “JEW-HATRED is rampant on the college campuses which you Leftists’ dominate and in the Leftist media that lies constantly in order to spin the world against the Jews.”
        There you go again, ANOTHER allegation without supporting evidence…show your cards Evan, if you’ve got proof, put up a link. Otherwise you’re engaging in the EXACT practices the Nazi’s and Goebbels perfected, demonization of those you disagree with. The only recent member of the Klan and Neo-Nazi’s elected in America was elected as a Republican in Louisiana…David Duke. Larry Pratt is another right wing zealot connected to anti-jewish groups, he runs Gun Owners of America. He’s sat in meeting with Klan and neo-nazi Americans leaders…perhaps you should look up the two seed theory, that’s what your fundie friends believe.

      • Gr8wood

        Your Bashing of that which you have no understanding is obvious in your Full Frontal Attacks on those that believe differently than you. Consider a more modest approach in your debate. Bomb Throwing tends to destroy the playing field you appear to be maneuvering in. Thoughtful response will most likely end in fertile discussion.
        Good Hunting

  • Mark Mollner

    Here we have another “conservative” article that builds a GREAT BIG strawman and then proceeds to knock down that strawman…the premise is that Democrats and liberals believe in nothing….well NOTHING could be further from the truth. Liberals believe in what our LIBERAL founding fathers believed and that is that the state and church should NOT be mixed as such mixing was bad for both the government and the religions the government interacted with. Liberals come from EVERY faith tradition, millions of Christians are liberal, as are millions of Jews and Muslims. We also welcome those who believe there is no God, here in America that’s an acceptable belief. Values are NOT soley taught in religion classes, many an atheist with FAR better moral values and ethical principles than certain Christians, Jews or Muslims. Liberalism is what created America and everything good in it, without our liberal founding fathers we might have all be forced into a single state sponsored religion, that’s not freedom and that’s not liberty but it sounds EXACTLY like what the author of this post believes should happen…many a totalitarian has been born within the hallowed halls of the Churches of the world, this is AMERICA, it’s not happening here!

  • Azrael

    Or maybe they see the christian belief as false and demonic, as they have seen it from the start.

  • Lisette Muntslag

    Timely article maybe you can get together with Alan Deshowitz to stop the runaway train before its too late!

  • rnot

    ironically, the heads of some different forms of communism were Jews. Then the followers were atheists. And they fled Russia and many brought that form of atheism/communism with them and became leaders in the medias and tried to spread their sort of propaganda that dealt badly with the Jew, and others.

    In fact, they led very prosperous lives and very much were not bothered until leftism/progressivism in the commie/Democrat party reared its ugly head AND islam reared its ugly head. We see that sort of persecution of the Jews going on in various parts of Europe and the USA. Probably elsewhere too that we don’t hear about and it is being led NOT by Christians who are more fundamentally Christian by following Christianity but by the moslems and their useful idiots from the left who might be mouthing the words that they are Christians but are more like moral relativists and and atheists – that learned their ways via the medias owned by those Jews who spread the communist propaganda.

    Jews might be a very intelligent people, but not in politics and history.

  • Practicing Jews or babies who happened to fall out of a Jewish woman’s womb?

  • When I knew nothing of politics and world events, I wondered why Christians, Republicans, and patriotic Americans supported Israel. (I never thought it was a bad thing.) Now just by living in present reality, I don’t see how anyone decent can not support Israel—Howard Stern explained Israel’s uniqueness in that part of the world perfectly. And this article completes the thought.

    (Geez, that Obama 2012 kippah just looks sacrilegious. That’s as embarrassing as black people’s shameless support for their own destruction.)

    • It’s not possible to be a decent human being and not support Israel. You can be a “nice guy” (give your neighbor a helping hand with his fence or whatever) but decency demands standing up for the good and the right and against the evil and the wrong and there is no clear case on this earth than the tiny and wonderful, liberal democracy of Israel versus the hate-mongering, corrupt, terrorists running the West Bank and Gaza strip. The lack of morality and decency that sees someone side with evil over good — not just in this case but across the board — obviously renders “decency” something that is simply not in their understanding.

      • Gr8wood

        Bravo” Its about Time! 2014- You waited way to long to share your morsels of intelligence.
        I have pondered for many years why it has be so difficult for me to understand the American Liberal Jew and there fetish with most if not all that is an Abomination to God. I don’t for a moment place myself on a higher plane than my brother. That being said I cant for the life of me understand why my Liberal Jewish friend always tend to fall down on the wrong side of history. Thanks for your clarity of thought through humor.
        I wish a Bright Path for you and yours.

  • Trisha Bowler

    Thank you Evan for writing this article. I, and so many have pondered this question for years. You have explained it beautifully! Keep up your great work my friend.

  • Ron Smorynski

    Remember too, the old world Christian rarely had a Bible and came from a tradition of several thousand years of pagan child sacrificing and sexual cults. So the dark age Christian still had Liberal fervor! Not until recently has the actual Bible (Torah and New Testament) been in the hands of Christians to read for themselves. About the time America was founded…!…

    I agree with what you say, but feel a bit more extreme… it is ‘nothing’… but ‘nothing’ is also against God. Liberal Jews, even in the Torah, have been against God since they happily took in the Canaanites! Same child sacrificing, sexualizing and many idols… in their hearts, the Liberal Jew hates Israel and America.. anything to do with God and his commandments.

  • Wow, you are dumb.

