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Excerpt (work in progress) from KoE Volume II

Excerpt (work in progress) from KoE Volume II

In The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks, I explain what I call the Modern Liberals’ “Cult of Indiscriminateness” and how their rejection of discriminating thought (which, for reasons explained in the book and elsewhere, they see as the evil act of bigotry) leads them to side only and always with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. In Volume II (in progress) I’ll be expanding on this to include the pathologies of Modern Liberalism (including the rise, spread and now epidemic nature of the mental illness of Narcissism), how their rejection of discriminating thought leads them to their specific policies (pro-abortion, anti-Israel, etc), the industries of Modern Liberalism and how the language of Modern Liberalism spins reality 180 degrees. Here’s a brief excerpt from that chapter.



With nothing ever to be recognized as superior, the Modern Liberal movement found itself with nothing positive to offer the American people. Previous attempts to truthfully sell their agenda of nihilism and narcissism as itself being positive – with slogans that honestly reflected their ideology such as “tune in, turn on, drop out” and “if it feels good, do it” — were overwhelmingly rejected by the masses and repeatedly led to landslide defeats for the Democrats seeking national office.
The True Believers recognized that if they were going to achieve success in spreading their “Cult of Indiscriminateness” beyond the isolated compounds of the college campuses and a handful of radicalized cities like San Francisco and Hollywood, they would have to repackage their message and hide their true agenda.

Recognizing both the inherent fairness of the American people and the fact that, as a nation of immigrants, tolerance and openness to new ideas was something in which Americans took great pride, the True Believers quickly settled on the idea of selling the indiscriminateness they sought as the “diversity” the American people cherished.

But, whereas the American people thought the True Believers’ efforts to be merely evidence of their support for the American experiment and the greatness of America itself — an endorsement of the “melting pot” that had seen America take only the best from the myriad cultures the immigrant populations had brought with them from around the world – the True Believers had something else in mind entirely.

That is, while the American people believed the Leftists’ calls for “diversity” meant a full menu of options from which society – by employing critical and moral judgment – would choose the good and right options, the Modern Liberals were really selling diversity, as with all things in the Cult of Indiscriminateness, devoid of critical and moral judgment. It was a policy that would, as Modern Liberalism invariably does, champion all that is most evil, failed and wrong while concurrently undermining all that is good, right and successful.

“Diversity,” of course, means nothing more than “different.” By championing mere differentness – with no moral or critical judgment made as to the rightness or goodness of that difference – that which would be elevated is exactly that which critical and moral judgment had previously rejected.
This is because, with the melting pot having “burned” out of society the inferior behaviors and wrongful cultural practices that had made the countries of the immigrants’ origins places to flee, these bad and wrongful behaviors became rare in American society. The rarity of these behaviors was then used by the True Believer to promote them in the guise of creating a more “diverse” society. The more clearly evil, failed or wrong – thus made the more rare by the process of the melting pot – the more its “value” as a means to promote “diversity.”

Conversely, those practices and behaviors that had survived the “melting” and were thus embraced by American society as a whole, became “commonplace.” With common being the antithesis of “different,” the best of the best would be most discriminated against while the worst of the worst would be that which would be given the greatest support.

In other words, the True Believers used the preponderance of the behaviors that had led to America’s unprecedented success as the very excuse to tear down those behaviors while, concurrently, using the rareness of the behaviors which were rare specifically because a discriminating – and already extremely diverse – society had tested and rejected them.

Diversity is a good thing — but only when it means what Right-Thinking people know it to mean: a wide-range of options from which to thoughtfully choose the best. But, since the Modern Liberal is a member of the Cult of Indiscriminateness, he rejects the notion of the better (much less the best) and comes to his choices by no other means than by the rejection of that which society has deemed the better. In Thomas Sowell’s phrase, “That which is held in esteem, qualifies to be their target; that which is held in disdain, qualifies to be their mascot.”

Think of it in terms of “diversifying” one’s stock portfolio. If one is OPEN to alternative and diverse markets and then thoughtfully and rationally picks stocks from amongst the full array, then diversity is a good thing. But to divest the stocks that all meet certain criteria – and have, in turn, been successful – in order to buy stocks that fail to meet those criteria for their mere differentness – is a recipe for disaster. As The Kindergarten of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks’ Unified Field Theory of Liberalism makes clear, “Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policy. Instead it leads invariably and inevitably to siding with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success” and a not a country of greatness but a Cult of Indiscriminateness.

