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9/11 — Thousands Would Die. One Would Be Saved

9/11 — Thousands Would Die.  One Would Be Saved

(Originally published in Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, Sept. 11, 2009)

By Evan Sayet

I must admit to some snobbery. My kind didn’t become cops. My kind didn’t become fireman. We went to college as simply a rite of passage and became the “Masters of the Universe” holding meetings with others like us on the top floors of buildings like those in the World Trade Center complex. In fact, I, at the age of twenty-three, had an office on the 106th floor of building number one with an unquestioned entitlement to it for no other reason than that was the way of the world. 

The kids from the Bronx with the accents became fireman. The kid from Queens with the gaudy chains and the girlfriend with the big hair became cops. People who worked with their hands, people who risked their lives, I am now terribly embarrassed and ashamed to say, were thought of as just of another kind, the kind that my Leftist friends continue to deride as being from “fly-over country,” or from Kansas where the people have something “the matter” with them. 

9/11 made that narrative impossible for me to cling to any longer. It may have taken days, weeks, months and years for all my ingrained bigotries to subside, but in those horrific moments when the Masters of the Universe were helpless, and those I had been culturally bigoted against ran up those stairs it became impossible for me to cling to them any longer. 

The lies of the Left would never be so clearly exposed – except in their future defense of those lies – as they were that day when those heroes did not call in sick as they saw the morning news, but answered the call, and did not stand by as they would have had there been any truth to Leftist dogma, clapping and shouting about “The chickens coming home to roost.” They risked it all – many gave all – because that’s what heroes do. 

On that day, eight years ago now – their children of ten now almost twenty – my heart goes out to their loved ones and I thank them. And I ask them to know, how many others their loved ones may or may not have been able to save, on that day, eight years ago today, they saved me.

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  • A lot of eyes were opened that day, and regretfully some of them closed all too soon. History repeats itself too often for comfort.

    • The Left’s eyes were never opened. It was political expediency — like their “support” for the liberation of the Iraqi people — that saw the Left feign patriotism for a couple of minutes.

      • don

        the lefts eyes are wide open an their goal under their marixs president is all most in reach–thanks to us doing nothing

      • Politically speaking, you are right. And there are many who reverted to blinders due to expediency or fear or complacency. But I know of some who turned away from liberalism and became solid conservatives because of 9/11. I just hope people begin to remember again, before it’s too late.

      • RickBradford

        The most important lesson to learn about the Left is that they are dishonest. Always. Their agenda is not what they say it is. Never. They are not acting in good faith. Ever. They are seeking to achieve and maintain power. Always. They are immoral. Completely.

  • Christian Rhodes

    I am afraid the discomfort that is coming will make them all wish they cared while it mattered.

    • It won’t make them open their eyes, they’ll just be convinced that America’s provocation was even worse than they originally thought.

    • don

      obama an his coherts hope to ride above it all

      • Bob Gay

        kinda like our commander in chief being a liberal muslim mmmmm

  • Jerry Bolton

    Wonderful. Only wish you had more of your friends to think like you do . . .

    • One at a time. If every one of us changes just ONE person, we DOUBLE our numbers. “Adopt-a-Democrat” — one person in your life — and, OVER TIME (it’s very much like adopting a child. Liberals ARE children who have been morally and intellectually retarded at the level of the small child) teach them. Don’t make EVERYTHING a “teachable” moment. Even let them win an argument or two the way you let your five-year-old beat you to the front door now and then. But when they say something PARTICULARLY egregious (like when a child does something particularly wrong) THEN explain to them in simple terms why they are so far off base. Such as when they say “That guy never should have made that Youtube video that made those nice Muslims kill that ambassador two years ago….”)

  • Dawn Wildman

    Evan, this is a wonderful tribute to those that made the ultimate sacrifice. If one is saved I am sure they are grateful! That changed so many of us and that lives in our memory every year as it closes to the day and the time that we all remember where we were when the Nation changed. I wish that one day we can all remember this as the beginning of greatness for our Nation built out of great sacrifice of those people on such a tragic day!