  • Beef Blogonoff

    Liberal Jews lost their notion of “exceptionalism” when they stopped believing they were G_ds chosen people. Liberals disregard any notion of “American exceptionalism.” Together they are drawn together by their common enemy the Judeo-Christian heritage, Conservatism, and moral absolutes. The problem is Jews are not absolved of their Jewishness simply because they are atheists or Democrats. When rampant anti-semitism spreads to the U.S. (and it will) the Jew will find he has no friends except true Christians who believe that G_d will bless those who bless Israel.

    • Find the Truth

      Religious traditionalists happen to be conservative and those conservatives are the VERY groups who have always persecuted the Jews…the Third Reich was a CONSERVATIVE government. You don’t get to re-write history…

      • brew_it

        Third Reich, a Conservative government? look who is re-writing history!
        Collectivist are collectivist, left or right.

        “In the North American Review in 1934, the progressive writer Roger Shaw
        described the New Deal as “Fascist means to gain liberal ends.” He
        wasn’t hallucinating. FDR’s adviser Rexford Tugwell wrote in his diary
        that Mussolini had done “many of the things which seem to me necessary.”
        Lorena Hickok, a close confidante of Eleanor Roosevelt who lived in the
        White House for a spell, wrote approvingly of a local official who had
        said, “If [President] Roosevelt were actually a dictator, we might get
        somewhere.” She added that if she were younger, she’d like to lead “the
        Fascist Movement in the United States.” At the National Recovery
        Administration (NRA), the cartel-creating agency at the heart of the
        early New Deal, one report declared forthrightly, “The Fascist
        Principles are very similar to those we have been evolving here in

      • Find the Truth

        The Third Reich wasn’t a “collectivist” government, they were TOTALITARIAN and backed by the LARGEST capitalists in Germany. I don’t care what was said in 1934 or what the idiotic fake think tank Cato writes…

      • brew_it

        You are clueless as to what constitutes “collectivism”. But, yes ignore the FACT that FDR was admirer of Mussolini style fascism. Ignore the FACT that the left was in awe in early 1930’s fascism and its ability to marshal the Collective, corporate and nationalistic organizations of Germany. Hitler was a Nationalistic Socialist. Hitler did away with home schooling(still today it is against the law in Germany), he insituted national healthcare, national military service. Hes Nazi intellectuals wrote reams of scientific and social articles denouncing individuality and thought. So in some sphere’s the communists and the national socialists agreed, and that was that in order to bring forth their visions, individuality must be crushed, society centrally managed, corporations(in the case of the Nazis) must be utlilized and bent towards the NATIONAL WILL.
        Deal with it.

      • Find the Truth

        How about I teach you something…collectivism means the STATE owns the means of production and all the property, the individual NOTHING. A fascist government is a totalitarian government that brokers no dissent. A state can own all or part of the industry WITHOUT being totalitarian and in fact can be a democratic state, the United States is, right now, in possesion of part of the property of the nation, the UK runs its health care system, etc, etc, etc. A totalitarian state is NOT the equivalent of a collectivist state. China is now a nation that egages in the capitalist economy of the world yet is totalitarian. It’s amazing how arrogant righties are when they know NOTHING and can’t even get a simple definition correct. The idea that you quote a couple of associates of the Roosevelts and therefore indict the Roosevelts as fascists based upon those quotes is disingenuous and frankly disgusting.

      • Find the Truth

        The Third Reich was NOT a “collectivist” government, it was a fascist government backed by many of the biggest “capitalists” in Germany, any attempt to re-write that history is futile as it has been WELL documented by legitimate historians of the period. Outside of the Jews, coming in second, the Nazi’s hated the actual “socialists” and “communists” and eliminated them along with every other group that opposed Hitler. The idea that quotes from the early 30’s are persausive is absurd, the world was a very BIG place then and the people who said such things were naive and didn’t actually know what was going on in Germany. There was no television, radio was relatively new and the newspapers just didn’t cover things properly. The Olympic Games were held in Munich in 1936 because 99% of the world had NO IDEA what kind of person Hitler was. Do not give me links to Cato, it’s a rightwing think tank that propagates the same disinformation that you’ve attempted to disseminate today… Did you know that there was a right wing fascist plot in the 30’s backed by American capitalists to OVERTHROW the government of the United States?

      • Gr8wood

        How might you explain “Abraham Lincoln” A Religious Conservative” Republican as a key player in the unchaining of blacks and the restoration of freedom over the following millennia? If your comment were a fishing net you relied on for nourishment you might possibly go very hungry.
        The word Conservative in and of itself means to conserve for future need. The word Liberal in a broad sense means to spread in excess. The media has successfully changed the landscape by changing the meaning of what it means to be either.
        Best Regards

      • Find the Truth

        President Lincoln was deeply skeptical of organized religion, he never professed to be a Christian at any time in his life, so the idea that he was a “religious conservative” is unfounded. Politically, he was a liberal Republican. The meaning of both “liberal” and “conservative” have remained reasonably constant, the political parties have moved back and forth in the US. In Lincoln’s time, Republicans were the more liberal party and Demorats the more conservative…liberal NEVER meant to “spread in excess” in the political sense of the word, and neither has conservative really meant “to conserve” as conservative political folks are ALWAYS the most likely to excessively use natural resources and pollute depite the cost to the enviornment. I suggest you learn a little more about the Third Reich and fascism, it’s at the extreme RIGHT end of the political spectrum…Have a good day.