Evan Sayet is an author and speaker. His lecture to the Heritage Foundation, upon which his book is based, was called by Andrew Breitbart “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given,” and is now, by far, the single most viewed talk in their history. Evan can be reached to book speaking engagements via his website at

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  • Ken Hunter

    Diversity is the definition of Disunity.

    • mychotik

      Wow, that’s freakin’ brilliant! You should make that into a bumper sticker and hawk it at Nascar races
      and CPAC type events. It has the potential to go viral with its own hashtag and everything! Who knows, it could be the GOP rallying cry for 2016!..and you may get to play around of golf with Rush Limbaugh or go on a canned hunt with Dick Cheney. But be sure to duck when “Dead Eye Dick” starts waving his shotgun around.

      • Ken Hunter

        Thank You.

  • Ironic how the result of the modern liberal push for diversity ends up promoting an anti-diversity agenda. Common core is a quest to stamp out diversity in education, Obamacare is a quest to stamp out diversity in health care (working for a single-payer system), etc.

    • evansayet

      Modern Liberalism INVARIABLY ends up doing exactly the opposite of what they claim (and, in the case of the Mindless Foot Soldier — see my book — DOES want.) They want less gun violence but end up with more, they want less poverty but end up with more, etc. In the case of “diversity, by forcing groups with unique character — like the Church or the Boy Scouts — to go against their charters they are HOMOGENIZING these groups. What are these groups without their unique values and beliefs? The church just becomes another meeting hall, only this one has nice windows.

      • Indeed – political correctness is an anti-diversity endeavor as well. I dig your style, Evan. Hope to see more development on why liberals choose government as their vehicle to salvation, and why they see freedom as over rated, and why they treat more regulation as the vehicle to liberty. Does the modern liberal think of liberty as freedom from responsibility rather than freedom to make one’s own choices?

      • evansayet

        Have you read my book, “The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks” yet? Bill Whittle calls it “Perhaps the most important book I’ve read in the past ten years,” adding, “It has forever changed and clarified the way I view the world…”

      • Not yet. It’s on my list.

      • evansayet

        Be in touch when you’ve read it. It’s short and a fast read but EVERYONE says it’s important.

      • I moved your book to the top of my list and just finished reading it. And I’m glad I did. I’ll email you through your contact form.

      • mychotik

        What do you mean by everyone? Is that supposed to be literal..if so, that’s false advertising. What you really mean is that it’s “important” within the dittohead echo chamber where every vapid critique of anyone left of you ( and by default, a godless Marxist hun) is received by the rabid tea party milieu like some sort of acacia induced sighting of the burning bush.

      • mychotik

        Like most conservative gadflies, you never miss an opportunity to hawk your latest rhetorical remix of the “Libbiies Are Big, Mean Poopiebutts” genre that has been regurgitated ad nauseam since Rush Limbaugh’s “How Things Oughta Be” was published over twenty years ago. One wonders if you maybe, since your Hollywood career took a dive, you saw that there is money in throwing red meat out to disaffected conservatives looking for validation and you saw a chance to hop on the band wagon.

      • Mike Eveland

        I’ve just finished the book and I’m just beginning to apply what I’ve learned but I’m already amazed at the accuracy with which the Four Laws of the Unified Field Theory of Liberalism predict the behavior of the Left. Love it! Here is a perfect example of what Dwight Eisenhower called “exquisite nonsense.”

      • mychotik

        Care to elaborate on that? Your confabulated retort will no doubt be vintage hyperbole.

        Seriously though, I think Eisenhower would be mortified at how the GOP has fallen under the sway of the same mentality that accused him of being a communist back in the fifties. He would be considered a RINO by today’s conservative commissars.

      • Ken Hunter

        Vintage Hyperbole? That is like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • The Lost Fart

    I do look forward to your treatment of the most recent “Liberal” canard: “White Privilege”. Since you explained in KoE that the Left’s insistence on non-discrimination invariably leads these otherwise intelligent people to choose evil over good (and in the extreme case, to sanctify what is profane and profane what is sacred), I’m no longer surprised by their jargon du jour. But I never cease to be amazed by the depth of the self-delusion.

  • mychotik

    The ego munchies..a Sayet Burger with Evan Sauce on it.

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