    • don

      americans have forgotten

      • DixieAngel_76

        Yes, sadly, far too many already have.

  • don

    thank god for your awaking

    • I’m the one who is grateful!

      • Leijona

        Have a Christmas Party for the kids of the fallen with presents from you and your high roller friends. That will show your sincerity, and I’m sure it will be appreciated.

  • FMarion

    This is an excellent column. And, of course, it wasn’t only the firemen from Brooklyn and the cops from Queens. It was the Special Forces guys from flyover country and the B-1 pilots from suburbia who freed Afghanistan from the Taliban. It was the small-town guys who filled the 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Marine Division on the way to Baghdad, and the kids from lower Alabama, Alaska and West Virginia who became operators for the Army’s and Navy’s anti-terrorism units or flew the helicopters of the 160th SOAR and the AC-130’s from Eglin AFB.

    The point you raise, Evan, is one that needs to be shouted from every rooftop in West LA, Georgetown and the Upper West Side. These kids–most without college degrees–who our left-wing masters profess to want to help but in fact treat with utter contempt–are the ones who are doing the tough, hard work of defending our country, while the Ivy League community organizers enjoy the rewards and squander their legacy.

    They are, in short, better men (and women) than our overlords could ever hope to be–and they continue to be treated as afterthoughts at best by the rich and comfortable leftists who think that everyone else is beneath them.

    • Applauding over here for your comment.


      And if the LEFT KEEPS LIEING to > WE THE PEOPLE < the SERVING TROOPS< VETRANS< and us on the RIGHT< who are SICK of having PC PUSHED DOW OUR THROATS, are going to turn and BITE THEM IN THE ASS REAL HARD !!

    • Douglas Nicholson

      Very, VERY well said!

    • DixieAngel_76

      I don’t think it could be better stated.

  • Even though this was originally written five years ago, it’s a timeless message. Well said Mr. Sayet.
    I wish more had have been saved in the same way you were. The fact that we are in the pre 9/11 mindset after all that has happened between then and now shows that too many are stuck in a selfish bubble. I’m glad you made it out. In more ways than one.

    • Thank you all. Please look around the rest of my website. Subscribe, and share!

      • I subscribed. Been following you on one of my twitter accounts, following on my other now. Anyone who loves Ann-Marie the way you do, is worth following, but I followed you because I love what you have to say 🙂

  • Jo

    I loved this article; it says everything that older people know. The hard-working middle class is looked down on by the wealthy and those fortunate enough to receive a FREE education at the workers’ expense. That’s always been the heart of America; during the wars fought, it was the average Joe on the street who put his life on the line and fought with his heart and soul. Unfortunately, many of our youth today are spoiled and want everything handed to them and wouldn’t know how to survive during a depression or a battle.

  • laura r

    evan, i can relate to everything you are saying. these days the working guy seems so much smarter than the academic. book smart no longer cuts it. its the street smart who will win.

  • Bob in Idaho

    If we have an EMP attack on the major cities of America, or terrorists dirty bombs, which disable our power grid, the “Masters of the Universe” – bankers, advertising executives, traders, executives, lawyers, accountants and other graduates of top flight universities, unless they possess other skills, will be no better off than the homeless street people dumpster diving. The mechanics, carpenters, craftsmen, farmers and others who work with their hands, the citizens from “fly-over country,” Kansas, Wyoming and Arizona, and other “back-water” states, will rise up to help their neighbors and save our beloved country, as did the NY fireman, cops and the gallant passengers and crew of UA Flight 93 on 9/11. May we Americans return to our God who blessed this land with liberty!

  • FB Adams

    Evan, with your comment you made me cry again. Thank you

  • barry1817

    as poignant today as it was when written.

  • DixieAngel_76

    This is a great story, and it takes a big man to admit to his shortcomings and apologize for them.

  • Douglas Nicholson

    Not that it takes anything away from this article, but apparently it was written 5 years ago. That said…excellent article!

  • LizziMcD

    Absolutely beautiful. I will read it every 9/11 from now on.

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