      • Gr8wood

        Thanks for the thoughtful response.
        I can see you listened closely to you professors and they were successful in forming your cognitive thought processes.
        In reality regarding Lincolns time moving forward to today it has been primarily left wing idealogs that have thrust this country into many unnecessary wars and much human toll.
        As for environmental issues. The last time I checked To Conserve was still a motto in that movement. Difficult to argue with Webster.
        Senator Sam Nunn a respected democrat on many occasion and debate admitted his party’s dirty hands in political chicanery. I believe he was the first to come clean that the only members of congress to have held leadership positions in the KKK were prominent members of the Democrat Party.
        Thanks for the spirited banter.

      • Find the Truth

        Yes, “to conserve” is a motto in the enviornmental movement but today that movement is on the political left, the liberals support it, not the political conservatives. There is no doubt the Democrats were involved in the KKK, they were southern conservative Democrats. Yet that all changed when the Democrats supported the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act under President Johnson. Most of those southern Democrats became Republicans in short order, some stayed in the Democratic Party and apologized for their activities in the Klan, Robert Byrd of West Virginia was probably the most famous of the repenters. I’m not sure what wars you are referring to as “unnecessary” so it’s difficult to respond to that accusation. I want to thank you as well, it’s always more enjoyable to have a conversation in these forums as opposed to a shouting match. Be well…

      • Gr8wood

        Back Atcha. 🙂

  • jack_foobar

    So the bottom line is, Jews trust Socialist Governments over Christian founded governments- because, that’s worked out so well in the past. Good to know. I hope the fourth reicher’s enjoy making their last stand on the humanity timeline. Was nice knowing you.

  • kareno

    Today most Christians I know feel kinship with Jews. Most liberal democrats feel it with Palestinians. Got it?

  • boysenberry

    Yes, Jews are stupid.
    Christians are probably their greatest friends. Christians support Israel financially too. And Jews hate them. They don’t vote for Republicans, because many of them are Christians.
    If this not stupid, I don’t know what is.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    I thought, at first, it was mainly Russian Jews that voted Democrat, which clearly isn’t the case. It’s a phenomenon I couldn’t understand, until 2012 when I discovered over 50% of Catholics voted for Obama. A large % of Catholics are also pro abortion, which isn’t very Christian. When we lose morality, we lose our Country.

    • lettruthspeak

      For too many Catholics they place their politics above their faith. It comes from having wishy washy idiots entering the priesthood. They don’t bother to even speak on sin anymore. I say this as a devout Catholic, and one that is extremely disappointed, but not surprised, in the path the Catholic Church has taken in the last 50 years. They are still right on abortion, but I don’t know how much longer even that will hold.

  • JoyceEarly

    I’m a Jew and extreme conservative; but then I’m also not stupid. I’m a believer in the Constitution which promises religious freedom. I don’t care what religion other Republicans are, I believe everyone should be free to worship what they choose. I hate liberals. I seriously think it’s a mental disorder and have no respect when I find out someone is. I chalk them off as an idiot.

  • jim becks

    As a conservative I appreciate the points made about liberalism, which I think is not a disease (Micheal
    Savage) but rather a genetic predisposition toward controlling behavior.

    As a free thinker (non-believer) I take offense to the notion that the non-religious don’t “believe in anything”.
    Religion did not invent morality and there is plenty of historical and very recent evidence of that. Morality is intrinsic to animals and humans. Monkeys exhibit empathy as do elephants, etc. We free thinkers believe
    in many of the same principals as everyone else, just not the super-natural.

    To me the democrat – republican / conservative – liberal debate is not about the religious stuff, it’s primarily
    about the role of government and spending. I wish all religion would go away. To me it’s not about this or that group having the wrong religion it’s about religion being a bane on the human race, promoting divisiveness,
    hatred and providing an outlet for cultural divisions to manifest.

    So I appreciate the liberal perspective on religion and the conservative view on government, business and finance. I have never voted democrat so I guess my views on the later take precedence and I hold my nose when conservatives start spouting about God and Jesus. I think I am member of a large and growing body of people who share my philosophy and have no representation. Yet.

    The Jews look at their biblical story in more of a historical, philosophical (rational) context than the other 2
    major religions that misappropriated Jewish scripture and then used their revised versions and dogma to the (great) detriment of the Jews for last 2000 + years.

    What is the root cause of anti-Semitism? It goes back to 1st century Christianity, after the fall of the second
    temple when the Pauline Christians wanted to distinguish themselves from the Jerusalem or Nazarene
    Christians (ie: the original followers of Jesus). Yes, the root cause of the holocaust is Christianity.
    Yes the followers of Christ were written out of the Bible by the followers of Paul, who never met the guy. As a matter of fact, not a word of the new testament was written by anyone who ever met Jesus. I could go on. Ain’t
    religions grand?

    • Gr8wood

      It’s difficult to find a parcel in your thought placed in writing your comment that isn’t ladled with discontent bordering on hatred of those that believe in a higher power. “Yes” we can agree religion in and of itself has brought great harm to civilization. It is alone responsible for more deaths to human kind than all disease and accidental death combined. This is the point where we cease to walk lockstep. It is precisely those with spiritual faith in a higher power that have built the majority of what you might consider civilization’s foundations. I also disagree with the point that “Animals” such as monkey’s and our domesticated pets possess a level and degree of compassion /empathy that we made in Gods image share from a purely faithful/spiritual position. Point in fact” Place a sick hungry puppy and a healthy hungry puppy in a cage and throw in a slab of meat. Its not hard to understand why the healthy hungry puppy will devour the meat while not leaving a morsel for the sick hungry puppy. Those human’s devoid of compassion that more closely mirror the healthy hungry puppy also tend to vote Democrat. They also tend to lack faith and spiritualty. Religious is not a term I would use to describe myself. One who follows close tenants of Faith and Spirituality would more closely describe me.
      Best of luck in your Journey,

      • jim becks

        I don’t hate religious people, my entire family is part of that group. Nothing in my post says otherwise. You ladled that out of your imagination.

        I don’t have any argument with people who believe in a higher power. Nothing in my post says otherwise. My feeling on God is we can’t know if he/she exists and if we could know, the answer would be less satisfying.

        Do you know the expression, “don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin”? I do strongly dislike the faulty belief system called religion, or faith or dogma, that took hold of humanity and which we can’t seem to shake and which just keeps killing us and killing us. Read today’s paper about Hamas and Gaza. I do hate Islam because it is a diseased thought process that infests poor, uneducated populations and brings misery to women and little boys and people of other faiths and so forth. I don’t hate all Muslims, most of the adherents to a faith haven’t a clue about the real tenets. Muslims who don’t believe in Jihad and a perennial state of war with infidels are not practicing what is written in the Koran. The people who flew into the World Trade Center were following the teaching of Allah and Mohamed.

        The people that built the majority of civilizations foundations are the people who were previously alive. Their faith or lack of it was less a controlling factor.

        Religion has fought scientific advancement tooth and nail for hundreds of years, until the current day (stem cell research).

        In any case, the debate about whether religion has been a net gain or loss for civilization seems a quagmire to me. Let’s skip it. My point is that religion shouldn’t have a place in societies today, now – not any more. We should have grown up. We should have seen by now that Christianity and all the rest are a house of cards that collapses under the weight of 40 minutes of critical reading. We should be past all this 2000 year old mythology…

        The debate about animals and morality has been thoroughly debated by Harris, Dawkins, et all, I’ll skip rehashing it further. I maintain that morality has an intrinsic source and does not come from supernatural forces such religion and that in fact religion has been a force of immorality.

    • Richard Boyd

      So, before the 1st century AD there was no one to persecute the Jews? Dude, you’d better go back a couple of millennia and look again!

      • jim becks

        Interesting point.
        I would posit that the defeats faced by the Israelites pre-1st century were more in the category of typical tribal conflicts of that period and after 1st century became more about many and larger more powerful states discriminating against Jews for not becoming Christian and for killing Jesus n stuff which is what led to the holocaust.
        The Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians were not persecuting the Israelites for their beliefs or race / ethnic origin although the Jews took these defeats as indication of their own religious failings. They were attacking another tribe and taking slaves etc. as was the norm. There was
        some equity, occasionally the Israelites were able to fight back and do some of the same back to them.

      • Richard Boyd

        If you go back to around 1600 – 1500 BC the Jewish race was held in captivity for 400 years by the Egyptians. Simply because they were Jewish (israelite in he parlance of the time). 400 years in slavery goes somewhat beyond a “tribal conflict”. Again, in the 700 – 400 BC era they were held captive and enslaved again, once again, based on their race/religion/nationality. These periods of captivity and enslavement have left deep racial memories which are evident even today.

      • jim becks

        Actually, I don’t think there is any
        archeological or historical evidence, outside of the Bible, of the Jews being
        enslaved in Egypt.

  • lettruthspeak

    I don’t know how I had never heard of you, Mr. Sayet, before today, but I am so grateful to God that I stumbled upon you and your wisdom. God has certainly seen to it that somebody needed to explain in terms most people could understand, and with reason and humor, why are country, and world for that matter, has become like “Alice in Wonderland”. Now I get it, and I will spread the knowledge of having found you to all my friends, conservative and liberal alike. Wowzah!

  • Sid Plait

    Your viewpoint is lacking terribly, and you don’t have a clue about Liberals OR Jews. Many Liberals support Israel, and the vast majority of them have very strong values, as do the Jewish people I know.

    If you are talking about the Jews who support (for reasons I cannot fathom) the Palestinians, there is a distinct problem there. However, don’t paint us all, as you have done here, with the same brush. we on the left of center don’t appreciate that any more than many conservatives do.

    In addition, almost everyone has values. You are way off base thinking Liberals don’t have them, just because they don’t jibe with yours. Liberals don’t have all the answers, that’s for certain.

    We question a lot of things you may be certain of, but don’t be stupid enough to think we are unthinking or unprincipled. That is not the case.

  • fred

    If Jews want people to believe in nothing. Then Jews have no rights to the land of isreal. Anyone that supports isreal is christian traitor. Only right they got to the land is a right they wrote themselves. Still Make up miracles God has done for them. God doesn’t like Jews why made em ugly and easy to spot

  • Daniel Sachs

    What a bunch of crap. Your argument starts with a false premises (that Democrats lack a belief system) and is backed by false facts (that Jimmy Carter and John Kerry have offered blood libel.) Why are Jews overwhelming Democratic? Because America only has two political parties, and the religious right have been driving the Jews away. Calling one’s belief system “Judeo-Christian” doesn’t make up for policy which seek to have government endorsement of Christianity.

  • Barry Klatzkin

    You’re so enamored with the taste of your own bathwater that you portray Jews as unthinking nihilists rather than entertaining the possibility that Democratic values exist and Jews share them.

    Here’s a Jewish value: education. Jewish people take pride in the community’s academic accomplishments and scientific achievement. When the Republican Party offers Sarah Palin as vice presidential nominee and rejects 150 years of evolutionary biology, it shows that Republican priorities lie elsewhere.

    In another article on this site, you say that it’s not worth one’s time to object to an NFL franchise’s racist name. Jews recognize that callous disregard for a minority’s dignity from countless events in their own past. Even more worrisome to American Jews (many of whom are third and fourth generation Americans) are the endless torrents of vitriol aimed at minors fleeing desperate conditions in South America or Mexicans who come in search of opportunity.

    Most Jews in Israel will never touch a firearm outside of their mandatory military service. Jews simply don’t share the American right’s obsession with weapons. When those weapons are used to kill unarmed black teenagers, it’s even worse, yet the right wing reflexively supports Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman.

    Speaking of live and let live: Jewish people don’t share the Republican hostility to gay marriage.

    Obviously, the Jewish community is not in lockstep on any of these issues, but rather than making headway through outreach, you belittle Jews with your condescending fantasy.

  • Guest

    The Great One himself, (Mark Levin) haha, is perplexed with this very problem. Why do so many Jews vote Democrat? There are many interesting theories why. I enjoy the search for the commonality. Stay thirsty my brothers and sisters , Christ 🙂

  • Iwant2cHim

    The Great One himself, (Mark Levin) haha, is perplexed with this very problem. Why do so many Jews vote Democrat? There are many interesting theories why. I enjoy the search for the commonality. Stay thirsty my brothers and sisters , in Christ 🙂

  • Glennjo

    We vote democrat because we believe in equality above all else, we believe in a woman’s right to choose, we believe gay people should be treated equally under the law and we believe in the separation of church and state. Israel is one of the most socially liberal countries in the world. Why would any Jew vote for a party that doesn’t have a single Jew in congress?

  • Glennjo
  • Glennjo
  • AC700

    From: Harold Witkov
    Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 6:17 AM
    To: Stephen Stone
    Subject: article by AJ Castellitto

    Hi Stephen,
    As a long time writer for Renewamerica, and a Jew, I have to tell you how offended I am by the “what jews, Islamists, secularists and CINO’s hate most” title by AJ Castellitto. To classify the millions of people in the Jewish religion, a religion that has been around thousands of years before Christianity came to be,as preoccupied with hating Christ reeks of anti-antisemitism of the lowest kind! The ball is in your court.
    Harold Witkov

    My Response:
    Mr. Witkov must understand that most Jews in this country have been hostile to the Christian heritage, foundations, pride & identity of this country…. Was it not the Jews who attack school prayer in this country? Is it not the Jews who have attacked and often lead the attack against Christian identity in politics and culture? I stand with Jesus against all who are offended by him…..It is only now that they are realizing how wrong they’ve been…. Jews need Jesus on various levels more than they are willing to accept, there are a few like Dennis Prager who support & are not threatened, but are encouraging of Christian values, morals and acknowledgements in this country but most are not…..

    I know first hand by personal experience, I’ve encountered most resistance in my life from Jews. I love them but they are offended by my Savior, bottom-line. Our early-settlers, framers and founders were prominently Christian & our rule of law was founded on Blackstone’s Commentaries…. Blackstone was also a Christian. The separation of power / co-equal branches was conceived by Calvinists. We reject these things at our own peril and we are…..

    Steve, you more than anyone, knows of what I speak….don’t be pressured by some faux anti-semitism claim. We stand by Jews & will protect them but we don’t pretend they are not offended by Jesus! And our loyalty is to Jesus 1st!

  • benvad

    American Jews are do brainwashed by their Leftist ideology that they see danger where it doesn’t exist. They should go and live in Paris now where North Africans are staging pogroms against Jews.

    Rabbi Hammerman is an idiot, pure and simple.

  • johngaltspeak

    For many years, I have considered the Jewish slavish devotion to liberalism and the Democratic party as verging on being suicidal. A Jewish friend once said, when I asked her about the why, with “Jewish mothers.” Is it feelings of guilt that is ingrained in childhood? Their position has never made sense to me.

  • nfinityman

    I like your article and think you have some very salient points. I’m often totally astonished by the behavior of my wife’s family. They are Jewish and go to Synagogue but when we talk to them about the Torah and other Jewish religious beliefs they treat it all as just a bunch of stories and really have no belief that they are a chosen people. They are Reformed Jews, whatever that really means. Based on how they act it seems to mean they see their religion as more of a social club than anything else. They really have no belief in their own religion and certainly do little to actually study what is written in their holy books. It’s really a bit sad since their default reaction to anything remotely religious is anger and intolerance. When I point out that the current President doesn’t support Israel they couldn’t care less. To them Israel is unimportant and has no religious significance other than the setting for some old Jewish stories. Instead they are focused on their careers and their friends. I guess that explains why you find so many Jews voting Democrat. Israel just doesn’t matter to them.

    • Phydeux

      Your first statement pretty much defines Reformed Jews in America. Heritage only, faith not so much. But that’s unique to Jews too. It is both a religion and a cultural heritage, and you can be a Jew either way or both. And their blase attitude is part of the problem.

  • milwaukeegregg

    For a race of people so intelligent and have given us countless inventions,and tied directly to the Christian faith what a foolish point of view….

    • Phydeux

      Uh huh… you spend the last 2000 years being kicked out of homes, run out of town, and persecuted all over Europe and western Asia, and you’d be wary of Christians too.

      • milwaukeegregg

        Jesus Christ was a Jew….. If God almighty came to this earth as a Jew, that’s good enough reason to have a deep respect for them………. The only way a Jew would reject a Christian is if he cared not about his faith and traded it for his wallet………

      • Phydeux

        In a perfect world, yes. Perhaps even in our modern world.

        But Christians persecuted Jews most of all from about 200 AD through to the late 18th century. Or did you forget about the Crusades? The Inquisitions? The pogroms?

        It was church doctrine for a long time that Jews were a fallen people because they refused Christ, and therefore undeserving of being tolerated.

      • milwaukeegregg

        Wait,,, You are confusing the Catholic church with Evangelical christian or protestants. Yes the Catholic church was and still is guilty of all those offences.They just recently recognized Israel as a nation.Pathetic cult.. I am well aware of all of there teachings and doctrine. I used to be one………..

      • Phydeux

        I’m confusing no one. I’m talking about the last 1800 years of Christendom. Forget modern denominations.

      • milwaukeegregg

        What ever you say brother….. I’m Christian and very pro Jewish anything…………..

      • Phydeux

        I’m not saying you’re not. I’m just saying that until the last 100 years or so, Christians on the whole have been very antagonistic or violent towards Jews. And it’s that long history of persecution that sits in the racial memory of Jews, and the Holocaust was just the most recent reminder that a lot of people still hate them even if they’re generally too polite to say so.

      • milwaukeegregg

        Jesus Christ is the son of God…..He was a Jew….. I’m all in for them……..

      • Phydeux

        Well then we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

      • milwaukeegregg

        God bless us both…….

  • Sam Oranger

    A majority of American Jews vote for liberals based on identity and guilt. About 80% of Jews dont even attend religious services. They think voting for Republicans is like voting for a Nazi or catching malaria. I hate to say it, but in fact, a reason for much of anti-antisemitism is that anti-liberalism has morphed into anti-semitism as a disproportionate percent of outspoken liberals are Jewish. On the issue of gun control, outside of our urban areas, there is low support for gun control. Yet, on the issue of gun control, most of the proponents of gun control are Jewish. This country supports the right to keep and bear arms. Constantly going against what the majority of the people support will create a backlash. I am part-Jewish and proud of it, but it seems like liberal Jews are a cult from birth.

  • Max

    i think men look like idiots wearing kippas. And circumcising babies is messed up. Kippas and infant circumcisions.. other than that, being Jewish is great!

    • Phydeux

      You’re welcome to wear a hat instead.

  • Mike Smithy

    I have a different take on the phenomena. Knowing that Jews have been a repressed people throughout time, they have now become the oppressor via the liberal mindset. They embrace the notion of slavery on the Democrat Plantation because they financially benefit by keeping the low information voters dependent on the cradle to grave nanny state mentality.

    • Phydeux

      And you’d be wrong. Have a nice day.

  • Harry_TrueMan

    Rubbish. Americans Jews are educated, thoughtful people and they see the Republican Party for what it is – a party that sneers at science and looks down it nose at minorities, foreigners, and non-Christians.

    And look at Asian-Americans. They have strong family ties, are socially conservative and are often small business owners. They sound like model Republicans, yet three-fourths of them are Democrats.

  • Bill1893

    The question is better asked in reverse. It’s not that Jews are Democrats or liberals so much as modern liberalism has a Jewish origin. To understand this, or, better, to “remember” this, because this used to be more commonly understood (it’s why conservative Jews, like Podhoretz, the Kristols, etc. call themselves “neoconservative” or “new” conservatives in contrast to Jews naturally being liberals), you have to understand the origins of modern liberalism and its relationship to classical liberalism, which we now call conservatism. Modern liberalism is an amalgamation of the American labor movement from the industrial revolution and a mitigation of American socialism through statism and administrative bureacracy that came shortly afterwards and found its most famous political manifestation in the New Deal. The former coincided with immigration from southern Europe before WWI, and the latter coincided with the ashkenazi immigration to the US from Eastern Europe following WW I and the Russian Revolution. These Jews, very well educated and versed in law, science, and arts, came largely from the Pale of Settlement and brought with them their Yiddish culture that was incubated in the Jewish towns, or shtetls, over the previous several centuries. That culture included norms that we would consider “liberal” and communitarian today. There was in that culture the overarching concept of “tzedakah,” which is sometimes mistranslated as “charity.” Unlike charity in the West, which is individualized and voluntary, tzedakah is community based and mandatory. It’s how Jews survived in the shtetls surrounded by hostile peoples, and in spite of harsh weather and oppressive laws. The individual/community, voluntary/mandatory dichotomies underlie other principles of Yiddish shtetl culture, which is directly reflected in the tenets of modern liberalism. These other aspects include both an ethnic tribalism and an internationalist worldview, which came from being treated and regarded as foreigners in their host countries in Eastern Europe, with no incentives for being loyal or patriotic to those hostile hosts, and as, again, a necessity of survival; and also due to an ethnocentrism, which, given their cultural emphasis on being learned, was not all-together unfounded. Thus, upon arriving in America, they immediately aligned themselves with the labor movement and the causes of immigrant minorities seeking social rights, and found themselves again foreigners in their new land, even while they were able to exploit a free, merit based system that the Pale had never offered them, allowing them to both prosper and set themselves in opposition to the prevailing cultural norms of individualism and libertarianism that typified classical liberalism. Tzedakah (i.e., mandatory charity), tikkun olam (i.e., social and environmental activism), internationalism versus American nationalism, all of the traits of modern liberalism are directly traceable to ashkenazi and Yiddish culture. So, it’s not so much that Jews are liberal, it’s that liberalism (modern liberalism) is Jewish.

  • A.Alexander

    There are so many Israel`s enemies besides the liberals and Muslims like many of paleoconservatives,libertarians, some church leaders.This explains the Jewish fears and hesitation.

  • Martine

    As a Jewish person who came here from Russia as a kid, I keep wondering what the heck is up with that? Liberals are so openly anti-semitic right now, what is with Jews openly siding with not just run of the mill liberals, super reactionary liberals who want nothing better then to turn Israel into a smoking crater? Its just too weird.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    That’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    ” Jew-hatred from the Left, on the other hand, is official and endemic –
    in the universities, in the media which spins stories about the Middle
    East to make the Jews look bad and culpable in the attacks upon them and
    in the Democratic Party of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.”

    This is true and quite obvious to anyone paying attention. So why, at this point, do they keep voting democrat?

  • mkmilan

    Wow, what a scary site, for me, as a Jew and child of Holocaust survivors…

  • Ace

    For a brief 12-year period Germany was the home of National Socialism. The population of some European countries collaborated with Germans after they were invaded. At no other time has Europe been the “home” of National Socialism. Except for brief periods in Hungary and Spain (and E. Europe under Soviet occupation), nor was Europe a “home” for communism although it’s hard not to see contemporary European politics as being profoundly influenced by a malevolent, transformative metasticization of socialism and/or an influential neo-communist element deposited above the high-tide mark after the Soviet empire collapsed.

    Nor is America a Judeo-Christian nation. It’s a Christian nation with Greek, Jewish, Roman, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, German, and Norse antecedents. The Ten Commandments which profoundly inform our ethical thinking came from God not the Jews. Nor does it seem possible to say that America’s Judeo-Christian when Jews deny the very foundation of Christianity, the divinity of Christ and his role as the Messiah. That’s not my particular cup of tea but it’s hard to see where exactly we are proceeding in tandem except in respect of a generally similar, but by no means identical, ethical approach to life.

    The rest of your article is informative and on point, though I can’t speak for Jewish attitudes. Rather than seeing Jews as voting for the “no values” party, I think it is more accurate to see Jews as having been profoundly leftist or even revolutionary in their political attitudes. Jews were heavily over-represented in the ranks of American communism in the 1930s. Whatever made Jews such ardent partisans of Democrats and leftist politics is something they brought with them from Europe and Russia.

    Contrary to Rabbi Hammerman, non-Jews in America won’t even defend themselves when the nation is subjected to demographic and cultural inundation due to mass, uncontrolled immigration. If they won’t get excited by such a clear danger to their culture and their nation, where are they going to generate the fire within to go after Jews? I don’t know where some Jews get the idea that Christians are hair-trigger zealots who’d as soon organize a pogrom as a tailgate party. That is just nuts.

    I do bitterly resent the activities of the ADLs, BBs, Adelsons, Sabans, Gelbaums, and Barbara Lerner Spectres of the Jewish world who so ardently support mass immigration, open borders, and multiculturalism when to a man they’d consider the very same policies for Israel an utter abomination. I don’t consider them as representative of Jews but I certainly do consider them as representative of the Jewish elite. In that regard that elite are no different from the Catholic, Baptist, and LDS Churches. Nonetheless, still no extermination campaign contemplated on my part any time in the future at all. Against anyone. It makes me furious to think that anyone would have the gall to speak of America as though a rising up against Jews is a distinct possibility.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Rabbinic Judaism (including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, etc.) is an occult/esoteric religion established by the Pharisees of Jesus’ time, that believes the Old Testament is coded with divine secrets revealed by another two books called the Talmud and the Kabbalah; only rabbis who study the Talmud and Kabbalah know these secrets; everyone else is a ‘Muggle’ kept in the dark. Furthermore, the Talmud is itself coded in such a way that the uninitiated cannot understand it by simply reading from left to right. (Parts of the Talmud are meant to be read from bottom to top, right to left, or literally in circles on the page, etc.) The Orthodox Jews in particular believe that “spells” — for lack of a better word — can be cast from the Kabbalah by the most learned of rabbis, though to do so for selfish reasons is considered sin. (Balaam, the evil prophet, is said to have used these “spells” selfishly. These “spells” are workings of miracles powered by God/Heaven without appealing to God through prayer for His intervention, hence bypassing God.)

    To summarize, Rabbinic Judaism is an 1) occult religion 2) established by the Pharisees whom Jesus criticized and who put Jesus on the cross, and 3) within it, sometimes “witchcraft” is practiced. All of these aspects are anathema to Christianity, and Jews generally don’t like to talk about them, probably for that reason.

    • Phydeux

      And you are completely wrong. You sound like a Masonic conspiracy theorist nutjob.

      Also, the Pharisees were simply a political party, nothing more.

      • TheKnowerseeker

        “You’re wrong” isn’t a refutation, but nice try.

    • RaishLakish

      After all those correspondences Im shocked that this bile is what comes out of you. Im shocked because your tone was very benign when you were interacting with me. I regret the considerable time I spent attempting to answer your ‘sincere’ questions about Judaism, i realize now your intent was to gather information in order to expertly slander my culture and traditions. People have been telling me that Im a naive fool for most of my life, but you have proved to me definitively that they are right. You are a snake in the grass

  • Jeremy Andrews

    I think it may be precisely because Jewish people are college-educated and intelligent that they tend to think this way. Intellectual types of any background tend to have a natural aversion to faith and belief without reason, and Jewish people probably even more so because of the history.
    I will say that world events since Barack Obama’s presidency are ultimately what turned me into a conservative. They’ve pretty much demonstrated that the left really doesn’t stand for any principles at all. Not secularism, not feminism, not human rights… that’s all secondary. They only care about destroying tradition and weakening the country from the inside. There’s no other logical explanation for how they could support Islam and Sharia Law in one breath, and promote Feminism and Secularism in the next. It’s ideologically inconsistent to the point of absurdity, and it has revealed that nothing unifies the left except for their contempt for traditional society and the existing power structure. The factions that make it up are obviously incompatible and will likely turn on each other the moment they no longer have a common enemy. There won’t be this utopia of people who don’t care about things and just live/let live. These people have been programmed to feel entitled and see themselves as victims, and a lot of them will feel no remorse about doing whatever it takes to get what they want. I’ve seen that darkness in the left now with painful clarity, and it frightens me. It’s like they’ve proven everything my grandparents told me about liberals to be completely true when I thought it was exaggerated.
    I honestly believe that Jewish people are just as brainwashed by the left as any other educated minority group that has experienced repression in the past. The rhetoric is built to appeal to such people, rallying rag-tag bands of minorities and unconventional types to attack the majority in a united front, and the majority is then caricatured and made into a scapegoat for all the ills of society. They use people’s feelings of difference and alienation from society to control them. This is hardly morally superior to an approach that involves abusing people’s fear of outsiders and those who are different to unify them against a minority. In fact, it’s pretty much the same thing, and these sorts of attitudes to create rather than discourage their counterparts on the opposite sides.
    Ironically, even though I’m not Jewish, I’m unnerved by the anti-Israel movement on the left. I’ve always been in favor of Israel, and I used to be able to argue with other liberals about it back when I was on the left, pointing out that Israel had a better human rights record, had better social policies, committed fewer war crimes, etc. It was never a big deal in the past and most people just ended up agreeing that war is always sad no matter which side is right. It was one of the positions people could disagree on and frequently did. But it’s been growing louder, becoming more central to the rhetoric, and now you’ll pretty much be insulted or shouted down if you support Israel over Palestine on the left. It’s scary, especially given the backdrop of world events that it’s happening against. The left increasingly supports violent radical movements that claim to be acting against “the establishment” rather than peace or justice. You would have to have your head in the sand not to see that.
    I’m not arguing that left-wing groups or principles are always wrong, or that right-wing is always correct, but I am saying that the left as it exists right now is definitely in the wrong in far too many ways for any sane person to ignore.

    • Phydeux

      No, you’re absolutely wrong on this. I’m college educated, intelligent, and a Jew-turned-atheist, and yet I’m a conservative who votes Republican for the most part.

      The fear of persecution is the number one racial “baggage” Jews carry around all the time. And no wonder too. Forced to wander in Egypt, kicked out by the Romans, pogroms in eastern Europe, barred from trade guilds in western Europe, and constantly forced out at sword-point by superstitious, jealous, or simply hateful people who wanted them gone. The term “jeweler” exists because Jews who weren’t allowed to hold trade guild jobs such as blacksmith, tanner, weaver, and the like, were relegated to non-guild jobs such as gem-cutting. And since gems were a compact form of wealth and required only minimal tools, it was ideal for families who were unable to set down roots for more than a generation before being run out of town again.

      Then things start to finally settle down and the world wars put Jews back in the position of being the scapegoats for every conceivable ill imaginable. Then the UN decides to show some much needed compassion to Jews after the Holocaust by repatriating them to their ancestral homeland, and even THAT decision is hated.

      It’s no wonder that Jewish communities are superstitious and skittish about persecution. Many Jews won’t even buy Ford cars because Henry Ford was a known anti-semite, as was Walt Disney. Nor will many Jews buy VW, Audi, BMW, or Mercedes cars, because they’re still very angry with and distrustful of Germans.

      Jews aren’t “programmed” to see themselves as victims, they’ve BEEN victims ever since the Pharaohs and moreso after the death of Christ. After all, Christians hated Jews because the Pharisees didn’t consider him to be the Messiah, and therefore were forbidden to interfere in man’s law. Thus a matter of religious disagreement became the basis of 2000 years of hatred, retribution, and persecution. That’s not brainwashing, that’s a legacy that persists today. The resurgence of anti-Jew graffiti in France and Italy are proof that those old hatreds still live just under the surface.

      Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m Jewish by birth. I also grew up next door to a survivor liberated from Auschwitz. I’ve been to Israel and seen 90% of the country as it was in 1987. I’ve been to the Yad Vashem Museum and seen the horrors from the Holocaust in person. I’ve been to Masada and seen the ramp the Romans built to get to the Jews. I’ve seen the walls of Jerusalem and the fortifications built to keep the Crusaders at bay. And yet, despite all the hatred against them, all the times they were kicked out of Jerusalem, whether by the Romans or Jordanians, Israeli Jews are some of the most welcoming people in the world. But I’m grateful you see the need and value of Israel.

      It’s just a shame that so many Jews, especially those in leadership positions can’t see they’re voting against their own self-interests.

  • cyndyt

    Who is behind multiculturalism?

  • cyndyt
  • Conor Fay

    Jews and Democrats by their own actions are condemned to Hell. Of course Jews don’t believe in Hell, or Jesus. If this nation falls, it will be because of the Jews. They control the media, the congress, and most importantly the money of the nation. They’ve done it for centuries, that’s why the world hates them. The sleasy old Jewish patriarch, Nathan Rothschild, around 1800 said it all. “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the Sun never shines. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” Nothing has changed.

  • Rhino 🦏🥛🐸

    What? Jews hate us? What to do… what to do.

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